Recommendations on Sources for the Chemical Engineering Project

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Date:  2021-03-06

In conducting Chemical Engineering Project, I would recommend that you utilize the following sources because they are highly credible and contains voluminous information that will enable you to have access to quality data that eventually will make your project successfully.

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First, explore the works of Mc Graw-Hill, access engineering online databases generated from, 2016. The database allows the users to access full-text Mc Graw Hill engineering books with in-depth coverage of all areas of design. It further provides comprehensive and authoritative information that offers knowledge and accelerates research in the chemical engineering field. These includes unit operations of chemical engineering, Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook and Handbook of chemical engineering calculations. These handbooks act as reliable sources of reference for chemical engineering related problems. Furthermore, the Mc Graw Hill Publishers provide better organization of the work which is a primary reason I would recommend you to use it exhaustively.

Equally important is the synthesis digital library of engineering and computer science generated from, 2016. This platform contains electronic books written by the experts in chemical engineering field thus providing consistent and dependable information. Moreover, the platform offers users with value regarding analysis and depth as compared to a journal article. The electronic books have a dynamic collection that must be embraced because the information on lectures will be continuously added and revision of existing lectures will be conducted and replaced as needed. In addition, the library is convenient too.

On the non- electronic sources, I would recommend that you use Chemical Engineering Journal referenced as Journal, C. 2016. This is an international research journal that invites contributions from various researchers thereby providing dedicated research work. The journal provides an international debate for informative reviews and discussion of new developments in chemical engineering. The journal welcomes reports of carefully executed experimental work, papers that describe novel theory and its application to practice, as well as those which illustrate the transfer of techniques from other disciplines. Hence, the journal aims at providing significant results through rigorous research.

Note that a project requires a lot of dedication and conscious time management. With the aforementioned resources in use, I am confident that you will do a good project that will turn out to be highly successful. Ensure you explore the resources deeply.


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