Same-Sex Marriage

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Date:  2021-03-10

The issue of same-sex marriage has raised concern all over the world. People believe that a normal human being should be attracted to the opposite sex. However, the new cases of individuals getting attracted to the same sex has called for research. Many influential leaders all across the globe have expressed different views on same-sex marriage. When asked about his opinion on same-sex marriages, Pope Francis did not take sides. Instead, he accepted the fact that he was not God to judge. His historical statement on who am I to judge? has changed the view of homosexuality and lesbianism. True to his statement, each and every individual has a right to make personal decisions. Thus, whether a person decides to fall for the opposite sex should be based on his/her consensus.

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People have opposing views on same-sex marriages. Supporters of same-sex marriages argue that individuals have the right to make their decisions. Also, the freedom of choice is the primary aspect that defines the personality of a person. Nothing should stand between an individual and his or her freedom. The United Nations Charter for Human rights specifies clearly that the law binds all individuals and their freedom is ultimate. Supporters of the same-sex marriage also argue that marriage is a consensus between two parties. Therefore, there is no offense in marrying the same sex partners. Different states have different statutes regarding same-sex marriages. The supreme court of America issued a statement that it cannot ban same-sex marriages in some states. The decision was reached after a heated debate on the ethics of the matter. In the United States of America same-sex marriage has become a heated political debate. Those for the same-sex marriages argue that the homosexuals wish to marry for the same reasons that the heterosexuals have. Therefore, they should be allowed to marry the same sex.

On the other hand, those against gay marriages have various reasons. For one, the main argument is that engaging in gay marriages is against the supreme law of God. It is clear from the scriptures that God created man and woman and that the two were to marry (Beckwith 490). There is no place in the Bible that allows same-sex marriages. Secondly, those opposing the gay marriages argue that it is unethical. The opposite sex was created entirely to substitute the needs of the male and the female. Sexual attraction should be between the male and the female. Moreover, there are effects of homosexuality and lesbianism. For instance, those engaging in same-sex marriages are viewed as outcasts. Same-sex partners are always discriminated and rejected. This could lead to psychological problems in the individuals who might end up committing suicide.

Many of those that favor gay sex marriages suggest that the two partners be given the same marital rights as those in the heterosexual relationships. This has become an issue of civil rights. Those against gay sex marriages view the concept as a moral issue which betrays the traditional ethical standards. Furthermore, heterosexual marriages were considered a union between a man and woman over the years. Thus, the new concept of same-sex marriages violates the tradition of most cultures. In most countries in Africa, the notion of same-sex marriages is strictly prohibited. People go to the extent of stoning those that are involved. However, of late there is a change in the way the people involved are treated. Marriage is a precious gift that needs to be sanctified. Amidst the ongoing contest surrounding it, same-sex marriage is still lowly esteemed and morally unacceptable. The clergy and most relationship experts argue that same-sex marriage profoundly contributes to a breach of natural laws and moral standards.

Proponents of same-sex marriage validate their reasons for the act through assertions that their marriages are just in line with their fundamental rights as human beings. They further state that homosexual marriage can never be a breach of moral expectations as their marriage is esteemed to be within confines of human rights expectations of equality and acceptance. Nature expects that the two married individuals procreate and give rise to an offspring. So a question on how two people of the same sex will procreate also raises questions. The fact that individuals can adopt a child does not fully sanctify the marriage. Union is complete when individuals can bear children of their own. Contrary to this ugly truth, (Kain 236) poses that same-sex marriage adherent and their proponents argue that the issue of procreation is even eased up with the option of child adoption. They even allege that the action of adoption in itself is self-fulfilling as any destitute child can once again find a place to call home.

The idea of adoption by same-sex partners has received a lot of criticism. The clergy argues that adoption of the children would inflict wrong moral values to the children as they would have to grow up in a house that neither one of their parents is from the opposite sex. The trend of homosexuality will be carried on from one generation to another. In such a case where two female partners are married, the father figure would be non-existent, and the inverse is also true in the case of two male partners where the mother figure will be non-existent. Children are required to have a father and a mother to learn from all of them. Thus, when a child grows up in a family of homosexuals, then he/she misses a lot as a child.

When children break the news to their parents regarding their sexual orientation especially if the children are gay, most parents end up becoming emotionally disturbed. It usually takes a lot of time and effort to digest the idea that one of their children is gay. Some parents end up committing suicide as they cannot withstand the public humiliation that they will receive from other people. Other related psychological problems have continued to rock many families with the difficulty in accepting that a family member has turned out to be gay (Stefani 760). These tendencies have placed the same sex marriages as a civil rights issue that is bestowed upon the law to resolve the underlying conflicts.

In conclusion, the weight of the arguments from those for and against gay marriages varies. The debate is still ongoing, and many states are yet to accept same-sex marriages. My personal view on this issue is that same-sex marriage should be prohibited. It is common sense that a man and a man cannot bear children. Marriage was meant for procreation, and that is possible only between a man and a woman. The idea of adoption should be allowed only to heterosexuals who are unable to have children of their own due to barrenness. The negative factors surrounding gay marriages are more than the active elements. Currently, (Kain 230) poses that marriage has become a more contested word due to the breakdown of the societal moral fabric as most theologians would have it.

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