Report Sample - Texas on the Brink

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Date:  2021-04-01

The article will put its focus on the Texas state in America with much emphasis on the ranking as the chosen social indicator. Moreover, the literature will explain the results of the Texas States policies on the political culture and or ideologies, demographics, economics, and political power based on the Texas political environment and histories.

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Texas political culture has shaped the education system that has earned it the great ranking it has on the elementary and secondary public school enrollment. The former leaders including the governors and senators have always placed education policies as their top most priorities in the State. This is the reason behind the good performance in the ranking of the percentage enrollment in public higher education. However, failure by the leaders in implementing their policies also resulted in embarrassing performances in percentage number of high school graduates. It is no doubt that the political culture of Texas has also played a significant role in the ranking of the state taxes. Apparently, the Texas political ideologies history such as the classical liberalism, social conservatism, and populism all advocate for the little taxes low services as the best government approach. Any political candidate campaigning for increased taxes have always received the wrath of voters in the election periods as it was political suicide to mention increased taxes as one of the policies.

The demographic histories of Texas have also defined the current ranking of the various states. The historical in-migration by foreigners in the 1980s has been the foundation of the increased population in the state as evident from the excellent performance in the number of births and the overall birth rates for the situation of the child and women policies respectively. Moreover, the European settlers such as the Germans, Swedes, and Czechs also contributed to the demography of Texas State. Historically, women, the poor and the minority groups enjoyed minimal political opportunity and representation in government considering their number of population. It is no surprising to see the ranks on the women issues and health care.

The economic history has also played a part in the ranking results of various sectors of the Texas economy. In the 18th and 19th century, oil influenced almost every aspect of the economic development of Texas. The States tax revenue was mainly derived from the oil and gas industry. However, economy growth drastically reduced in the mid-1980s with the changes in the oil prices affecting the tax incomes and also negatively affecting other industries related to oil such the real estate sector. Therefore, this has been the background of the recent ranking on the quality of life and state taxes.

The dismal performance in the percentage of the population excessing their democratic rights is enough to tell anyone that citizens no longer feel that they have power to the individuals they chose to represent them. Moreover, this is attributed to the high differences in income inequality between the wealthy and the have-nots.

In a nutshell, it is evident that the ranking is a clear outcome of clear or precise policy in Texas. During election periods, leaders have always come up with different policies and ideologies with the aim of making Texas great again regarding governance of the economy, educations, health, taxes, environment among other sectors. However, the leaders have always changed from leaders to misleaders by their failed projects, policies and programs. Specifically, the ranking has been as a result of the efficient and elaborate strategic plan that could help in the implementation and monitoring of various projects in Texas.

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