PTA Practical Experience Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-06-06

In essence, for my initial job reconnaissance, I attended the University of Utah rehabilitation clinic which is located in Sugarhouse. While at the institute, I happened to have overshadowed almost everyone, however, for the most part of the training I was with job Collins, a licensed physical therapist. During the PTA practical, a lot of individuals helped me realize various ways that these kinds of professionals get to interact with their clients. Notably, all of these professionals had different strategies altogether in knowing each one of their designated clients. This paper proposes to discuss personal experience during the PTA Practical in the Utah rehabilitation clinic in the sugarhouse.

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The staff at the hospital was not so unique and was composed of a various physical therapist (PTs) and a small number of the physical therapist assistants (PTAs). Apparently, everyone in the clinic was well conversant with their role and worked extra hard in contributing to the overall workflow in ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Before starting my practice sessions, I expected to walk in and observe what was happening particularly while the patients underwent physical therapy and then leave. However, I was surprised to know that the PTA and the PTs get to see the same clients on a daily basis something that created the basis for a strong and close relationship. Additionally, I noticed that many clients were motivated to go to the clinic every day as if it was something more than just a therapy. The close relationship encouraged not only the clients but also enabled a positive atmosphere all over.

The general outlook of the clinic was composed of the varied population but the most dominant was middle-aged individuals. This might be possible considering the fact that most adults are prone to injuries that do not heal fast. Noteworthy, the population was not large but enough to accommodate and utilize the available facility substantively. Some of the goals that were associated with my general PTA practical was an enthusiasm to demonstrate professionalism particularly in all forms of behaviors as well as mastering the competencies that are associated with the entry level for a physical therapist assistant. At the end of the practical, all the students that participated in the PTA were expected to have acquired the necessary physical and the anatomical principles in relation to the overall learning.

Judging by the way activities were carried out in the clinic and how clients were treated, I found the general practice and ethics to be outstanding. Nearly all patients were forced to follow a rather similar order. When a client arrived at the clinic they would then be taken by the PT or the PTA to a specific room where they were allowed to talk to the PT. the rooms had curtains that were meant to maintain the highest level of privacy and only the assistant was allowed to accompany the clients. This way, everyone felt comfortable and there were no cases of harassment or negative claims by the patients. One thing that I was fascinated with was the fact that the therapist had to introduce a new member to everyone around and in case there were instances of overshadowing I was asked for permission to take note and do the necessary observation. Every client was made to feel comfortable keeping in mind that they knew almost everyone in the room.

In the room, various questions were asked by the therapist concerning, the pain, a need for necessary intervention, and if there were any improvement. The clients were then walked out of the room after a successful session of hearing their thoughts and making the necessary changes in the plan with all the available exercise apparatus. At this particular point, all the client were allowed to participate in the planned exercise with the help of the PT and the available PTA. While performing the exercise, all the clients had someone beside them assisting them and making some follow up ensuring that all the rep was done in the correct form. Apparently, all this was possible through the supervision of at least one therapist in the room. The clients had to meet again with the PT at the end of the session to ensure interventions aligned with the scope of the practice were performed. Primarily, the clients were then allowed to leave having been given each a pack of ice. It was, therefore, evident that the system seemed to suit them well. the adequate attention that the clients received was created through a proper balance between the clients and the staff. Moreover, with the increased advancement in technology, many therapists in the clinic were in support of the high-value care where affected individuals could receive health care in other sites instead of hospitals which are expensive.

My whole experience at the clinic reinforced the ambition within me on the reason I want to be a PTA. My sessions were structured in a way that I could attend the clinic on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for at least three weeks in a row. The fact that I was available on the same days of the week made it possible for me to see the same clients. In essence, there was one particular man who definitely stood out to me. One of his knees was injured during an accident he was involved in. when he arrived at the clinic, he was in an extreme pain and could not believe that things would get better. Before engaging him in some exercise, the therapist had to measure his range of motion (ROM) so that his little improvement could be noted down. His original ROM was taken and then helped through the therapy. His reading at the end of the therapy had improved drastically and it was then that he could believe that the hard work resulted in his healing. This patient was a good example that motivated me to venture into this field and believe that client required additional attention to get better. During the practice, there was a point where some of the therapists who were considered as the mentor demonstrated a high level of communication skills. Primarily, they did this by giving clients advice and encouragement on specific details on what is supposed to be done to ensure a smooth recovery session.


In the nutshell, my overall experience has given me a chance of learning and seeing all aspects that surround physical therapy. Notably, by attending the practice, it has given me a boast particularly in strengthening my commitment to making a good PTA considering the fact that I spent my clinical time very well. while other people have had a varied opinion on their experience as a physical therapy, I happened to have seen everything first hand and to be fair, I have fallen in love with physical therapy. In this sense, I have gained a lot of gratitude for this profession and understand that physical therapist has a huge impact and make a difference in the lives of patients.

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