Research Report Example: The Role of Punctuation in Effective and Efficient Communication

Date:  2021-06-25 09:24:56
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

As a general requirement in the study of communication, the fulfillment of an introduction to writing a course is essential for the benefit of the student. Introduction to writing is significant regarding assisting the student to be able to communicate effectively but is also a means via which the student can gain further knowledge of proper writing skills and have better understanding of the written word. Effective writing and clear thinking at all levels of life are not only essential for the world of education but also in the social world and the world of business and industry. A basic study of the formation of language and communication is essential for proper learning and understanding. From elements as simple as the sound, the word, the sentence, the paragraph and the word. I found the experience as the most fulfilling for me to take part.

My topic was about the role of punctuation in effective and efficient communication in the ever-expanding media space. I chose this topic due to the realization of the way that modern communication has come to evolve to involve other means of technological advancements and tools like the use of Emojis and memes in everyday communication to spice up communication. Modern means of communication are redefining the way that people laugh online and the way that people exclaim and make fun. It is commonplace to see messages that would traditionally end with an exclamation mark ending with a meme or an emoji to say that the traditional exclamation mark is not enough. Despite the change in writing, there is still a special place for marks such as the full stop, the comma, and the question mark. The persistence of some punctuation marks in writing over others goes a long way in explaining future of the standards of writing

My research material decisions were informed by the significant place that technology plays in communication today. I was moved by the fact that more and more of the written word today is being transmitted via some form of technological platform as opposed to the traditional means of transmission that was strict via mail and mostly formal. I was also moved by the fact that people are writing today more than they did in the past as much as it might be thought to be otherwise. The research underscores the fact that writing is an essential part of communication. I, therefore, sought to understand the way that effective writing skills are being applied concerning the use of punctuation to convey effective communication.

As I completed the research, I was able to gather data from various subjects that assisted in the general findings of the project. Since the research bordered between the field of technology and the use of proper skills of writing data was collected from people that use technology on an everyday basis and how they use their skills in writing to communicate effectively and efficiently. I sampled their thoughts used various understandings of the introduction to writing and better communication. The research was meant to find out, among other things, what the future holds for the proper formation and creation of sentences and paragraphs, the proper punctuation of sentences and proper sentence structures. Although punctuation was the focus of the paper, other aspects of writing like grammar, spelling, and sentence structures were also examined in retrospect.

The research was a major revelation concerning the way that punctuation as an aspect of the written word affects the overall quality and substance of the communication. I learnt more about good sentence construction since creation and effective communication of the written word. I came to understand the weight that something that seems as trivial as the use of punctuation in writing and the role that it plays in enhancing the process of message delivery. The experience helped me to improve my vocabulary and expand my understanding. I not only learnt how to read to understand but also how to read to learn.



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