Position of the UK as a Global Leader in Artificial Intelligence Innovation

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Date:  2022-03-11

Innovation mainly refers to new ideas brought about and executed but have uncertainty in their outcomes. An example of a form of change is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a type of innovation in which the computer systems develop in such a way that they can perform functions and tasks done through human intelligence. Artificial intelligence also refers to the capacity of a machine to copy or imitate intelligent human behavior. (Wong, Al-Hasani and Alam, 2019). Examples of such smart tasks that can be performed by computer systems include visual perception, decision making, and translation of languages, and also recognition of speech. The United Kingdom has been at the forefront when it comes to technology and innovation all over the world.

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Moreover, the United Kingdom is also leading to the development of artificial intelligence innovation. It is being positioned to become the world leader when it comes to plastic intelligence innovation soon (Maddox, Rumsfeld, and Payne, 2019). Strategies are being put in place to ensure that artificial intelligence is utilized to ensure that the United Kingdom is leading when it comes to various aspects of its economy. Through artificial intelligence, the United Kingdom can rise in its position globally through the improvement of several elements in its economy, such as investments in health care and entrepreneurial developments.

Artificial intelligence has boosted investment activities in the United Kingdom in quite several ways. Health care, a vital aspect in any developed or developing nation, has been dramatically improved in the United Kingdom. The government of the United Kingdom has invested a lot of money into artificial intelligence technology so that it can be used to improve health care by the public health system. The prime minister and the current secretary of health of the United Kingdom, who are both considered to be among the very few tech-conscious members of the government, have pioneered this investment a great deal. The application of artificial intelligence in the health sector does not mean that it will have to operate in all the sections and areas of the health system. The integration of artificial intelligence in the health sector should only be in the areas where it is likely to bring significant and meaningful impacts (Kabir, 2018). The main areas in which artificial intelligence has been majorly helpful are the administration of patients, clinical decision support, monitoring of patients, and healthcare interventions. (Reddy, Fox, and Purohit, 2019). The government of the United Kingdom has made claims and given assurances that the adoption of artificial intelligence in the health sector will bring about several benefits such as improved care to patients and reduced waiting times by patients who need vital surgery and procedures.

Indeed, one of the critical things that have boosted the global position of the United Kingdom when it comes to the development of technology is robotic surgery, which was developed to enhance health care. A patient from South London, who had an advanced stage of rectal cancer, went through a total robotic removal of the pelvis at The Royal Marsden. The surgery was successful, and the life of that man saved at the end. (The Royal Marsden, 2018). Robotic surgery was, therefore, proven to be successful when it comes to vital health procedures and operations. The application of robotics in the health sector in the United Kingdom has brought about several benefits, more so to the patients. When patients undergo robotic surgery, they do not lose so much blood during the procedure, they experience less pain, undergo a quick recovery, and can be discharged from the hospital sooner. Moreover, during robotic operations, surgeons can see closer details of how the robotic instruments maneuver through three-dimension magnified images. There is a maximum surgical precision during the procedure, and there is no chance for mistakes, which may further put the patients into more risks.

The Royal Marsden in the United Kingdom, therefore, is the most extensive, most thorough, and exhaustive program of the robotic surgery for cancer. Besides, it has several unique expert surgeons who work and coordinate in the operations of this robotic technology to ensure improved health care of the patients in the United Kingdom. Just as Peter Diamandis made an optimistic statement saying, "we'll invent, innovate and create ways to solve the challenges that loom over us," the United Kingdom has been able to create technology through artificial intelligence that has dramatically helped in the improvement of health care of its citizens. (Diamandis, 2012). Development in the health sector in the United Kingdom due to the introduction of artificial intelligence in health operations has dramatically improved its global position as one of the best in health service provision.

Business activities and entrepreneurial developments in the United Kingdom are also likely to improve a great deal with the improvements in artificial intelligence innovation. The United Kingdom has been reported to be the world leader when it comes to exporting innovation and technology. (GOV.UK, 2018). With the advancement in artificial intelligence in the United Kingdom, many businesses will be able to adopt it in operations to improve business performance. Adoption of artificial intelligence will enable businesses in the United Kingdom to reduce costs of operations, increase their efficiency, grow in revenue received, and also improve on customer experience.

Businesses should incorporate smart technologies that will improve both the production of products and customer services (Gimenez-Figueroa, Martin-Rojas, and Garcia-Morales, 2018). The application of artificial intelligence in problem-solving when it comes to business activities is growing at a very fast rate. (Miremadi, Chui and Manyika, 2018). By using the right artificial intelligence technology, businesses will gain the ability to save on time, money, and other resources through optimizing and automating their routine tasks and processes. As a result, there will be an increase in the productivity and the operational efficiencies of these businesses. Even though the incorporation of artificial intelligence in organizational processes of business may bring the perception that machines are replacing human labor, this may not be the case from a critical point of view. With the improvement in computational information processing ability, artificial intelligence can expand the knowledge of humans working in these business organizations. Humans are still able to offer better solutions and ideas when handling complicated situations in the operations of businesses, even with the adoption of artificial intelligence. (Jarrahi, 2018). The adoption of artificial intelligence in businesses alongside human processes is likely to improve the general performance and operations of the business a great deal.

Artificial intelligence is designed in businesses with the main aim of expanding the contributions made by humans and not as a form of replacement. Apart from increasing operations and productivity, artificial intelligence plays a significant role in ensuring that there is responsibility, accountability, and transparency in all aspects of business operations. (Dignum, 2017). With modern technology, humans can effectively work as expected land; there is also a reduction in cases such as the production of inferior quality products in businesses and theft issues. Therefore, with the introduction of artificial intelligence, there will be increased opportunities for competitive advantage for these businesses in various ways (Verghese, Shah, and Harrington, 2018). Some of the ways include better and well informed decisions being made to improve performance, increased levels of operations, and output expected and also opportunities to establish other related businesses or access new markets (Cockburn, Henderson and Stern, 2018). The global position of the United Kingdom will, therefore, significantly improve when it comes to business and entrepreneurial performance.

Despite the tremendous technological developments that artificial intelligence, there are still a lot of exaggerated claims and fear concerning the future of artificial intelligence. There are a lot of concerns that artificial intelligence may one day even totally replace humanity. The threat of evil and harmful machines with monstrous artificial intelligence controlling humanity is imaginary (Floridi, 2017). Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, a carmaker in the United States, once said that great care should be taken when it comes to artificial intelligence. If regulations are in place, the development of artificial intelligence will be similar to summoning the demon. Similarly, Stephen Hawking once told the BBC that the event of a full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. (Cellan-Jones, 2014). Therefore, despite the significant contributions that artificial intelligence is likely to bring in the future, great care and control have to be taken by the scientists developing this kind of technological innovation.

The development of artificial intelligence technology in the United Kingdom is, therefore, likely to bring a lot of developments, more so to the economy. The result is the growth and improvement in the global position of the United Kingdom in terms of innovation and technological developments (AI Sector Deal, 2018). Sectors likely to experience massive developments due to artificial intelligence include the health sector, business, and entrepreneurial sector. The United Kingdom has already experienced success in the health sector, with the introduction and development of robotic surgery. The robotic surgery has dramatically assisted in conducting very crucial surgical procedures, thereby saving the lives of many citizens in the United Kingdom.


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