Scientific Approach in Investigation

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Date:  2022-03-29

Forensic anthropology is whereby evidence of a crime is derived from scientific methods and the findings are what tie one to the case or exonerate them. The steps that the perpetrator took to the places they touched to even anything they had and left in the crime scene is evidence enough to prosecute one. This is what is termed by McCrery as being a silent partner, whereby there was no need for any witness to speak in front of the court but the scientific evidence derived is enough to capture the culprit. Samantha Ryan, a highly qualified Home Office Pathologist is the one responsible for the investigation of the murders that had similarities (McCrery, 2001). Dactyloscopy was the first mode of investigation used for it is the easiest and quickest means to single out the perpetrator. This was however not quite successful for the murders were smartly performed to leave very specific evidence to frame Sebastian Bird, a club owner that came up as the first suspect.

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Other scientific approaches applied included serology, a compilation of the DNA and deep scrutiny of the crime scene in order to search for anywhere the murderer was sloppy. In McCrery's book, it is obvious that there are some exaggerations for purposes of making the book more captivating and making Samantha Ryan as the protagonist. The victims she had to deal with were both garroted, mutilated and their bodies were left on the consecrated ground (McCrery, 2001). The similarity that made Bird the primary suspect is that they had both experienced misunderstandings with him and hence he had the motive for murder. The author's main aim was to depict the forensic importance in this investigation and despite this, the author has added a few exaggerations for enhancement of the idea and also so that one may understand the forensic investigation more into detail.

The case was given much scrutiny by the forensic scientist that eventually found the intended results after analyzing the body and identifying the victims. All the evidence that was located from the perpetrators was planted with an attempt to incriminate the night club owner such that if the investigation was based on the hard evidence that the police accumulated, then Sebastian Bird would have been the prime suspect because all the evidence including the motive for murder pointed to him. The reason for the dumping of the corpses in consecrated grounds was in order to try and communicate a message that the murders were cult related and the actual evidence of the crime would refer to Sebastian because he had witchcraft practices in the past and had relations involving supernatural activities. Without the possibility of forensic evidence, this person would have been wrongfully convicted with substantial evidence that no one would suffice to oppose.

The scenario in question shows the essence of scientific investigation in the involvement of crime investigation specifically and the impact it has on the police force work. It enhances precision and guarantees rightful conclusions instead of basing the arguments on mere speculation or hard evidence that has the possibility of being planted. In the past the relevance of having a pathologist for performance of post mortem was not quite relevant until it was noted that there was a possibility of having a scientific investigation that specified the results and made certain of the cause of death. It was after several cases of framed murder that had all the evidence suggesting the perpetrator but the truth of the matter is actually that the evidence was false.


McCrery, N. (2001). Silent witness. Macmillan.

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