Research on Extraterrestrial Life

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Date:  2022-04-14

There has been a series of questions that have raised on the recent past, and one of them is whether life only exists on earth. Researchers have been conducted, and it has been found out that some planets support life. However, the existence of habitable conditions does not necessarily mean that there is the presence of life in those planets. Extraterrestrial life and intelligence have had a significant impact on different cultures and commonly works in the science of fiction. Over a long time now science fiction communicates in a wide range of possibilities influenced by scientific ideas as well as public interest in the perspectives of the alien life (Kwon, Jung Yul & et al).

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Currently, there is ongoing research being done on the signs of extraterrestrial life. The extraterrestrial life which is also the alien life is a life which occurs in any other place other than the earth, and this life in most cases is said not to have originated from the earth. The research entails a search for the history and current extraterrestrial life and to some extent the scope for alien intelligent life (Wickramasinghe) Different methods are being used to categorize the search; these methods range from analyzing of telescopes and data from specimens to radios that are used in detecting and sending communication signals. Most arguments about extraterrestrial life statistical. Considering earth is around an average star, and we have grown to be intelligent species it would be difficult to think that what our planet can support cannot be done on other planets. There are so many galaxies out there and even if alien life were rare one would expect one civilization per galaxy. Which to some extent proof the existence of such a life.Every single UFO sighting should be explained by either a satellite, meteorological effect, plain old hoaxers, high altitude balloons or high-altitude aircraft but the alien life has failed to be explained in the case of aliens. But this is not saying that nothing has been spotted in the skies that is unusual. Just by identifying an unusual object in the skies does not necessarily proof of the existence of aliens. For one to prove that aliens exist in the sky as per the claims of people who feel they have seen them one would still need to have identified a civilization and managed to do it without breaking any physics law (webb & Stephen). If an individual reaches a planet with the race of aliens living on it, one must be the content of flying erratically in the atmosphere without having to make any contact.

It is extraordinary as well as improbable to think that human beings are the only form of intelligent life we have in the universe. There is a likelihood that extraterrestrial life may arise and it probably must have happened somewhere (Crowe, Michael) However, to my extent of understanding, I think it is equally improbable to think that extraterrestrial life exists anywhere near to us that we can reach them or contact them. Some of the statistical arguments on the alien life are overwhelming as they are enormously a distance from us. We have not enough evidence on these statistical data, and to me, it seems shaky, and I will be difficult for me to believe that civilization has advanced enough to reach us directly. To my understanding, most of the UFO sighting comes as a result of things combining in the sky that are hard to describe as well as not being aware of what you see in the sky.

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