Retail Mgmt E-Commerce: Strategic Planning for Continuous Comp. Adv - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-14

Broad Topic Area: A case study about the behavior and culture of retail management in e-commerce organizations aid in retaining a continuous competitive advantage through strategic planning

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Olsson, Paredes, Johansson, Olander-Roese, and Ritzén (2019) conducted a study surrounding how retail organizations perceive the environment for creativity and innovation. They did not elucidate well on the factors that may affect the organizational innovation climate. Based on the study, they recommend that many factors may influence the environment, innovation, and competitive advantage of the e-commerce organization.

Cao, Ajjan, and Hong (2018) carried out a study surrounding post-purchase shipping alongside customer service experiences in online shopping with their impacts on customer satisfaction. An empirical study with a comparison was employed. The research intended to bring about an understanding of the roles of post-purchase services on customer satisfaction and decisions for full purchase. Based on the study, they recommended online shops to design useful e-commerce shipping services that satisfy and attract customers.

The selected methodology for the two studies is qualitative research. The design is a case study of an e-commerce organization and how their culture and behavior influence competitive advantage. The purpose of the qualitative case study is to determine how retail management's behavior and customs in e-commerce organizations affect its continuous competitiveness following the incorporation of strategic planning in the state of California. The use of qualitative research came in handy in answering the `how, when, where’ questions. Through them, the researchers were able to get the information needed on the key aspects of the e-commerce organizations and how their management can become more efficient in their functions and duties of achieving organizational goals.

The research method and design employed in this study align with the purpose of the study, which was to establish the cause-effect relationship between the behaviors and cultures of management in e-commerce organizations and how these behaviors affect the performance of the organizations in the short and long terms. Therefore, the research method and design employed are specifically chosen for their effectiveness in helping the researchers achieve their long-term goals. The concept of alignment of the research process is essential for my dissertation. This is because the alignment offers a chain of thoughts that is important in the building of ideas, and in moving from the known to the unknown matters in the research. The alignment also helps the researchers to plan for the research accordingly, in terms of time and resource allocation.


Cao, Y., Aijan, H., & Hong, P. (2018). Post-purchase shipping and customer service experiences in online shopping and their impact on customer satisfaction. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 30(2), 400-416.

Olsson, A., B. Paredes, K. M., Johansson, U., Olander Roese, M., & Ritzén, S. (2019). Organizational climate for innovation and creativity–a study in Swedish retail organizations. The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 29(3), 243-261.

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