Research Paper on World Warrior Project

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Date:  2022-11-05


This memorandum fulfils two main purposes. First, is to introduce to the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) and the company culture. Second, is meeting the stated requirement to communicate this author's knowledge of a reader's profile on needs values and attitudes.

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The Birth of WWP

Wounded and Warrior Project (WWP) is a non-profit making organisation and the largest veteran charity in the United States of America.WWP was founded By John Melia in Roanoke Virginia, In 2003. Melia had been involved in a helicopter crash while he was in the line of duty in Somalia, in 1992, and he was wounded severely (Bernstein & Aulgur, 2017). Initially, WWP was working under United Spinal Association of New York. The group supported the injured members by giving backpacks and other comfort stuff. WWP became an independent organization with the financial assistance of the United Spinal Association in 2005. The new entity was able to expand its operations from comfort items to providing compensation, education and healthcare insurance covers to the veteran members. Today, the entity provides various programs, services and events for the wounded veterans. The organisation has partnered with other organizations such as the American Red Cross, Resounding Joy and Operations Homefront, to enhance efficient services.

The Culture of WWP

Today, WWP has changed the lives of injured American veterans by empowering them, providing employment and engaging them in society. The organisation has partnered with the warriors to enhance a flourishing life in their transition to the societal life. More than half a million warriors have received massive benefits from the corporate since the program commenced. Most importantly, most of the employees in the organization are the members of this corporate and have received first-hand services which have transformed their lives.

Readers Profile

WWP is committed to ensuring that it engages all the society and share ideas that are geared toward the improvement of services. The Social media department is open to the public through internet platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and emails.

WWP is dedicated to changing the lives of the sidelined injured warriors. Today, the organisation remains loyal to its mission "to honour and to Empower warriors," (Wounded Warrior Project, 2015). Additionally, people with disability are gifts in the society that gives people an opportunity to grow in love, provide mutual help and unite them with other community members Masters, A. (2016). WWP understand life should continue even in the events of severe injuries. For this reason, it is the vision of this organisation to promote the most thriving, stable group of wounded service members in the country (Wounded Warrior Project, 2015). WWP aims to help people understand and request the public to support the needs of the wounded service members, encourage mutual help among the members and to meets their needs by providing them with direct programs and services.

In the attempt to provide programs and services to the wounded warrior's members and enhance them to transition to the civilian life psychologically and physically effectively, the organisation has maintained its core values. The entity understands the need to provide services to its members with humility, dignity and respect. The staff upholds integral values by sharing the changes made in the organisation to the stakeholders. Additionally, the corporate is committed to its mission, and it encourages the members to be innovating enough to enhance efficient services.

I believe that this information will build resiliency to the alumni and equip the injured warriors and take them through the process of transitioning them to the societal life.


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