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Hulu is a major insurance charge streaming company in America. The organization is owned by The Walt Disney Company with other stakeholders such as the 21st-century fox, Comcast and Time Warner. The stakeholders mentioned above came together and formed an agreement which led to the establishment of the Hulu Company in 2007. Also, the stakeholders have different percentage showing how the company ownership. For instance, The Walt Disney Company occupies 30%, the 21st Century Fox owns 30%, Comcast also claims 30% and Warner has 10% of the organization's shares. The company mentioned earlier is currently headed by Randy Freer who occupies the position of a CEO. Also, the Hulu Company has its headquarters in Los Angeles in the United States (Sanson&Steirer, 2019).

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Hulu Company majorly deals with the offering of entertainment services to its users. In the market of challenging times with consumers seeking to quench their thirst for entertainment, Hulu has come in to occupy the space left by its competitors in filling the vacuum left by the competitors. The service majorly entails giving a platform to the users to stream popular TV shows at their own comfort zones. Hulu company services extend to other European countries such as Japan. The organization under discussion got launched officially in 2008. Currently, Hulu has won over 25million subscribers in America. Due to the popularity and the high-quality services provided by Hulu, the company has won different awards as complimentary from its users. Some of the famous showcased TV series include the Golden Globe Award-Winning Documentary among many others. Apart from the TV series showcased by Hulu, the company also offers some other forms of entertainment such as music and sports. Hulu Company has an affordable commercial plan for its users whereby the subscribers pay approximately $ 96 per year.

The Hulu Company aims at streaming the latest TV series and delivering its own original content over different movies and documentaries. The objective of the company mentioned above is to offer satisfactory services to the customers hence making the company as one of the most outstanding in the entertainment industry. Hulu competes fairly in the industry compared to other companies such as Amazon and Netflix. Also, Hulu has an added advantage as compared to other entrainment companies. The main advantage is that Hulu offers its services at various traditional networks which makes it easier to reach a large audience. Hulu organization got acquired because the major stakeholders of the company wanted growth in their business. Hulu created a platform where its stakeholders used to promote their business such as advertisement of their films and people get to access them easily. The acquisition of Hulu also promoted the supply of the stakeholders' services by alerting the people that they do exist. The company mentioned above-added quality to the works produced by some of these stakeholders such as the 21st Century Fox through the films people streamed.

Second, Hulu also got acquired to achieve or create competition in the entertainment industry. There exist other companies offering the same services like Hulu. These companies include Netflix and Amazon. Hulu came in to compete with these other companies by raising the quality of the services provided to the people and becoming unique in its way of service delivery. For example, Hulu allows its subscribers to use various traditional networks to access its service which is unlikely in other entertainment companies. Network refers to the main key in accessing of these entertainment services. In other words, people live in different parts of a country hence the variation of the networks used. Since Hulu does not restrict the network used in accessing its services shows clearly that many people get reach of its services.

Due to popularity earned by Hulu Company, the company has gained a lot of influence on people. Each and every year, the number of its customer increases. The increase in the number of users clearly indicates the remarkable performance the organization has achieved since its establishment.

The corporate strategy of the ownership of Hulu Company still remains as a joint one. At one point, the current stakeholders of the company wanted to put on an auction block but later on, decided to retain the company. Some of the major members and leaders of Hulu wanted to leave the company due to various reasons. For instance, CEO Jason Kilar requested more money from the stakeholders of Hulu to enhance the expansion and the general growth of Hulu. The expansion plan aimed at making Hulu more competitive like other companies but the plan did not get to the execution point. Hulu Company remains with its initial stakeholders.

The future plans of Hulu still remain in the hand of the corporate owners of the organization. The stakeholders of Hulu decided to join hands and contribute a sum of $ 750million to help in the general growth expansion of the company. The owners of Hulu majorly hope to develop and expand the company in terms of technology by equipping the organization with the latest technological advancements. The latest technology will promote better and easier accessory to Hulu's services by the subscribers. Hulu as an organization also plans to better its premium subscription (Hulu Plus) that got launched in 2010. Lastly, the corporate owners decided to work extra hard to ensure they deliver the best in the market. The stakeholders decided to work hard in their particular fields hence the general growth and development of the company (Leonald & Rowland, 2016).

Hulu as a company aims at achieving the best in the entertainment industry. The company in discussion plans to lead the other companies in the entertainment industry in the future. Hulu's future achievements will come about through delivering of the highest qualities of services to its subscribers hence winning the largest number of users. Hulu also aims at making a partnership with companies to enhance the general development and enlarge its supply chain.

Advantages of Hulu Corporation

First, Hulu Company has high chances and ability to attract many investors. The Hulu Company entails many stakeholders heading different organizations in the entertainment industry. These stakeholders come into contact with various potential investors who might show interest in their joint company. Many investors might come in to invest in the company has brought by different stakeholders with different ideas to enhance the general development of the Hulu company (Li, Cui, & Lu, 2017).

Second, the presence of a powerful organizational structure. The presence of different leaders coming into an organization as stakeholders leads to the formation of a powerhouse. The corporation chooses the best candidates to fit the lead the organization and make a follow up on their own.

Disadvantages of Hulu Corporation

First, Time and Cost incorporation. The presence of incorporation entails a different process that gets associated as costly and time-consuming. For instance, when an organization like Hulu wants to make a decision, a lot of documents must prepare and given time for approval which might end delaying the decision-making process. The people making these documents also require funding and the stakeholders making the decisions end asking for sitting allowances hence costly to the organization.

Second, the presence of a lot of formalities. Every corporation has rules and laws that guide its existence. Some steps get observed and regular meetings held before any major decision is made. The formalities might end up delaying the process of decision making hence not solving the problem on time (Stout, & Blair, 2017).

The corporate ownership of Hulu has impacted the company in different ways. First, the corporation dictates and regulates the operations that occur in the company. For instance, before Hulu delivers any service to its subscribers, the corporation has to agree and edit the content of the work before delivery. The regulation process makes that corporation to ensure that high quality of services gets delivered to the customers. Hulu has a lot of subscribers which clearly indicates that the corporation delivers the best. Lastly, as much the corporate owners control the content delivered to customers, they also respect the demands of their users.


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