Piper - Pixar Movie Review

Paper Type:  Movie review
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  533 Words
Date:  2021-06-24

Piper Disney Pixar is a story of a hungry sandpiper hatching who through her reactions venture from her nest, for the first time after an extended period, the Sandpiper seems frustrated and angry, and the scene proceeds as the bird is digging for food by the shoreline. Its amazing how the little sandpiper made a discovery that the food is buried under the sand, where the scary waves are rolling up onto the seashore, I think she has to get some means in which is she can overcome the fears she is facing.

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In the process of the flock of sandpipers hunting for food at seashore, its amazing and a beautiful moment when the sandpipers are rushing to peck at the sand when the waves are receding and finding moving back by retreating when it comes in. The Sandpiper is portrayed to be loving as the mother encourage the young one to join the flock though later we see the baby failing as she retreats due to retreating and drenching by the incoming surf. The scene demonstrates how the baby is afraid and seriously terrified of the water as she refuses to come out of the nest, later we notice a group of hermit crabs making moves and digging into the sand to find the low food and stay away from being buffeted by the action created by the tide. A good learning experience is shown by the sandpiper birds by the example that the birds portrayed in copying with other birds behavior. It is demonstrated that through copying other behavior, the little bird starts to experience the beauty associated with the underwater world. Through this, she learns and become skilled and fit to survive when it comes to discovering food for the flock.

Piper, the main character, experienced the terrible time of learning and portrays a self-perseverance and she was resilient enough to overcome the fear and trauma that brought a great challenge to her in one of the scary environment. Through the story, it is amazing that after Piper has learned to fend for them, they rejoice in the pride of surviving on their own and accomplishment of being able to look for more than just their share.

Pixar is a breathtaking bird that is very close to water; this is expressed by the beautiful moment created by the very many sandpipers that are playing on the sea shore. Focusing on the character of the little bird, as she runs across the sand to the water, we realize that the sandpiper is a scared of the water getting deep since she makes a scary move as the water moves more deeply. The hungry sandpiper slowly learns to go beyond hydrophobia, with an experience of many birds fleeing from water but returning between waves so as to eat something. Through the story, sandpipers are so entertaining; I felt like the little sandpiper is a character to me, portraying how sometimes a bird can be terrified of the water. Through Piper first reaction of being delighted by the shore, as a character, she experiences fear by running away from the returning waves but later gains the courage to leave the nest again.

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