Reflection on Teamwork and Teambuilding Essay

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Date:  2022-02-16

Good teamwork plays a vital role in executing and realizing a common goal faster and better in a team project (Levi, 2015). Each team member plays his / her specific role, takes on different responsibilities that when joined together can make the team achieve excellently, and attain their set objectives. Teamwork is very crucial to amalgamate several people with varied experiences and skills. I believe that the presence of teamwork elevates the chances of realizing a higher degree of effectiveness or efficacy. Besides, I believe that it offers a better performance leading to superior results since the weakness of a specific individual belonging to the team may be covered by the strength of another.

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The procedure of teamwork that I experienced began with setting goal and objectives, succeeded by awareness, building trust, co-operative exercises, group challenges, prolonged challenges and applications. These processes offered improvements to the entire group, not just on an individual basis. The first stage, goal setting, it is the most noteworthy section of the process and provides a possible evaluation of the project (Gardner, et al. 2017). After the team I was in was formulated, or prior to the process is begun, a goal or set of objectives for our team was generated. The goal setting that our team conducted incorporated the likely things, which the team could learn and evaluated whether the team is performing as per the expectation. Besides, it dealt with specific aspects or skills such as leadership, communication, listening, risk-taking and trusting which are the critical cornerstone of any teamwork

The second phase of the process in teamwork is awareness. This specific stage assisted us (team members). It also offered a conducive atmosphere where the team members could fit in regardless of our differences. Aside from that, it assisted us to appreciate one another, increasing trust, respect, and openness within the group. With this kind of step, the team was able to discuss easily subject and matters linked to the goals, which we have previously formulated.

The third phase entailed engaging in trust activities. These activities offered two different outcomes. First, it enhanced my trust with other team members. Second, it reinforced my trust in the entire team. The activities were explicitly formulated to enhance intellectual confidence. I believe that trust is the essential section of successful teamwork, and through involvement in those activities, it could generate, develop or further improve trust. On the other side, conservative activities act like glue which blinds together with the group. With corporation activities, the team members, I in specific, felt that we have fruitfully attained a specific goal or objective due to teamwork and not because of a certain individual or team member. With cooperation, we kept a group-minded, thinking it comes to accomplishing exercises.

The group challenge denotes activities, which test the group, and frequently, these activities are related to problem solving. The group challenged provided us with challenges as implies where the rest of the members and I exerted or illustrated our skills, knowledge, and, experience to solve puzzles. With group challenge, it was vital for the group to work and find a solution to the problem together. The trick behind the game was unity together to realize how to solve the challenge since everyone effort had a substantial contribution to overcome the challenge. On the other hand, the group, used these skills, together with the group capacity to interact, to maximize the quality, efficiency, and, speed of the group. The skills, results or benefits which were have achieved from group challenges were enhanced or formulated cooperation, conflict management, leadership, communication, trust, and, group decision making.

Prolonged challenges are particularly formulated to steam up the capabilities of the team members. With extended challenges, I have felt advancements in self-esteem, the value of group support, leadership behavior, competency, and, risk-taking abilities. With prolonged problems, we were left feeling that we could do things beyond what was expected of us. Somehow, the restrictions of the team members were surpassed after finding the solution to the extended challenges. The activities, which we engaged in, were tension traverse,the leap of faith, balance logs, pirate's crossing, and postman's walk

The final stage in the process of teamwork was the application. This step was conducted to follow up the skills we had learned in the prior activities. Application was also required to assure that the previous outcome or successes could be repeated or continuously achieved. It acted as maintenance of the team where goal review, analysis, and, reflection acted as techniques of analyzing the entire learning process.

Our team was able to overcome the problems which were present prior to the whole teamwork process of activities was carried out. Nevertheless, still more enhancements can be conducted. The team can still work better if more bonding activities are carried out. Time and repetition with variation strengthens the skills, experiences, and, knowledge realized from teamwork process. There were times where the team was faced with many challenges that affected the effectiveness, specifically as the program begun. In other words, the atmosphere of discomfort was present and everyone was unfriendly with one another.


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