SEIIC Trends Affecting the Operations of the Human Resource Management Activities

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Different fields in different types of work experience dynamicity as the ages roll down through eternity. In this regard, the changes are associated with the technological advancements in different spheres that also calls for the departments of the organizations to adjust their modes of working for the betterment of congruence with the changes and adjustments in other firms relating with the organizations in one way or another (Downey, E., & Jones, M. A. 2012). Specifically, there have been drastic changes in the human resources quota that are affecting the operation of the firms, hence needing the necessary realignment of the internal factors of the organizations to adapt to the changes in the external environment. For the case of the Savannah Engineering, Inspection and Insurance Company (SEIIC), there are the economic, Political, cultural, legal, financial, social, global, and technological trends that are in turn affecting the operations of the human resource management activities. They thus ought to get considered in the necessary adaptability mechanisms for the smooth operations to be maintained and upheld, besides the seamless interrelationship with other firms, customers and all the stakeholders of the company. Such factors are thus discussed in detail in the paper for the benefit of favourable adjustments by SEIIC Company.

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There are the currently trending economic factors that are poised to impact on the smooth operations of the SEIIC Company. They thus require the application of appropriate adaptive mechanisms by the company for the maintenance of smooth operability of the organization. It is because such economic factors keep on varying seasonally and there is need to shield their likely adverse effects from posing a threat to the operations of the firm. Some such economic forces include the recession and the increasing rates of unemployment. For the case of the increasing unemployment rates, there are emerging factors which tends to raise the rates of unemployment. It includes the increasing levels of literacy by the people which tend to increase the workforce in the labour markets. It leads to the emergence of many technically skilled workforce who flood the labour markets and bring about excess of them, remaining unemployed. It affects the SEIIC company in that there can be pressures from governments compelling firms to employ more workers and shun the use of machines. The firm should thus acquire flexibility and set standards in the human resource management that ensures the absorption of the only optimally skilled labour force in such situations.

On the other hand, there are cases of recession which can force the firm to lay off some of its employees. In such situations, the firm ought to adopt the machines in its inventory for use during recession periods when labour force gets expensive as per low business turnover (Christiansen, B., Turkina, E., & Williams, N. 2013).


The trending financial factors affecting the operations of the SEIIC firm are the employee training costs and employee absenteeism. For the case of the training costs for the employees, they are increasing due to the increase in coverage areas by trainers. The company is thus bound to experience financial losses in such a scenario. It should thus adjust the profitability mechanism to suit the substantial allocations to such a segment. The Human resource management should endeavour to absorb trained employees to reduce on training cost.

Additionally, there is the factor of employee absenteeism, which slows down operations and profitability turnover. The human resource management ought to set strict guidelines to prevent absenteeism, such as the issuance of penalties and back up employees for smooth operations uninterrupted by absenteeism (Kegley, C. W., & Blanton, S. L. 2017).


The legal factors of non-discrimination and working hours are affecting the SEIIC firm. The law of non-discrimination seeks for equality of all employees while the standard working hours are emerging in different countries. They might not agree with the requirements of the company, but it has to adjust to remain healthy in its operations.


They are the factors such as the attitudes about minimum wage and attitudes about a tax on corporations. They change according to the administrative units of present governments as they transact power. They affect the operations of SEIIC Company since they differ according to countries they are practiced. The Human resource management is impacted since it has to review its policies following political trends frequently. It should thus strive to align to them as they change, attaining flexibility, for smooth operations in different periods.


There are the trending aspects of corporate social responsibility and social networking affecting the operations of SEIIC. Corporate social responsibility calls for the usefulness of the firm to the community while social networking brings the ways of acquisition of qualified workers more effectively by use of the friends and allies (Korngold, A. 2014). In this case, the human resource departments ought to assess the needs of the community through interaction ton create effective social networking alongside getting to know the needs of the society for effective corporate social responsibility coverage.


They are the shifts in population and tastes. They affect the kinds of commodities to be produced and distributed to different populated areas according to their preferences. It is a trend affecting the SEIIC Company. In this case, the Human resource management ought to employ experts in such fields to help in decision making on best practices.


They are the talent acquisition and global supply and demand of talent. They are the trends which tend to accommodate for the access of talents from quite afar. They help in skill exchange between talents from diverse backgrounds. The human resource management ought to put in place to adopt talents from various parts of the globe, as is the trend, to change the taste and bring new experiences to the company.


They include such trends as the employment of more machines in the places of work. In this case, they are preferred for their high accuracy, speed, and efficiency and low costs. Automation is also emerging. They can also work for long hours. The SEIIC Company is affected in its need to smoothen operations by acquiring such machines. The human resource department ought to acquire labour skilled in machine operations as it adapts the trending technological advancements.


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