Research Paper on The Effect of Human Cultural Backgrounds on the Conservation of Nature

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Date:  2022-12-02


The study of nature is quite complicated; thus, it requires deep understanding. Notably, nature evolves from time to time resulting in the change of aspects in it. It is evident that the current environment is much different from that of the earlier periods the same way it will change in future. The evolution of science and technology has disturbed the tranquillity of nature in the recent past. Consequently, individuals relate differently to life due to their diverse cultural backgrounds and interpretation. Importantly, this research paper focuses on determining how human's view of nature affects their ways of treating the natural surroundings.

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Research Question

  • How do cultural norms and lifestyle affect people's approach to conservancy of environmentThesis
  • Cultural angle is one way in which human interpret nature; therefore it determines the way people perceive and preserve surroundings.

Appeal of the Topic

The selection of the topic was purposely for the enhancement of understanding on why human people conserve nature. The reasons for conservations are based mostly on people's beliefs, customs, and norms that explain the importance of the environment. In recent years, there have been severe destructions of the atmosphere which in turn have caused harsh conditions that harm man's survival. Moreover, the unfriendly states have culminated to calamities that have threatened the human species.

Notably, institutions concerned with nature conversation have attempted to rectify the damage situation by appealing to people to protect the environment. However, the efforts have been proven futile since the exercises are implemented without adequate knowledge of people's view of nature. This research will, therefore, help experts understand why and how communities protect nature which in turn will help them (experts) construct persuasive messages to convince people to conserve the environment.

Approach and Organisation

The project will discuss different aspects of nature conservation based on cultural concepts. Importantly, the researcher will explore ideas relating to norms including, religion, science, and culture. The literature review set to expound on the topics is literal works which are "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," "What is American" and "Nature." According to Edwards, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," by Jonathan Edwards is a sermon targeted to sinners to persuade them to repent to avoid the wrath of God (187). Edwards prepared this preaching during the transition from traditional to science era to enable people to behave as they embraced innovation (Edward, 188). Importantly, this source connects with the topic since communities associate nature conservation with spiritual gains.

"What is American" in "Letters from an American farmer" written by John Crevecoeur pays attention to American culture (Clem). The persona is startled by the infrastructure and constructions in America; thus, he enjoys the American culture (Clem). These literary works are necessary for this project as it depicts that nature is destroyed to pave the way for human settlement. Finally, "Nature" by Ralph Emerson emphasizes the beauty of natural physical features (Manzari, 61). According to Manzari, nature is essential to human wellness; thus, it is critical to protect it.

The Intended Audience

Notably, the intended audience of this study will be the public. People need to understand d the importance of conserving nature. They also need to comprehend their decision-making processes concerning protecting the surroundings. The school of thoughts that will be addressed in the paper will enable them to connect their conservancy willingness to their norms. Similarly, the targeted audience will organizations that promote environment conservancy as they to develop strategies that will encourage people to safeguard the environment.

Research Approach for the Contemporary Connection

Collection of data will be critical in facilitating the project. The researchers intend to use questionnaires as well as conducting interviews with the concerned parties in environmental conservation.

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