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San Diego County Sheriff's Department (SDSO)was established in 1850 after the civil world war to provide general law enforcement and public agency to every distinct area of the county that needed enforcement. Agoston Haraszthy was elected as the first Sheriff of San Diego. Agoston built the first Jail cobblestone jail, but after two years the first jail in San Diego County was constructed and has sworn over 4000 deputies and civilian groups in police support. The organization was the fourth largest in the united states during its inception, and now it is the eighth largest department in the US. San Diego Sheriff's department currently has 1,815 Sworn members who are on active duty (San Diego County Sheriff's Department, 2018).

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To be a Sworn member, one must be a US citizen, be at least 12 years and hold a diploma in GED. Also, one is required to be in procession of a valid California's Class C driving license, not have a history of felony charges and have the uncorrected clear vision of at least 20/70 corrected (San Diego County Sheriff's Department, 2018. To be Sworn, one is also required to have an accredited typing certificate under ITC (Incredible Typing Certificate) rules. Civilians are employed in four departments namely administrative, technical, scientific and administrative roles. Civilians involved in the department are responsible for performing duties such as answering 911 calls, staffing front desks in Community patrol stations collection and analysis of evidence from areas of crime, helping in surveillance, fingerprint collection and identification and maintenance and preparation of the departments information records and budgets (San Diego County Sheriff's Department, 2018).

The San Diego Sheriff's Department has a total of 4000 employees with one sheriff, one undersheriff, three assistant sheriffs, ten commanders and directors and six members in the sheriff's executive director teams. There are also sixteen lieutenants and 31 sergeants. There are also 2500 sworn officers, and the remaining staff represents non-sworn officers including civilians and interns ("What are the ranks of police officers?", 2018).

The Units within SDSO include detention services unit, court services, and specialized services which include rescue and search and SWART. The law enforcement services include the Central Investigation Unit (CID), Communications division, Emergency service division which consists of the Arson explosives, ASTREA (Air support unit) Search and Rescue and the SWART. Another service unit includes Patrol Stations, substations and field office, human resources service bureau and the management service bureau. The search and rescue unit include; the Canine (K-9 patrol), a communications unit, logistics unit, medical unit, motorized unit mounted unit and the tactical search unit. The K-9 is the dog unit that is available 24 hours to respond to both local and federal administration.

SDSO has an annual budget of over 600 million. The San Diego Sheriff Department conducts community outreaches that avail many initiatives that provide re4sources to the community. The programmes include; Speaker's Bureau, Community Action group and the Neighborhood Watch. As a police department, SDSO involves the community actively in the provision of useful information on security matters and involvement in valuable programmes. Safety Sam is an initiative that provides education on bicycle safety, pedestrian safety, and seat belts to a younger crowd ("How to Become a Police Officer in San Diego," 2018). Also, Kid swatch Academy is an initiative that teaches ages between 5-11 years on the importance of involvement in community programmes.


The Sherriff is elected by the residents of San Diego County. The Sheriff is the chief executive and manages eight major patrol stations in the county and seven major detention areas. There are also four substations and a crime laboratory which are also controlled by the Sheriff.


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