Search Engine Optimization and Database Management System

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In this wave of technology, the world is experiencing, online business and internet marketing have come with a bang. Online marketing has been integrated with traditional marketing to produce a new business model in the world today. Advertisement of goods and services online has also been incorporated into online marketing generating billions of revenue for advertising firms. Online marketing provides the consumers with information on a range of products so that they can have some knowledge before deciding on the best product to acquire. Consumers are also able to get access to the information fast and with ease. If this form of marketing is employed correctly, it can offer a company competitive advantage over the other company (Chaffey & Chadwick, 2012).

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Digital technologies are increasing day by day, and online marketing is becoming the most used business model for companies. People are also getting used to using internet resources to obtain information which aids in making the purchasing decision. Therefore, it is essential for companies to create their presence on the internet (Armstrong & Kotler, 2012)

Search engines are significant to internet users and advertisers since they need a search engine to search for information. Search engines are links that connect the content providers to online users. Search engines are leaping a reasonable sum of money from advertisements, entertainment and also from social media networks. Advertising online earned the United States a total of $26 billion in 2010 which was an increase of 15% from the previous year (Silverman, 2011).

There is an increasing number of people who use the search engines to retrieve information. Web pages are also increasing with more companies learning the importance of online resources (Coopee, 2000). Cooper argues that companies need to make changes to improve their search engine ranking on the internet as competition for top results on the search engine will increase. According to Alexa Traffic Rank, Google is the most used search engine in the USA and also in the world.

Search engine optimization (SEO)is essential in enhancing the ranking of web pages on the internet. SEO is, therefore, the act of modifying the web pages by creating traffic to the non-paid search results so that they appear top on the search engine. Some popular search engines include Google, Bing, Yahoo,, Baidu, etc. Search engine optimization can be performed in two ways; white-hat SEO or black-hat SEO. White-hat search engine optimization is considered as the ethical method where web page ranking results are acquired following the guidelines and policies of search engines. Black-hat SEO is regarded as the backdoor method where the ranking of search results is done through illegal means.

SEO has dome processes which are used to determine which page comes first on the rank:

  • Page Rank

Search engines use algorithms to assign a numerical weight to the web pages. The statistical importance attached to the URL is referred to as PageRank. According to Brin, web information could be ranked in a hierarchy through the link popularity. A page ranked higher means there is more popular in it, and therefore it gives optimizes results.

  • Crawlers and databases

Crawlers are computer programs that use bots called search engine spiders. The crawlers determine if web pages have changed and search engine spiders visit the URLs of web pages for indexing. Information retrieved by the crawlers and spiders is used to determine search results and search engine ranking (Dave, 2009).

  • On page optimization

This refers to the changes you make to your page during its development to improve its visibility and ranking. On a sheet, optimization includes the elements that are directly related to the website (Fleischner, 2011). It involves modifying the title of the page, the body text, hyperlinks, increasing the keyword density and also image optimization.

  • Off-page optimization

This refers to factors that are an outcome of your website ranking and not related to website development. This includes creating backlinks which means there are more links to other websites, blogs or forums linking to your page. Websites linked to high authority sites also become high on authority with time (Rice, 2009). Social networking through social media tools also helps in generating website traffic to the website.

Database Management Information Systems (DBMS)

The search engines could be the most significant data management systems globally. A search engine handles over 3 billion documents with orders of about ten terabytes of data and thousands of queries per second. Search engines need to track and to rank the questions from the more than 3 billion documents with relation to position and importance of each word. Listing the words in the queries is the primary challenge. Even with the complexity of these systems, they don't use the database management system.

A Database management system is a program that helps the user to store, edit/ modifies and retrieve information from a database. A DBMS consists of three elements including the database itself which is the file that contains data, the database engine which is the software itself which enables access, editing and modification of data and finally the database scheme which is the logical data structure. A database organizes information in different ways through relational, flat, network and hierarchical management system. To make a request in a database, one does so by using a query which is a form of a code understood by the database program.

Characteristics of Databases

Databases can be used at the same time. In this case, banks use the same database for all branches. The employees in each department can access a customer's data at the same time. Managers can also access the bank's database at the same time.

Databases are developed in a way that ensures data integrity. This means that there has to be authentication of the person accessing the database. Altering of the data in the databases also requires an authorized person. The levels of authorization clearance are different depending on the rank of the employee. In this case, some files can only be accessed by managers in a database.

In a database, the data is completely separated from the application software. The application communicates to the DBMS through a standardized language such as SQL therefore, the work of organizing, editing, accessing the metadata is done by the DBMS and not the application software.

Advantages of using a database management system include; DBMS has a technique for storing and retrieving the stored data. This makes access to data more efficient. Data Integrity and security is ensured. For data in the database management system to be changed, there are access controls put in place to ensure the right person turns the data.

Disadvantages of using DBMS are that they are very complicated and therefore the operation of a database management system requires trained staff and administrators. The cost of developing a database management system is prohibitive.


In conclusion, technology advancements have led to high productivity regarding increasing company's revenue and also improving the business model in the world. Online marketing, advertisements, and search engine optimization are all internet based ways of conducting business. There is an excellent need to incorporate technology into how we run a business to achieve more and improve on income. Database Management Systems are essential in keeping the records in a more organized way that is easier and efficient to access.


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