Research Paper on Organizational Behavior: Understanding Group & Individual Behaviors for Success

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Organizational behavior is the presentation of human behaviors in companies. This discipline tries to come up with the knowledge of a group and individual behaviors, the existing interpersonal processes, and the origination changes. Organizational behavior is crucial in any business setting as it helps in all management functions, strategies and skills. It is essential to understand that organizations are made up of different levels that make a whole organization. Business is made of top management middle management and the low laborers. Therefore, the companies' managers need to understand every core human behavior to be productive.

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Another thing is that working environments can be made up of diversity, and it is good to make the workers work as a team aiming for a specific goal and objectives. Top managers organize and control different behaviors and skills by motivating inclusivity with training and rewards. They also include a flexi -me that will favor every employee'' needs. The company also needs to have a clear and precise mission statement that defines the essential purpose of the organization to be followed by its key stakeholders. This paper will focus more on how Ford Motor Company's organizational behavior works and how it has effectively been included in the organization for productive operations.

Individuals in Organization

The working environment includes diverse individuals who join to work, aiming for a specific organization goal (Buchanan et al.). Understanding human behavior is hard due to its complex structure. Keeping in mind that people differ from another, imposing an organization challenge in the process of executing operations. The managers have the responsibility of overseeing everyone's works by their specific company's roles to achieve the goal. Companies' managers need to have a general process of analyzing the current tasks and pointing out the human resources needed and assigning them by the skills required. It is crucial to matching specific work requirements to the workers who can execute them as it creates a competitive team. This team will be able to work with a good cohesion and essay conflict management creating a happy working environment resulting in a productive operations. Studies have stressed that the managers are supposed to use the available company's resources to execute the chores (Kim, Andrea, et al.) The manager is also required to develop insights to asses and evaluate the different human behaviors in the workplace and indulge them correctly to boost the synergy and cooperation among the employee working to achieve the organization's goals. Below are the factors that impact individual behavior in a company.

  • Abilities - ability can be a natural or an acquired quality presented by an individual. Ability rages from physical to mental skills; the company can have a variety of tasks that need various levels and types of abilities. Mental skills can be defined as deductive reasoning, verbal intellect compress, and analytical skills in an individual. On the other hand, the physical ability can signify the motor skill, body coordination, and stamina of an individual. Therefore, an individual can take advantage of their capabilities to execute a task relating to them without feeling coerced.
  • Gender - A pleasant working environment requires equity to everyone regardless of being a man or a woman. It is essential to judge people in terms of their merits and not gender for productive operations (Kim, Andrea, et al.).
  • Race - workplace may exhibit diversity. Hence, there is a possibility of different races and cultures. Individuals may be judged in terms of their religion and race, basing on the prejudices and behaviors attributed to them (Kim, Andrea, et al.).
  • Perception - Perception can be created by sensory stimuli making people have different opinions about a similar situation resulting in workplace conflict. Manger needs to accommodate and control workers' perception.
  • Attribution - This is the process where manger accommodates different individual behavior concerning their personality and situations of their workers. The managers need this factor by utilizing distinctness consistency and consensus.
  • Attitude - this is when a person responds after learning and from his total cognitive experience over the time of the situation. Attitude may influence workers' behaviors in different situations in the workplace.
  • Personality - this is a psychological attribute that makes differ from one another; it is cognitively acquired after a while.

Work Group in the Organisation

Cultural perspective in the working environment is related to the workgroup in the company. Teamwork executes a lot of operations in an organization. Managers assign the required task in terms of the skills and knowledge of the job presented by the team. The workgroup may also exist in diversity when it comes to size and types. The workgroup also has different functions, departments, internal processes, and context of the company and external stakeholders (Huyghe et al. 138).

Characteristics of Workgroups

  • Can have a shared goals
  • It is an association between two or more employees in the workplace.
  • It indulges in social interaction between the workers
  • They are encouraged to work toward attaining the company's goal.
  • They manage and maintain boundaries.
  • They are interdependence as per the company goals, to create a smooth workflow and productivity.

Different Models of Organizational Behaviors

Organizational behaviors made up of five models that are custodial, supportive, collegial, system and autocratic models.

Autocratic model

In this model, managers are entrusted with managing fellow workers who have a formal authority and control over many decisions in the company. This model is based on the principle that managers are experts and skilled in diverting and controlling the employees.

Custodial model

These models propagate that workers will be more loyal and productive if they are motivated economically. Therefore, the employees are entitled to fair wages and bonuses rewards.

Supportive model

This model is created by aspirin leadership. This model encourages a significant relationship between managers and employees. Therefore, the workers will be motivated, resulting in a productive operations.

Collegial model

This model encourages teamwork among the workers in the workplace. The managers are mandated to create a culture that is positive and motivating, making the workers more productive.

System model

This model is dynamic and plays a role in all aspect and structure of an organization in that the working place should have a great teamwork by ensuring that the workers attain the best levels of talents, abilities, and skills.

Ford Motors

Ford Motor Company (FMC) is an Americans company dedicated to manufacturing automobiles. It is ranked 5th globally as the largest vehicle manufacture. Since its establishment, in the 20th century, Ford gradually has grown setting high levels in the industry by reaping high profits and retaining a strong brand name. Ford resulted in annual world profit during a massive recession of the year 2008. Since then, it has dedicated its resources in increments of revenue and productivity. The company had unified the top managers with the low employees in an aim to work toward achieving a common goal. The company has successfully developed its department by coming up with and implementing various strategies and innovating training and programs that have reciprocated to the improvement of the workers' performances.

Mission Statements

A company culture mission statement is clear and precise information showing the essential purpose of a company. Every company needs to have a mission statement that acts as a guide to make it different in its initiative, projects, and the various task required to be executed by the teams. A well-detailed testament unites and cones the workers in the workplace to work towards achieving the critical goals of the company. It also makes the workers understand their purpose and what they are supposed to execute by the company. Therefore, the workers will put their "A" game in their operations to achieve the company's goal. The Ford mission is "to make people's lives better by making mobility accessible and affordable." The mission focuses on improving people's life. Hence, its employees are dedicated to working toward meeting this mission (Panmore Institute).

Ford Motor Company has an influential organizational culture that has been a big drive to its high performances and countering its significant competitors, such a Tesla Motors, Toyota Motors and General Motors Company. The company as to have the best reputation for it to maintain its position globally. Therefore, it has to have an organizational culture that impacts its vision and mission statements by supporting teamwork and productivity.

Organizational Culture

A company needs a culture that defines its personality. It is formulated by the company to determine the place. Company culture entail of the company's value, ethics, expectation, goals and company mission. Many companies have a culture that purports teamwork, while some may incorporate a traditional and formal management style (Kratzer 128)

Ford has utilized its culture correctly as it has urged them to aim for higher levels. Ford's behavior and culture have mandated them to maintain and seek for more top performances. The company has unique training programs set to adhere to its organizational culture. The company also encourages teamwork as it has shown excellent outcomes in many companies. The company CEO Mulally back in the year 2008 created and implemented a plan that has helped in unifying its global management that resulted in synergy and consistency (Panmore Institute).

Features of Organizational Culture

  • F: Stand for Foster Functional and Technical Excellence
  • O: Own Working Together
  • R: Role Model Ford Values
  • D: Deliver Results

Foster Functional and Technical Excellence

This company stresses excellence that will support its innovation. It has training programs that support innovation and excellence in its workplace. Ford's employees are emphasized on learning and improving and storming ideas for productive operations.

Own Working Together

This feature unifies the employees to work together toward achieving the company's goals and objectives.

Role Model Ford Values

The company encourages the worker to think like they own the company. They are supposed to take responsibility for the company's outcome hence putting their "A" game in their work. The company encourages its workers to work hard as they are eh company's image.

Deliver Results

The company does not just encourage conventionally but rather coming up with ideas in unconventional ways. There are occasional training by the human resources to be beyond conventional limits in terms of productivity and creativity of the new design.

Reward More than Money

A company can also deign its workplace to accommodate a positive and productive working environment. Incorporating technology in the company will increase its productivity and efficiency. Physical symbols can be untiled to define companies' cultures. A symbolic strategy helps in motivating the employees. For example, the employee of the year may be motivated by giving a trophy rather than money. Additionally, a well-designed space can motivate workers. Employees need a positive experience while undertaking severe business in an organization, and a well-designed working place will bring positive experience resulting in being more productive and efficient.

Ford has improved its buildings by employing the best architectures, which have created ample and pleasing structures to accommodate its large number of employees. The company he...

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