Research Paper on Managing and Leading Change in a Health Organization

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Date:  2022-03-30


New system of electronic health records has been an issue of deliberation in my facility where I am the clinical administrator, in the efforts of determining the methods to put in place to take our organization some levels higher and in line with the dynamics of time and technology. I plan to group my fifty workers into two groups and task each team with researching on the best technological health record structure to employ. As the process kicks off, I will reflect on the role of every staff and how they will engage the system itself. The method that we choose will be friendly and easy to handle for both teams. Finally, I want a system where every worker enjoys operating.

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The two teams that I am going to mandate with coming up with the system to use, will each go and scrutinize the different methods that are there, list down their advantages and disadvantages of the various systems under their examination. Each group therefore shall bring a system that they recommend we use and we will have to select the best between the two for our hospital. The two teams will comprise of eight teammates from several the departments to ensure representation of all divisions; two nurses, two doctors, two from the administration and two other support staffs (Olson, 2014). The two representing specific departments will include a senior and a junior worker, but both shall be well experienced. If a conflict arises, a mediator shall be available to solve the issue in each group. I will encourage the use of three methods to help us agree on ultimately settling on the system deemed the best.

The first method shall be voting to help us come down from a big group of electronic systems to have a few to examine (Yoder-Wise, 2014). This technique shall require the members to vote where the system that gets a majority vote will be put under keen research. The second method we will apply is brainstorming. In this method, each group will support its research where each group considers it records systems are the best to be considered (Effective Teams). A member of the team gives an idea where non-members are not allowed to criticize the concept, only members of the effective team are permitted (Yoder-Wise, 2014). In the situation where the first and the second techniques fail to take us to a consensus, a third method will be used; nominal group method. Nominal group method is relatively a mixture of brainstorming and the voting methods (Effective Teams).

On agreeing on the electronic health record system to put in place, this shall be implemented immediately to efficiently shift from the paper record storage systems to the electronic method agreed on by all the departments. A strategy on how to roll out the new system shall be formulated to take us through the change effectively. All the computers that are used in the patients care service will be programmed with the system (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2018). To enable efficient running of the systems, all the operators will undergo training which will be facilitated by the company that owns the system. On successful completion of the training, the facility will immediately commence a test a month before going into the new system to help fix any problems that might arise.

There are several challenges that might come up from the adoption of the new system of electronic health records, which are; staff members opposing these changes or either the patients opposing the changes (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2018). In these cases, people might go through some stages of change known as Kubler-Ross where the patients and the staff will be in a state of denial and shock but later move on in anger and then bargaining that is known as change management models. These two groups might not have despair stage but must go through the stage to bargain to the state of recognition in the model. The other model that we can use to enable people to agree with the new electronic system is model known as ADKAR that supports awareness, knowledge, ability, desire, and reinforcement. As an organization, we will use the model to create awareness for this change and give people a reason to participate and support the change ("Change Management Models: A Guide To Best Practices", 2018). That is the knowledge of the benefits of the change, the ability of our organization to implement that change and the way we can sustain that change that we have made.

During the development of our strategic plan in the departments in this organization, we have to get the areas that we most need mitigation of risk exposure or the way to mitigate the risks we got and the way to deal with training and re-designing of the organization. As we talk about risks mitigation, we have to use a certain process that I acquired from the Navy that is the use of Operational Risk Management (ORM). By the use of this process, we can identify access risk and make decisions on the risk, implement risk controls and oversee the follow up of the controls. The risks that I see will not be easily manageable is data loss in the new system of the electronic health record. That is not supposed to happen, but in such a case it occurs making us begin the transition phase using a monthly beta test and observe how often it can happen. The second problem that might during a hiccup is the training because there might be people on sick leave or vacation on the training day or in case we have a recruit and we need to get time for their training ("Change Management Models: A Guide To Best Practices", 2018). Thus, in such a case we will ensure we get a staff team to understand the system in a better way so that they can train anyone who missed the training due to some reasons.

As an organization, we need a proposal since we will use an outside contractor. We also require information, a quotation that will help us in ensuring we get a system that is fit for what we need it for and ensure that we can get it on the budget or justify acquiring a higher budget. Proposal demand will have a study to ensure a feasible system and a comprehensive development plan for the project. When done with the proposal request, information request will follow that will give information of what certain company systems compromise in comparison to the others (Olson, 2014). Lastly is the quotation request that entails the cost of the new system. These steps are very crucial to moving forward into any new project. The quotation request, however, seems the most important to me since cost is key in buying or implementing anything like the EHR system because one would go for the one of low cost but can perform all they require. Moreover, we are still in business aiming at a maximum profit, and if we do not get it, we will be knocked out of business.


In this paper, we have talked about the way I will create the two teams to bring the new system of electronic health record and the challenges that we are likely to phase while implementing that new system. After that, there is the real side of business when we talk about the significance of the above requests (Cummings & Worley, 2014). It feels that by following all we have talked about in the paper, there is an ability to establish a solid plan to pick and implement an electronic health record system that is (EHR).


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