Potential Risk Areas for Terrorism Emergency Planning - Research Paper Example

Date:  2021-06-25 14:16:26
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Calamities occur in every part of the world. Some are man-made while others are natural. Of the man-made ones, terrorism has become a thorn in the flesh of major cities around the world. Emergencies are defined as incidences during which federal assistance is required to aid and supplement local authorities (Mitchell Moss, 2009). It is of the uttermost importance that governments, people, and cities get prepared and ready to handle such occurrences. Emergency plans should be formulated, and special teams are put in place to handle a crisis when it occurs as this will help to decrease casualties. Terrorism is a mode of intimidation whose purpose is to influence an audience that is different from the victims and pass a message (Annabelle Boyd). Federal help is essential in the planning and execution of an emergency response as sometimes the crisis may overwhelm the civilians in the area. This response should be organized and carried out promptly. The people who are taking part in the assistance and mitigation of the results of a terror attack should also follow a defined chain of command. The different teams should have good communication between them and work well with each other so as to improve efficiency and save on time. Metropolis, one such city, is the largest city in Florida that has a lot of potential risk areas.

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The seaport is one risk area. It is where the metropolis naval base is located. It also serves as the residential area for military personnel. The naval base has a protected harbor. It boasts of the ability to have up to two aircraft carriers, six submarines, and thirty other supporting vessels. The naval base has an asphalt airstrip whose primary function is to support the carrier fleet. The metropolis naval base is well known for having the 14th fleet and is the third largest in the whole country. The naval base is connected by a railway. This railway is used mainly for the transportation of military goods to and from the seaport. It enables the military to move equipment including ammunition and other goods. This is a risk factor as terrorists may use it to gain access to the naval base. They may then use it to gain access to military equipment which will have disastrous consequences for the inhabitants of Metropolis. There should, therefore, be a reactionary plan to stop any attempt at terrorism in the Seaport.

Another potential risk is the Metropolis International Airport. The area has the airport and other associated commercial businesses that cater to the needs of the travelers. The airport boasts of the capacity to provide the services of twelve airlines. The daily arrivals and departures are estimated to be over 200. Every day, the airport has over 20 international flights leaving Metropolis. These numbers show the importance of the airport, and it is an essential transport mechanism in the region. It connects Metropolis to the world. With the city having a population of over 1,523,908 and several tourist attraction sites, an airport is a busy place which makes it a potential target for terrorists. Any arising crisis will need to be anticipated and dealt with so as to minimize any adverse impact on the airports operations, its reputation, and profitability. The airport thus requires reactionary planning to deal with any incident effectively.

Metropolis Port Authority is an area of the city that is a high-risk area. It is a full-service international seaport with cruise facilities. It has three cargo terminals. These cargo terminals are a risk as terrorists may use them to transport weapons and bombs into the area. It also has two cruise terminals. The cruise terminals by themselves are a potential risk area as they have lots of people working there and travelers. Metropolis is an ideal tourist destination with lots of attraction sites. These tourists may opt to arrive via the port in cruise ships. This increases the risk of terrorists targeting the area. Metropolis port area also has people moving in and out for different reasons such as business. It has also provided employment to a lot of people. This area had a lot of activity predisposes it to a lot of threats, and thus reactionary planning is needed so as to deal with any threat that may arise.

Metropolis City also has a research center. This is as the result of a partnership between the Centre for Disease Control and Metropolis University. The University has good research facilities for the study of a wide range of viruses and diseases. It is named among the countrys best research facilities. This poses a significant risk as terrorists may opt to attack the research facility and gain access to the hazardous material. The area also has a nuclear power plant and a hydroelectricity power plant that is run by the Metropolis Electrical Power Authority. This is another risk area as the nuclear plant may be targeted by terrorists. Reactionary planning is, therefore, necessary so as to be ready if toxic material gets into the wrong hands or gets released into the environment.

Metropolis University is also a potential risk area. It is one of the leading academic and research institutions in America. It is a learning institution that has students from all over the world. Its main campus is located south of downtown Metropolis. The main campus spans over an area of about 750 acres. The total number of students in Metropolis University is high with a yearly enrollment figure of 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The university is also well known for having excellent programs in classical music and theater. This has branded the university as an appealing choice for students and artists alike. The university has a well-functioning performing arts center which has been there since 1997. This performing arts center boasts a seating capacity of 10,000 which very often sells out. The high number of students and staff make the university a target. The wide cultural community and a variable variety of people also predispose the university to a lot of shady characters some of whom may have ulterior motives and end up participating in acts of terrorism. The university should have a resilient plan to deal with any threat it may face.

Metropolis City also has a major league football and basketball team. These are the Metropolis Snappers NFL and the Metropolis Dunkers NBA teams. They both regularly attract huge crowds and sell out their tickets. The Snappers have the Snapper Field with a capacity of 70,000 fans while the Metropolis Dunkers have Metropolis Arena with a capacity of 20,000 fans. Metropolis City also has six golf courses which are loved by both tourists and the residents. Metropolis City has the well-known Gator golf resort which usually hosts a major tournament every year. These coupled with the excellent weather all year round make the city a golfing hotspot. Metropolis city also has several college sporting events which take place on the university campus. With all these sporting activities, the risk of a terror attack occurring increases. There should be resilient planning whenever a sporting event is held so as to minimize the risks associated with a terror attack and to lessen the effects of such an attack.

Metropolis City also has three major indoor malls and two outdoor malls. The indoor malls have more than 250 shops each while the outdoor malls have more than 150 stores each. The city has more than 350 restaurants, over 50 shopping centers, 12 movie complexes, six bowling alleys, and an indoor ice skating rink. Metropolis City has 25 miles of beach and a theme park named Snappy World. The theme park has proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Metropolis City also has the 10,000-acre lake known as Gator Lake. This lake has nine recreational areas and a lot of boat ramps. The city also has the gator river which is an additional tourist attraction site as it allows people to be involved in watersports such as skiing, fishing, and boating. These recreational activities offer employment opportunities for the residents and also serve as tourist attraction sites. They thus become potential risk areas for terrorist activity and require resilient planning.

Metropolis City is also home to many events such as the annual Gator jazz festival. This is held every year in July. It is known to feature famous jazz artists from all over the globe. This festival in itself brings more than 30,000 visitors to Metropolis City. It spans a whole week and concludes with an outdoor jazz festival on Snapper Field. This last concert sells out. This is also a potential risk as terrorists may be interested in the event as many people are attracted to it. This, therefore, necessitates resilience planning.


Overview of actions in terrorism emergency planning.

Reactionary planning is an essential part of an emergency management plan. It lays out the ways through which people can react to the effects of any crisis. In the event of an act of terrorism in Metropolis, an all-hazards approach should be employed by the relevant authorities in managing the emergency. The hazard identification and risk assessment guide stipulates four steps which include;

Identifying targets and establishing possible threats to the population.

Putting the threats in the right context and illustrating their effects.

Identifying capability targets.

Using the resources that are available.

The seaport is one potential risk area. Terrorists may want to attack the naval base in a bid to instill fear in people and send a message. They may also want to attack the area in an attempt to gain access to military equipment. The area also serves as the residential area for the military personnel. Those who are in the military should be trained, and they should have drills on how to respond in the event the naval base is under terrorist attack. They should also ensure they maintain good communication between themselves and with other agencies. This is because good communication is an integral part of curbing such activities. There should be a special branch of the military that is set up and ready to respond in the event a crisis arises. Proper chains of command should be established so as to prevent the issuing of contradictory commands during a crisis and ensure that the military works in sync in a bid to neutralize the threat. There should be cooperation between the military and other federal agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation so as to gain knowledge of any possible threat. The military should also cooperate with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This agency is involved with emergency management and usually selects an operations director for a region. The director should work well with the military and the Federal Bureau of Investigation so as to anticipate and react to acts of terrorism in a befitting manner. The military should ensure the safety of their equipment, especially during transportation. The railway and all transport mean leading to the naval base should also be monitored well. The military should also be able to assist in other areas of Metropolis as the well-being of the city affects them as well.

Metropolis International Airport is also a high-risk area. It is a hectic place with over 200 daily arrivals and departures. There are also a lot of businesses within the airport region. Reactionary planning is essential so as to save lives and minimize damages in the event of a terrorist attack. Airport personnel should be well trained on how to handle themselves and lead other civilians also in the event of a terrorist attack. The airport should be built well with emergency exits that are visible, and a lot of open space should be there. People should not be confined to closed areas, and there should be more than one entry and exit points that are distributed evenl...

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