Role of Management in Overseeing Diversity Essay

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Aviation services have reduced the cross-border distances thus requires organizations to enhance a corporate culture that values all groups of people. Consequently, aviation management considers the development of a culture that values all ethnic groups in the organizational management through the formation of common corporate culture. Plans for streamlining the operations of the aviation stakeholders are usually laid down to ensure that all the people represented across the border acquire the required services and associations through enhancing social connections (Castro & Lewis, 2011). Additionally, the aviation maintenance usually engages its personnel through aspects of diversity awareness which enhances employee-employer interactions.

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Reduction of transformational and hierarchical conflict is reduced through coming up with particular corporate culture. Prejudice is diminished through social learning of the best associative approaches that minimize discrimination and segregation. The aviation management enhances diversity training programs to enable the diverse groups to learn the fundamental requirements for the best association that tends to strengthen the aspect of working together as an organization (Castro & Lewis, 2011). The employees from various culture are trained in the ways to associate through the adoption of a neutral culture that is mindful of all diverse groups working with the aviation department. The aviation management, therefore, values the essence of diversity by offering the different groups in the organization the most appropriate training which aims at enhancing racial diversity and reality of ethnic association in the workplace.

As a way of ensuring that the organization's positions are shared among the diverse groups, the aviation management provides that it trains all its employees using the concept of mergers and acquisition through limitless training programs.

The aviation management comes up with proper culture adoption through the identification of employees whose culture is flexible to allude to the consolidated corporate culture and employee associative skills (Castro & Lewis, 2011). Culture change affects the operations thus it requires the adoption of the necessary social-cultural integration to take the most workable beliefs and ways of carrying out the new business.

According to Junchen (2012), culture is connected to corporate performance and the organizational culture. Therefore, aviation management requires various extensive adjustments to come up with a transparent corporate culture that will uphold the vital behavior of both employees especially the l who allude to a culture that respects associations and required code of conduct in line with a given set of taboos. Aviation management ensures that organizational commitment is directed to follow the essential organizational culture which is developed by a series of communications and meetings with the required personnel. Better corporate performance is made to be established through the adoption of the best corporate culture that respects the rights of each stakeholder in the organization.

Comparison of Communication, Motivation, Cooperation, Teamwork, Participation, Stress Management, Safety Awareness and Assertiveness in Multicultural and Diverse Workforce

Teamwork is the most valued concept in the whole process of aviation management. Most analysts outline that collaboration should be enhanced through diversity awareness by describing the better outcomes for employees, customers and employer's interaction. Through a better approach towards employee-employer interaction, employees will automatically realize the amicable association thus will later enhance their loyalty to the organization. Stress management is compared with a thorough social work practice that focuses on improving media communication which is a viable tool for improving association (Castro & Lewis, 2011). Through social media communication, the aviation management can minimize the stress that employees incur while working in the diverse aviation organization. It is clear that lack of correlation between organizational culture and organization behaviors results in extensive problems in the aviation facilities thus stress management becomes a problem. Consequently, Inabinett and Ballaro (2014) mentioned that incompatibility in coordinating values and individual beliefs would bring up improper practice in the organization and might challenge the financial wellbeing of the new aviation management thus stress management strategies should involve diverse social workers.

As a way of enhancing participation in the aviation organization, the process of lay off and retention is improved through training of personnel as a requirement to meet the skills required for the corporate culture adopted in the cross-border aviation organization. Inabinett and Ballaro (2014) mentioned that organization culture majorly depends on the corporate culture which on the other hand relates to the organizational performance, employee motivation and influences the entity's performance. Before realizing smooth running of organizations, it requires extensive practice and matching of the employees and the facility's approaches to providing working grounds for the employees and the organization to meet the stated objectives and goals which should align with the strategies that are directed towards rewarding relationships.

Aviation employees wellbeing is ensured through enhancing complementary approach towards the formation of corporate culture and assigning duties to the employees. Assertiveness in multicultural and diverse workforce offers grounds for the proper control of perceived culture and adequate adoption for corporate culture provides a chance for the company to adopt the best approaches that reduce constraints in the organization.

The Impacts That the Attitudes Have On Global Aviation Industry

The challenges of aligning individual values with the duties that are supposed to be played in the in the diverse organization become a problem for most employees (Kurt & Gerede, 2018). There is always the challenge of aligning duties to some employees who are firmly attached to their indigenous culture and who fail to allude to the enhanced corporate culture. For that matter, it requires a thorough study of the two cultures to be able to come up with the necessary approaches towards aligning the employees to produce the best out of their service to the company. Diversity reduces employees' retention rates. Thus it is always the best approach to enhance the study of the two cultures and come up with the most appropriate way to clear the discrepancies and incompatibilities that are present in the formation of the consolidation (Inabinett & Ballaro, 2014). Employee satisfaction should be the critical issue in enhancing aviation management towards employees practice.


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