Proposal for Emannuella Inc.: World Bank Funding for Grocery Store in Times Plaza - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-20


This is a proposal for Emannuella Inc., the firm will be located in the Times plaza: the plan is written to help solicit funds from the World Bank. The company anticipates being one of the best Grocery stores in the world. The business has a vision of producing, processing, and retailing heart-healthy and enjoyable foodstuffs to its virtual customers, with an aim of attaining sustainable live hoods. Emannuella Inc. focuses on the scalability of e-commerce and retail distribution of meals and beverages.

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This is an unsolicited proposal. With the dynamics in the population growth and issues related to the food store, such an inadequate supply of healthy foodstuff to the United States and the rest of the world. It was necessary to develop a plan. This scheme was written after critical analysis and the need for the production of better nourishments (Abdel Aziz & Nabavi, 2014). The proposal is not mainly meant for internal company use; but for the donor who is willing to fund business in the efforts of creating jobs and providing food and beverage; which is a basic requirement, in all corners of the world. Therefore this product is an external proposal.


Emannuella grocery stores will be an affiliate store for the established Viking Inc. which is an international store that operates on a retail and wholesale basis. The commonly will base in the Times Plaza with stores across the country. The business aims at distributing a range of branded and private products to all its potential customers. The firm will start with three regional stores, the stores are expected to increase rapidly due to the professional engagements of the firm.

Problem Statement

The company has pinpointed out several gaps in the industry that is why they are committed to excel in the industry. There are consumers who are health sensitive and are seeking delicious and opportune beverages and food choices. The customers need the security of food that they can trust, the meals that they can easily prepare or access with lots of nutrients and health benefits (Tung, & Law, 2017).

The Emmanuella store intends to process and deliver high-quality food in terms of nutrients supplements. They will avail leading delivery service in the industry for natural serve and delivery household sized, and other health foodstuffs including but not limited to grains, fruits, eggs, milk products and manufacture food with unquestionable integrity. All the foodstuff will be tested by relevant authorities and experts to ensure that no health-related problem is ever reported under our company.


Emmanuella store is currently operating a single small market with the potential of increasing spontaneously. The store has an average population of six hundred thousand and a household of about 1.1. The current market penetration is 2.1%.

Facts and Evidence

The firm manages to sell about 2000 boxes of produce every month to approximately 3000 customers in our single store.


We have the greatest approach in our business. The internal deals increase the geographical coverage by adding new members. There are direct marketing plans to expand our business. The company also operates a digital app on mobile phones that allows customers to send their views; hence enabling the company to rectify customer's issues and instills new requirements. The company intends to start extending the business to new markets.

Work Plan

The store operates as a corporation; and has the best work plan. Therefore the owner and investors will be liable to any issues that might arise. The investor will not liable to more than their contribution and will engage as shareholders. The contribution from the owner and the shareholders will enable the business to run without huddles. The business has a superb profit and growth rate.

Statement of Qualifications

The company has commendable experience after successfully been the industry for over two years. It has embraced technology and hired qualified experts in every department. Emmanuella stores have integrated computer systems such as training, standard accounting and emails to support the market and address customer needs.


The firm has a lower shelf price as compared to other brands, thus it gives it a retail competitive advantage.

Review Argument

To revisit the company strategies, Emanuela store though operating on a small scale has succeeded in creating store traffic, increased sales, and ensured that their customers are happy, accelerated profits. The expansion of the stores will be located strategically by the use of the sales promotion department. The firm only selects that are outstanding and unique to meet

Restate the Qualifications

Emmanuella store is committed to ensuring that health benefits through quality foods are attained. The company has all professional that has integrated and incorporated computer system to ensure that the business is a success. The store periodically evaluates the quality of its products to ensure that health goods are distributed.


As a promising firm, with overwhelming acceptance in the market. The business that has established loyalty among its consumers and has the purpose of extending the markets, request for approval of this proposal for funding. We have ensured a clean environment in our store, safety, friendly service and value for our customers.


Abdel Aziz, A., & Nabavi, H. (2014). Unsolicited Proposals for PPP Projects: Private Sector Perceptions in the USA. Construction Research Congress 2014. doi:10.1061/9780784413517.138

Soulis, J. L. (n.d.). Increasing access to healthy food at a cooperative grocery store. doi:10.31274/etd-180810-2268

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