Leadership in Temporary Organizations Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-03

Project management is the effective coordination of personal work or that of a group of people so that the objectives of the organisation can be met in the allocated budget, time, standards and quality. For this project, therefore, I will come up with a group of individuals who will embark on a renovation project for my company. The selected individuals will be required to have assorted skills to accomplish this task.

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First and foremost, the project will entail re-painting the entire organisation, cleaning of all offices and rearranging of the offices. For this kind of project, I will select persons with different skills in the construction and procurement industry with skills in painting, repairs, and interior design. I will select approximately thirty individuals based on who presents themselves best after conducting an interview. The group will then be divided into three smaller groups such that each department will be allocated, ten individuals. This will go a long way in ensuring the project is completed on time, within the allocated budget and that the highest level of quality has been met.

The main goals and objectives of the team will be to renovate the company to modern architecture with modern equipment that will make future work much easier. Also, another main objective will be to beautify the organisation and make it more appealing to the eye.

This project will take approximately one month, and in order for the team to be as effective as possible, each of the members will be designated their duties and also be given a working timetable and schedule for when they will be expected to be working and by when they will be expected to complete their allocated duties.

Throughout this project, I plan to employ a visionary sort of leadership style. As such, I will focus on being inspiring while providing my team with directions on how to meet the goals and objectives. Using this style, the members will be encouraged to take personal initiative whenever things do not seem to be going according to plan. (Tyssen Wald & Spieth, 2013) I believe therefore that it will create even more positive results as it can be used in communicating with individual members. The most important thing to remember is to focus on leveraging my experience and knowledge while exercising empathy and self-confidence. This eventually, will help create direction for all the members (Tyssen Wald & Spieth, 2013)

All the members will be expected to be punctual at all times. This will enable the project to be completed on time. Secondly, all will be required to portray hard work and resilience such that they will be able to endure even the most difficult tasks. Also, they will be expected to be fast, attentive to details and strong.

To enhance cohesion, as mentioned above, the mission of the project will be rolled out such that all the members of the team will be able to focus on a particular goal. Secondly, I will select the most diverse individuals. This is because the most successful teams are always diverse. Thirdly, individual strengths will be recognised and every member allowed to work on what they know best. Lastly, I will ensure effective communication between myself and all the members as well as between the members themselves.

On the other hand, to properly manage conflicts, I will employ several tactics. For example, all persons involved in conflicts will have to take time off to settle the conflicts. Here I will also employ a suitable environment where all the members will be able to effectively communicate with one another until the issue has been resolved. This way, all the team members will be able to work in peace and understanding. This will also be employed in decision making and problem-solving. For instance, all the decision will be made and problems solved in a peaceful environment where there will be no pressure on any of the members. This way, they will be able to think critically and make sound decisions.


Finally, for the first meeting, several agendas will be looked into. For instance, the progress of the project will be assessed. Here, we will determine whether the resources have been used accordingly and whether or not the project is right on schedule. Secondly, the performance of each of the members will also be assessed, and the most hardworking employees will be rewarded.


Tyssen, A. K., Wald, A., & Spieth, P. (2013). Leadership in temporary organizations: A review of leadership theories and a research agenda. Project Management Journal, 44(6), 52-67.

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