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In the delivery of the activities in the project management by Jim and Bob, there are various occurrences governing the intervention of the project implying on some of the major areas in a project. According to [2] employees are an important factor especially in every construction site since they require proper treatment among other happening. As for the case of Bob we see the exceptional management skills that he uses in overseeing the entire progress of the project. However, in the delivery of his leadership skills, he makes various decision implicating the project which in one way or the other implies on his concern for the workers. On the other hand, Jim demonstrated his leadership skills through numerous ways as he took responsibility for all daily practices of the project. Also, we see his leadership skills demonstrated when he tries to question Bob about his work ethics thus he is determined to maintain an appropriate workplace ethics. Leadership and learning are indispensable thus, it is evident through the activities by Jim since he is learning from the practices.

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PM Execution

With a proper consideration on the execution of the project, there are other activities occurring. The various occurrences are rendering a major impact to the project delivering that it would be difficult for construction workers to work on a rainy day. As a result, there is a delay in the execution of the project stipulating that it might take a longer period than anticipated together with rendering more costs. To the current processes, there could be appropriate alternatives that would help speed up the speed of execution together with the reduction of costs. These alternatives include maintaining other working means, for instance, the use of machinery and production of material that will be needed later in the execution.

PM Risk Analysis

Risks analysis and management are a very significant factor in the delivery of classroom project requiring carpenters since they cannot work in the rain. According to [3] Before the execution of the project, the management should have made a consideration of the risks, for example, technical, costs, schedule, contractual, weather, financial, environmental and people risks. In the context of the risks, the technical, cost, weather and contractual risks should have been identified in the planning of the project. In the mitigation of the risks, the management would have developed a proper working environment that would not have been affected majorly by the rains. Also, they should have sought the scheduling of the project to a more convenient timing [3].

Ethics Assessment

Since the project execution is slower than anticipated and the carpenter has to go many days workless Bob opted into giving them work to maintain they still earn their pay which stirred an ethical issue. Jim was not pleased with the happening since Bob was using the employees for his personal gains. Under the ethical dilemma especially by Jim, the action and practice by Bob do not abide by the law of corporate governance together with the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct. According to the requirements of the PMI code of ethics and professional, it is unethical to use workplace employees for personal works regardless of the issue at hand [1].

Ethics Alternatives

Moreover, considering the ethics alternatives, it is fundamental for Bob to understand that his activities are not only implication the execution of the project alone but also implicate Jim, and the workers as a whole. as an alternative Jim could opt to remind Bob of the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct and help him change his mind. With this choice, it would stir a conflict between Bob and Jim but would be helpful in the long run especially with the general operations. On the other hand, Jim could also approach the head manager of the project and present the unethical claims relating to the practice by Bob. With this choice it would render major effects to the functionality since Bob would face disciplinary actions or even lose his job; however, the choice is beneficial in that it helps in keeping the project executed and operational.

Ethics Analysis

However, with the use of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, the candidate decision entails Jim approaching the head manager of the project. With the approach, it would maintain that Bob would have to explain his case to the manager and help dispute whether the issue requires the concern. Following the PMU Ethical Decision-Making Framework, the decision should ensure it does not implicate Bob and is for the best of the company with consideration to other happenings [4].

Ethics Application

The candidate decision is a decision that would affect Bob in the long run; however, it is significant for him to understand that Jim as his fellow is entitled to project decisions and they should agree before the development of any decision of intervention. As per the detail of the choice, it would deliver the greatest good of the project since other happenings would also gain addressing with the occurrence. Similarly, the choice would be fair and beneficial considering that it would raise awareness concerning the risk brought about by the weather and help curb any rise in cost.

Ethics Action

To sum everything, the decision pertaining approaching the management would render major benefit to the project. It is because the intervention would help in maintaining that the management understands all the happenings of the project and oversee the way forward because of the execution and help make the necessary strategic decisions.


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