Research Paper on Effects of Technology on the Society

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Date:  2022-05-03


According to Abuja & Thatcher (2005), Technology entails the use of scientific skills, attributes, and knowledge primarily to help solve the societal problems. Notably, technology is dynamic and keeps on evolving, as technology advances and become involved the more it tends to bear power over people's living in the society. Currently, the aspect of technology is robustly used in almost all areas ranging from education, health, and the socio-cultural dimensions to help improve the living standards of the people in the society. Contrastingly, the application of technology in the society also poses some of the problems and creates negative impacts on the people in the society. Significantly the adoption of technology in the modern society, through research and keen observation indicates erosion on the societal morals decadence which interns affect all the aspects of the society. The absolute use of techniques acquired in technology mirrors the behavior of the people either negatively or positively in the society creating either negative or appositive effects to its members in the society.

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Al-Gahtani et al. (2007), affirms that between the human beings and nature exist a mutual dependency, and thus domination of the society by the modern adoption of the technology in the society. On the other hand, the widespread use of the social media has widely improved the element of communication among the members of the society. Notably, the social media which has tremendously reduces the time e and the distance upon which communication, most companies rely wholly on the social media as a core platform for the advertisement with the aim of gaining a full customer interaction and feedback on the strategies and the curate planning for the business environment. On the other hand, the networking by the social media is a significant application of technology in society today. The social media also has exposed the vulnerable individuals in the society to the constant cyber-crime activities which hinder the effectiveness of technology in the society. Also, the cyber harassment and bullying subject the victims to the offensive online attacks such as molesting individuals amongst their peers, public victimization, and suicide. The social media has been earmarked as the critical area where the crime related to drug and human trafficking mostly occurs. On another account, modern technology has a more significant impact on the society and tends to form the basis for the observation of human behavior. The human beings often show a significant rapid development on the dynamics of information technology. Notably, the implementation of these techniques render communication attainable in society, furthermore, it makes communication unstable and complicating all the aspects of life, this results into an increased pattern of negative behavior that does not reflect the society.

According to Taylor et al. (2014), the commencement of technology has dramatically robbed the human beings innate capacity and general engagement and relationship with the relatives and friends. Seemingly, the techniques adopted by the modern technology have an absolute impact on the facilitation of health in the society. The constant use of technology tremendously causes psychological issues such as depression, vision problems, and general destruction alongside the deterioration in the mental health. Notably, Ahuja & Thatcher (2005) address several negative impacts of technology on the people in the society like Isolation, where there is an absolute lack of contact between the people living together, and these people tend to spend their entire life in isolation engaged in the daily activities on the iPods and screen s. Such personalities are socially isolated and are likely to live short lifespans. Notably, lack of social skills such as the ability to internalize and apply the social cues on critical issues in the society arises as result of constant usage of the community. On the other hand, the more people spend time online less time is spent engaged in an active exercise, these individuals are likely to suffer obesity and being mindless since the online activities render the brain dormant and form the chief cause to the health risk commonly experienced (Yang & Pelphrey, 2015).

Also depression a condition which results in human beings due to lack of regular contact between people in a society. Depression is often related to the severe mental and psychological health and poses several complications in the attempts to manage the condition. Technology, appear as the chief cause of depression condition in the society today. Considerably, the poor sleeping habits are another health hazard which is often caused by addiction and over dependency on technology Yang & Pelphrey (2015). Addition, some of the relevant negative impact of technology in the society, may also include a company technology because the significant effect on the lives of people in the society, these challenges often arise when the people involved abusing the absolute use of the technology. It has been linked to the unauthenticated information that usually a company the discourse in the society. The vises categorically do spread through the use of technology this reveal disadvantageous aspect in the society. Such vices include the verbal abuse, isolation, and emergence of severe and psychological health problems.

Phillips et al. (2005) ascertain that technology boons the society concerning the dynamics and the changes which often occurs in the environment, the internet in the recent paste bred number of unethical practices like hacking, spamming which aims at brewing the criminal activities in the society. However, the in-depth research reveals series of the criminal activities since the acute rise in the technology is due to lack of appropriate regulations to help minimize the menace in the society. On the other hand, Internet gambling has to turn into dependence for the desperate young people who spend a lot of time networking.

Wang et al. (2006) reveal that most young people in the society suffer from the overexposure onto the internet which subjects them to idleness and as opposed to carrying out several activities in the society. The young people engage in networking making as their core business. Also, the wireless communication with no cell phones has bridged the gap between the individuals in the society hence enhancing the long-distance communication. In contrary, the long distance communication deprives humanity of the warmth of the personal touch this creates a better contact between the people in the society (Yang & Pelphrey, 2015). The overdependence by the human being to the computers diminished the human intellect but instead promote the robotic influence in the society. The digital shift by developing the modern robots by harnessing the artificial intelligence with the aim of replacing the human skills and ability render the individuals to lack the opportunities in the contemporary world. It is important to note that the impact of technology in the society express both the negative and the positive elements which seem valuable in the society has been rendered.

Introduction of technology in the society causes absolute impacts in all the socio-cultural aspects in the society. In education the technology seem to have penetrated and has taken control over both the learners and the tutors as well. Notably, most of the learners engage in research which has the ready sources, this tends to minimize the intellectual capability on learning. On the other hand the universal impact of technology in education affects many students since they are exposed to the latest gadgets, trending phones as well as spending time in the recreational stations. The modernizations of all the aspects in the society impede the academic platform though it poses beneficial aspect. Significantly, technology has greatly improved education and the entire learning and teaching processes. The interpretation of information in any country depends fully on well-structured educational standards which promotes learning. The introduction the electronic learning materials such as the iPods, computers, mobile phones, and the smart whiteboards has been captured to boost the students moral in the educational setups. The electronic learning and the online research courses offered are only made possible since the educational elements merged with technology. On similar account the introduction of the audio-visual education tends to provide an appropriate teaching method in the technical and the social sciences. This mode of teaching creates a platform where both the learners and the students exchange the academic ideas. Also, the modernization of education has dramatically opened learning across the borders; this kind of an exchange program in the long distance learning has dramatically improved the dispensation of knowledge across all the boundaries.

Apparently, the massive increase in the population as registered in the world today is linked to the technological advancement in the society. The technology has greatly improved the research on the chronic diseases and an absolute increase on the health facilities to help solve health problems. The rapid increase in the population is a menace to the third world countries since it breeds high unemployment cases as well as the socio-cultural problems. To the countries with low population, research shows that the background on technology on the modern methods of controlling mortality rate is a crucial driver to the small population.

On another, the pollution effects have been on the decline since the adoption of the modern technology, factories are producing the products with adverse impact on the society. The evolution of the related carbon gases from the contemporary factories depletes the ozone layer a recipe for the global warming. Contrary to the effects of technology on the mortality rate, the experts have a doped the modern techniques on the effective method of controlling the population.

Technology has been shown to affect the social interaction and human relationships in a more detrimental manner. Human beings have an innate longing to share their lives with their families, friends, and partners. The social interaction, in this case, is vital but often sophisticated. Notably, an individual sends and receives the information in numerous ways especially when communicating with people close to them. For example, the conversation between people does not necessarily entails words but integrates various forms of expressions which may include the aspects of tones, body language, facial expressions, contexts and physical touch to a certain degree. While it is undeniable that the face to face-to-face has been the ideal form of communication and expression, the technology has facilitated this type of communication without the necessity of having to meet the other person physically or be in the same place. Indeed, human beings can now communicate with one another through apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp. However, these form of social interactions are become more popular through transforming the features that mimic face-to-face interaction, and these include the emojis on facebook and messenger.

These features have considerably given these social sites the ability to show the facial expressions. It further improves the accessibility of the users to features that would otherwise be impossible. As a type of technology, however, the social interaction sites have limited the degree of interaction because the perceived face-to-face interaction that exists is limited. Perhaps overcoming a sense of isolation is one of the most significant features of the online communities as well as the virtual; world. Society may treat one as...

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