Research Proposal Sample: Relationship Between Migration and Unemployment Among Migrant in Sweden

Date:  2021-04-08 23:42:04
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Research proposal
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Abstract 4
Problem 4
Purpose of the Research 4
Methods 4
Conclusion 4
Key Words 4
Chapter One 5
Introduction 5
Analysis of the Case 6
Background 6
Historical Overview of Immigration in Sweden 7
Purpose and Limitations 9
Target Group 10
Delimitation 10
Chapter Two: Theoretical Framework 10
Theory 10
2.1. Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA) 12
2.2. Immigration, Unemployment and National Capital 12
2.3. Heterogeneous Model of the Labor Market 12
2.4. Immigration in the Long-run 14
2.5. Characteristics of Immigration Flow 14
Chapter Three 15
Methodology 15
Qualitative Method 16
Sample and Method for Qualitative Analysis 16
Quantitative Research 17
Sample and Method for Quantitative Analysis 17
Criticism of the Research Methods 19
Reliability of Research 19
Results and Discussions 20
Results 20
Discussion 22
Conclusion 24
References 26

A Study of the Relationship Between Migration and Unemployment Among Migrant In Sweden: A Research Proposal


This paper seeks to examine the relation between migration and the unemploymnet among migrants in the Sweden. Such means that the paper aims at understanding how immigration leads to changes in the social factors which then affect balance of frameworks in the modern society. First, there paper highlights reasons behind the high numbers of migrants in Sweden, and how such factors have led to the high numbers of migrants in the population and the effects of the same in the country. To have a deeper understanding of Sweden, there is first the examination of history of the country with a reflection on how the country has has influx of migrants in the country. Next, the paper evaluate the role of policies in encouraging migration in Sweden where much thought is placed on programs that the government put forth to help immigrants to settle in the foreign country and how such programs increase the numbers of immigrants in the population. Finally, the paper highlights effects of migration in the economy and how it changes economic dynamics thereby affceting employment opportunities and prospects for immigrants in the society.


It is apparent that the creation of the European Union aimed at creating a single market and promoting free movement of people from teh member states, in this manner there was the perception that the creation of the same help in the increase in business activities and led to the expansion of economies of memer states. Another benefit that member states preempted was the increase in earnign opportunities for the member states of the European Union, however, there truth seesm to be opposite for some countries and one of them is Sweden. The challenges that Sweden gets from the creation of free markets in Europe seeks examination of the promotion of free economies because a big percentage of the popualtion feel that the same leads decrease in employment opportunities. The fears of the popualtion needs to be evaluated to determine whether it is a true representation of state of events or just a sign of xenophobia.

Purpose of the Research

The purpose of the research is to investigate the Relationship Between Migration and Unemployment Among Migrant In Sweden through the use of available resources to inform the popualtion about the true effects of the immigration and the impacts of the same on the locals.


Investigating the issue calls for the use of both qualitative and quantitative data in Sweden where there will be the use of interviews, and questionnaires among other avenues to collect the views of respondents.


Despite the fears of the popualtion, available findings and literature prove that there is no significant relation between the rate of immigration and the rate of unemployment in Sweden only that a one year lagged immigration rate had a significance level of 6 percent. Another issue that proved to be of no significance were teh control variables for supply of labor in teh country.

Key Words

Immigration rate, unemploymnet rate, Sweden

Chapter One


In the determination of the degree of unemployment created by the foreigners, there is the need to calculate the rate of foreign-born unemployment. Foreign-born unemployment is known as the share of unemployed foreigners between the ages of 15 and 64 years of age and have been in constant search of employment opportunities among the foreign-born labor force. The foreign-born labor force is the total number of both the employed and unemployed foreigners in other countries of between the ages of 15 and 24 years of age. In the designation of the unemployed people in the society, these are the people that acknowledge that they do not have any work and have made necessary steps in search of work in the four weeks preceding the interview. Imigrants are highly probable of becoming unemployed mostly in European countries and the same is apparent in the high numbers of foreigners in such countries. Europe has traditionally been receiving high numbers of foreigners and has had led to the increase in the rates of unemployment in the society.

It is evident that Sweden has been very crucial in providing home to people that face social and political unrest in their countries leading to the increase in the number of foreigners in Sweden. The international community has appreciated the country for its interest in accepting refugees from the countries that face various kinds of civil wars wherethe most recent one was in Syria, the generosity that the country extends to the immigrants and the integration programs that teh country rolls out hep in the promotion of cohesion between the natives and the foreigners. Despite the effeorts that Sweden makes in the integration of the population between the locals and the immigrants, there have been challenges of achieving total cohesion in the popualtion, and one of the negative efefcts of immigration in Sweden is the May 2013 riots where a high percentage of immigrant-origin youth engaged in riot activities around the Stockhol suburbs. The rioting activities to the question of whether it was worth to house the foreigners that bring little socioeconomic growth to Sweden as compared to the impacts of the natives.

Despite the lower socioeconomic impacts of the foreigners as compared to the natives in Sweden, there is increasing challenge of increasing cases of unemplpymnet in the country proving the need to engage in tackling the issue with urgency, ensure that the

There are various cases of immgration in the modern society proving the need to examine the impact that immigration has in foreign economies and the impacts of the smae to the local citizens. Examination of such would help in the determination of the effects of immigrants in the foriegn countries and help in creating solutions to the challenges with the view of improving the living standards of the natives. The same also proves to be of importance in ensuring that that there are ways, structures and frameworks put forth to help in the prevention of the negative effects of immigration to help in the facilitating interantional aid to people in distress. One of the challenges that immigration creates to foreign countries is immigration, and this is evident in Sweden where there has been a hugh influx of refugees due to the high cases of war and conflicts in the Middle East.

Sweden has been the recipient of huge numbers of refugees due to small numbers of the natives proving the need for the influx of refugees to engage in the building of economies. With the small population in Sweden, the government encourages influx of foreigners to engage in the economic-generating activities to help in the building the economy of the country. There should be encouraged policies that help in increasing the numbers of refugees in the countries without causing distress to the locals so as to create a holistically beneficial social structure and imporve coexistence between the natives and the foreigners. As the situation stands, the current high numbers of immigrants in Sweden have led to the decrease in employment opportunitties where the locals decry increase percentages of unemployment in the society.

Analysis of the Case

The creation of European Union was aimed at giving the people the right of free movemnet in teh member states as it was expected that it would lead to increase in employment of people in the country and increase the earning opportunities. It is apparent that the high immigration is bound to have a positive influence in the labour market. Such is becasue the percentage of ageing population in the country is highers as compared to the percentage of youths that get into the labour market,it is therefore apparent that increase in the numbers of immigrants in the country is aimed at increasing supply of labor and help in the financing of pension systems. Another positive impact of immigration rate in the country is also thought to help in tackling the issue of dependency ratio which is of great importance in the society. There is however, the need to ensure that examine available policies and ensure that immigration is holistically beneficial to the popualtion and help in addressing challenges in the economy of the country.

The impact of the increase in the high immigration rate has attracted various kinds of analysis and the same has been of great controversies. A report by the United Nation posits that immigration cannot have a negative effect in the population and this is in relation to teh economic theories available. In this manner, the report posits that the high rate of immigration cannot have a negative effect on the rate of unemployment. There are various reasons that make individual to move to otehr countries and the examination of the impact of guest or temporary workers should be separated from the effect of the permanent immigrants becasue the guest workers are people that move into the country temporarily to access better working opportunities and conditions.

According to te United Nations, immigration is the action by which a person establishes his or her usual residence in the territory of a Member State for a period that is, or is expected to be, of at least twelve months, having previously been a resident of another Member State or a third country. In the process of analysis of the manner, there is also the need to define unemployment and the various kinds of teh same availble the the society. Some of the types of unemployment are temporary unemployment, seasonal unemployment, unemployment that is in between jobs, or the kind of unemployment for the people that have just entered the labor market. As defined by Lemos and Portes (2008), people that are unemployed are those that have been without work and are available to be in a job in teh nex two weeks, and have alsoe been in constant search for jobs in the past four weeks with reference to the time the interview os carried out.


The aim of this research...


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