Process Essay Recalling a Personal Experience

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Date:  2022-07-11


Waking up that morning, my face was gleaming as I looked forward to meet Malik my estranged friend. It had been almost one year since he seemingly disappeared with money he had solicited from me under the guise of starting a partnership that was going to reap great benefits. Yesterday he had, however, given me a call seeking to apologise for his behaviour and also to refund me the money that I had remitted. It could not come at a better time since I was vividly struggling financially. There were a lot of unpaid bills and lately, I had not been in good terms with my parents either. This meant that I could not freely ask them for financial support. What I did not know is that this meeting was bound to act as a valuable lesson for me throughout my life.

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As a series of flashbacks and recognitions set in, I can remember clearly as I received another call an hour after waking up, with Malik informing me to meet him at the park which we were both accustomed to, so that he could give me a refund. I could not wait any longer, and I quickly dashed through the door, locked up and headed out for the meeting place. Upon my arrival, it was not difficult to spot him since he had not changed one bit. One thing was, however, certain; the idea that he was doing way better than I was, judging from the expensive garments he had adorned.

I walked confidently towards him as a smile swept across my face. I could not tell what his reaction was since he was wearing some dark shades. I, nevertheless, had a feeling that he was equally as happy to see me. We embraced for a brief moment as he motioned me to sit close to him on one of the benches. Afterwards, he narrated how he had gone through some hardships leading me to condole with him. All the anger I held previously after he supposedly ran away with my hard earned many quickly faded away. He then told me to hold his backpack for him as he rushed to the nearby Automated Teller Machine to withdraw the money he owed.

It was highly unlikely that I could see where he was headed from the position I was seated. In a short while, nevertheless, I was surrounded by plain clothes individuals telling me to put my hands behind my back. For a brief moment I thought that I was dreaming but in actual reality, the individuals identified themselves as police officers, flashing their badges on my face. I complied and did as requested, after which they quickly handcuffed me and surprisingly called me by name. They took the bag and opened it, revealing the contents. This was the most traumatic moment of my life. I looked astonishingly as they took out several stashes of cocaine. At that moment it dawned on me that I had been framed.

After undergoing a series of interrogations, I still had not mastered enough courage to speak out, and when I finally did, no one believed me. Thorough investigations had to be conducted but I was withheld in custody during the entire duration. It, however, later emerged that Malik had been using my name as an alias to conduct illegal drug trade and that the police had been looking for him for a very long time. When the revelation was made, I was released after having endured a lot of mental turmoil. I had vowed not to tell anyone about this incident to avoid becoming a subject of ridicule.

There is no doubt that I had learnt a lot from the gruesome encounter. For instance, I learnt never to trust individuals easily. I had not had enough time to know Malik yet I easily trusted him without having any doubt about what he had in mind. It also become evident to me that when someone only sees the good in everyone, they may end up becoming easy targets of manipulation. Despite my kindness to Malik, he was keen to use me as a sacrificial lamb. He knew quite well that he had influenced me into giving him a substantial sum of money earlier, yet this appeared not to be enough, he ensured that I was incarcerated as he orchestrated plans on how he could continue hiding so that he could continually conduct illegal activities.


Finally, my experience shows that someone is required to understand and organize their thoughts constructively before making certain decisions. Also, during the entire duration that I was withheld, I got to learn that many individuals often take for granted the freedom that they have. It is only until that freedom is taken away that they get to understand how useful it is to them. Also, besides taking away personal and physical freedom, such an experience is also likely to disrupt a person`s peace. It would, therefore, be advisable for people to exercise caution in every activity that they endear to undertake to avoid regretting later on.

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