Selfishness Is Unhealthy: Is It True? Essay Example

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Date:  2022-07-18

Most people think selfishness is unhealthy as well as wrong; but, how accurate is it?

Nevertheless, most people would concur with this statement. However, it is important to describe how productive as well as healthy selfishness could be in many circumstances. It is necessary to be selfish sometimes in today's world; because, it is everyone's right to put their priorities first to survive in this crazy society. Therefore, in this essay, I will discuss the benefits of selfishness by giving relevant examples.

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When people around us engage or portray selfish acts, we sometimes tend to judge them; but the truth is that it is good to have self-love sometimes. Since childhood, most of us were taught to be generous to others as well as share with others. Therefore, if you failed to share you would be referred to as being selfish. Similarly, even today the fear of being categorized as selfish hinders us from taking care of ourselves as well as receiving from others. For this matter, we should give ourselves more than we give to others as well as believe that we are equally worthy of winning as well. It is true that trying to please everyone with our actions may make one even forget what is essential for them and in the process lose sight of their future (Deluca par.2). For instance, at school, to please a friend, a person may give a friend their assignment to copy not thinking about the consequences that you would both face. Is it worthy to get suspended to please a friend? In this case being selfish comes in.

Selfishness can make one healthier as well as a better leader because selfish people are less judgmental and they are most likely to be good friends. Choosing to take some time from work and go for a holiday alone may seem like a selfish act for many people, but it is good for one's wellbeing. For example, Dennis Nally who is the global chairman for Price Water Coopers is known for his passion for taking care of himself (Vozza par. 6). Dennis travels a lot, eats healthy and exercises well which is taking care of himself to be able to serve others well. If Dennis allowed people to define his life for him, Dennis would not do this for himself, and as a result, he would keep serving others and forget his wellbeing.

In this world, we cannot live as well as survive without being selfish; therefore, everything we do selfishness has to accompany it. To achieve our dreams, we have to be selfish at some point which is healthy. For instance, to achieve our goals, it may force us to stay away from friends as a person spends a lot of time working on projects. One may spend less time with family members trying to meet deadlines, and as a result, this act may be referred to as a selfish one by loved ones. But the truth is that these people will never accomplish these dreams on your behalf. You are the only one who can do this so being selfish in this case is very healthy.


In conclusion, from the above discussion, it is clear that it is important to take care of one's self more than sacrificing yourself for others. This is because we are equally important and worth receiving as well.

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