Phoenix Advertising Employees' Issues Paper Example

Paper Type:  Case study
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  542 Words
Date:  2022-09-13

I. Purpose for Investigating

Phoenix Advertising has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina and offers advertising services to retail chains and insurance firms among others. There have been complaints from four customers about poor advertising services generated by Roanoke a branch in Virginia. The primary cause of the poor advertising complains are due to exits by two management individuals and four copywriters and three graphic designers who are also threatening to leave. Employees' work is not adequately recognized. Also, by more workers leaving the Roanoke branch, it implies that the remaining ones have to work long hours on some days.

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II. General Approach

  1. The top management employees are leaving the agency.
  2. An account executive and art director leaving the agency
  3. The absence of efficient communication
  4. By visiting the branch and conducting an observation, the problem was also investigated.
  5. Long working hours without the right compensation
  6. Reduced employee motivation due to unsuitable communication resulted in reduced productivity.

III. Overall Findings about the Underlying Issues

A. Lack of motivation

  1. Employees are not well motivated to perform effectively in their duties. As such, this has an impact on the overall quality and productivity of the Roanoke branch.
  2. Long working hours depicts that the personnel lacks the morale to work. Therefore, they become reluctant about getting involved in the organization's affairs and may be thinking about finding other jobs where they are well paid.

B. Lack of proper communication

  1. The management and workers are not involved in appropriate communication, and this affects the delivery of duties. It has also reduced their morale and as previously mentioned the overall productivity as well.
  2. The art director being absent has led to poor ads programming. It is thus the primary cause of increased complaints from customers concerning advertising work produced by Roanoke.

C. Lack of proper employees' recognition to the success of the company has affected their work delivery. The efforts of the personnel are disregarded which significantly diminishes their enthusiasm.

IV. Overall Recommendations

A. 1. Continually motivate employees as they deliver their duties to the company. Weekly goals can be set, for instance, obtaining the best feedbacks from five employees. The reward can be an afternoon off from work.

2. The vacant positions in the company should be filled to curb the shortage and thus ensure that employees are not working for long hours. In this way, they will get enough rest and enhance their overall productivity.

B. 1. Communication should be improved. Significant information should be communicated directly and not through a third party. Also, job descriptions should be well defined to eliminate any uncertainty through proper clarification of expectations and responsibilities.

2. The art director should be replaced immediately to ensure that the final delivery of ads to clients is well done. In this way, complaints will be reduced and effectiveness restored. In case the replacement cannot be done immediately, there should be a representative for that position to oversee operations.

C. Constant recognition of employees should be conducted in the Roanoke agency branch. It can be done by rewarding an employee or department that demonstrates excellent achievement. The management can also express interest in the professional development of personnel. As such, they can depict interest in knowing the personal goals of their workers and supporting them towards their achievement.

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