Reason for Referral on Neuropsychological Evaluation Test Case Study

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Reason for referral

Timothy's referral was initated by Pleasant Mount High school by Jason Albright so that we could conduct a neuropsychological evaluation test to ascertain whether he had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or possible disability (Kennedy & Harper, 2014). ADHD is described as "a condition whereby the patient cannot focus attention or inhibit hyperactive and impulsive behavior. Significant symptoms and effects of the disability on a child are that it results in poor performance by the patient within the social settings, education, and work settings. Despite the failure to function and perform positively in most contexts, the patient also has further issues concerning grammar and vocabulary as well as the organization as he takes part in multi-step activities. To illustrate the significant problems affecting timothy a BRIEF was conducted to determine his improper actions, urges, and struggles (Kennedy & Harper, 2014). The results proved that was having problems completing particular tasks assigned to him through sequential steps used in conducting them. The evaluation aims at concluding the character of an individual brain by evaluating behavior in situations that require stimulated responses (Butcher, 2014).

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Symptoms presenting concern

Timothy exhibits no concern about the type of action he commits and feels that his situation does not require assistance. When questioned, timothy blames the reason for his evaluation on others and terms them as the reason of "why" behind his evaluation tests. His character generally shifts causing him to show rever towards his sister and becomes defiant towards his parents. He also depicts symptoms of being a dreamer as he displays views and expectations that are unrealistic for the future (Kennedy & Harper, 2014). His rooms are all messy as he has difficulties being able to organize and sequence his environs as well as steps required to enable him to achieve his aims and objectives (Such as preparing to complete school work).

Educational history

Timothy appears to be a moderately average student overall when it comes to education. Currently, he is in 10th grade after completing 9th grade successfully. Timothy has also maintained a string of passes all throughout his education life. His parents, however, reported that despite this he started exhibiting signs of academic difficulty while he was in the first grade (Kennedy & Harper, 2014). His mother stated that he had been able to maintain an average performance overall, but his performance depicted a lot of variabilities. His mother later noticed that when handed tasks timothy would omit various steps while doing them and in most cases ended up skipping essential steps in necessary procedures.

Occupational history

Currently, Timothy is in high school in the 10th grade. One of his major occupations within the school is: he takes part in the school band and attends dancing classes each day after school. Timothy also has a liking for drums which he practices a lot with to the extent that he can play for a whole night (Kennedy & Harper, 2014). Although he participated in a lot of events, timothy lacked any vital concerns on his health state and kept a great friends circle. His mother stated that Timothy's primary objective was to join college and later become a writer.

Medical history

In his medical history, Timothy has allergies which are categorically seasonal and has asthma. During his assessment, no substance abuse issue was reported hence he is clean of all substance use and currently he is taking no medications.

Psychiatric history

Timothy exhibited no signs of psychological disorder in his mental history which apparently appear quite normal.

Social history

Timothy was born in Minnesota and brought up in the same place as the youngest in a family of three. Timothy has a sister and brother both older than him a sister who left home at age 16 and a brother who still lives with his parents. His brother plays basketball and football which was the same case to his sister. Timothy exhibited no behaviors to raise concerns on his social development and maintained a good circle of friends around him both in school and at home (Kennedy & Harper, 2014). Timothy was easy going and among one of the factors that made him act happy was the fact that his sister was able to stand up to his parents and get married at the age of 16. He also stated that he loves attending sporting events mostly those that his brother participated in and denied all interest in taking part in sporting activities personally. Timothy also has a liking for racing cars. Socializing was not an issue for him, and generally, he remains obedient to his parents and denied any use of drugs whatsoever.


Timothy was very corporative and easy to work with and depicted no behaviors to raise concerns about the validity of the assessment test results which provided an accurate and stable level of functioning in him.


Kennedy, N. & Harper, Y. (2014). ABS 300 Week Five Final Paper Adolescent Male Case Study Timothy ChildersPreview the document [PDF].

Butcher, J. "Contemporary Use of the MMPI-2 in Forensic Assessment", Continuing Education Course presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, August 2014.

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