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Randolph township is based in Norfolk county to the east of Massachusetts. It began in 1710, and it was then known as Cochato. It was then a single town with Braintree until it was separated in 1793. The city was renamed later on as Peyton Randolf from the name of the first president of the Continental Congress. Randolf began as a shoe manufacturing center but developed later on to be a residential center with minimal manufacturing, services, and retail (City-Data, n.d.). Randolf town is a town based in Norfolk County in Massachusetts. It has a population of about 32, 158, according to the 2010 census. Also, the location of the town provides it with an excellent highway, air, and rail infrastructure. The average income for a household in Randolph is $55,255and the mean family income ranges at $61,942. The average income for the females was $32,500, while the males had $41,719 (City-Data, n.d.). The annual income is $23,413 for the entire town. Almost 5.5% of the families and 6.5% of the people are under the poverty line, includes 4.5% who are under the age of 18 while 5.0% for the people are 65 years and over.

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With this information, I found that the township required education to ensure that proper steps are taken by the citizens in the town to guide change in perception towards mental health. The community is faced with a complex problem. The town is composed of a wide range of ages, and the absence of information on mental health among communities will lead to increase disregard of the same. If the citizens are provided with useful information on how to adopt a positive view towards mental health and development of healthy relationships among themselves, it will improve interaction, and it will allow people to share how they feel and reduce psychological health-related harms in the society.

Teaching Plan

Target Population

The target population that will be educated regarding this information will be young to middle-aged adults 18-40 years of age. This would also target parents with children. This information will be provided among different age groups especially the youths who are seen to be predisposed to the virus as compared to the rest of the population


The diagnosis I have made of the town is that people do not have enough information about mental health, and those with mental health issues are seen to be weak and that they cannot take control of their lives. This increases discrimination towards people with mental health problems leading to more isolation and significant impact of the condition


Provide information on the facts mental health: What is mental health, different types of mental health conditions, causes and prevention measures

  • Provide a properly developed plan on how to prevent the condition
  • Provide information on the importance of interaction and talking
  • Influence the best approach on the provision of education to ensure that the citizens make a positive change

Teaching Topics

What is mental health?

Mental health is referred to as the psychological well-being of a person where mental illnesses are absent (Pilgrim, 2019). It illustrates the state of a person who is functioning at a proper level of behavioural and emotional adjustment

Mental health can affect physical health, relationships, and daily living. There are a lot of physical factors and interpersonal connections that can contribute to disruptions in mental health (Pilgrim, 2019). Looking after someone's mental health can significantly influence a person’s ability to enjoy life. Doing this involves balancing different life activities and developing efforts to achieve psychological resilience (Pilgrim, 2019).

Different types of mental illnesses

Several risk factors are associated with mental health conditions. Everyone is vulnerable to developing a mental health condition despite their ethnicity, income, sex, and age. Mental health is a leading cause of disability around the world (Pilgrim, 2019). Lifestyle choices, biological factors, financial and social circumstances all can shape someone's mental health (Pilgrim, 2019). Mental health conditions are discriminative, and one can have multiple disorders at a time. The most common mental illnesses include (Pilgrim, 2019):

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Schizophrenia disorders

Treatment methods

Several methods can be used in the management of mental health problems. Treatment is person-specific, and what works on one person may not work on another (Dalgleish, Black, Johnston & Bevan, 2020). Specific treatment strategies work well when they are combined with others, and someone living with a chronic mental illness may look at different options at different stages in their lives (Dalgleish, Black, Johnston & Bevan, 2020).

Doctors assist patients in identifying the needs and providing them with suitable treatment.

There are several treatment methods, such as:


This takes a psychological approach in the treatment of mental illnesses (Dalgleish, Black, Johnston & Bevan, 2020). This can be done through dialectic behaviour therapy, exposure therapy, and cognitive behaviour therapy


Prescribed medication can be used in symptoms improvement. Some of these medications include anxiolytic drugs, antipsychotics, and antidepressants (Dalgleish, Black, Johnston & Bevan, 2020). These work by improving the production of serotonin in the human brain, therefore, improving conditions. Other assists with the maintenance of these chemicals as opposed to degradation or destruction.Self-help

This is where someone who has mental illness makes changes to their lives to facilitate wellness. This can include a reduction in alcohol intake, eating well, and sleeping more. People should take time away from work and resolve issues with personal relationships that may cause damage to mental health (Dalgleish, Black, Johnston & Bevan, 2020). Relaxation techniques can also be used in the management of the condition, and these include mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing. A support network is also essential. This can be through family, close friends and self-help groups, which can be critical in recovering from mental illness

What can I do?

5-Step Plan:

Step 1: Speak up

Step 2: Interact with people

Step 3: Improve lifestyle

Step 4: Improve perception towards mental health

Step 5: Develop a support network

As the teaching will be going on, I will conduct a poll through which people will be given questions on what they have been taught. People will be allowed to discuss and explain whether they have been in similar situations. Verbal tests will be conducted, and a question and the answering session will be held at the end of the period.


Education is an essential means through people's perception towards mental health illnesses can be improved; Randolph Township can improve mental health conditions around their communities and assist those with mental illnesses without stigmatization. The community in the township will be informed on mental illnesses different types of mental illnesses and treatment methods. Randolph Township was diagnosed with a lack of information about mental health illnesses. So I recognized the need to inform the citizens of the town on the best practices to ensure management and reduced stigmatization towards people with mental health illnesses. The teaching plan I have used aims to reinforce information towards the goals highlighted positively, and it will be delivered in a way that ensures proper understanding and a change in the way people carry on with their lives.


Dalgleish, T., Black, M., Johnston, D., & Bevan, A. (2020). Trans diagnostic approaches to mental health problems: Current status and future directions. Journal of consulting and clinical psychology, 88(3), 179.

City-Data. (n.d.). Randolph, Massachusetts. Retrieved May 10, 2020, from http://www.city-data.com/city/Randolph-Massachusetts.html

Pilgrim, D. (2019). Critical concepts in mental health. SAGE Publications Limited.

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