Philosophy Response: Brave New World

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Date:  2022-03-25


Mustapha Mond believes that science should allow people to live a comfortable life by deriving happiness to them through the ideas discovered therein (Aldous 45). A stable environment in which human beings live is a sure way of letting them enjoy life. Mond, who is an intelligent scientist believes that science helps solve questions that human beings might have in their way of life. This justifies the assumption that science is expected to make people relate to each other harmoniously as opposed to using it to be in conflict with one another. Further, science helps develop solutions to global issues. Individuals taking part in scientific development must commit to ensuring that they do not engage in immoral activities that may cause destruction in the world.

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Mond's philosophy of science is demonstrated by society in Brave New World by the strong belief in scientific knowledge. The World State allows human beings to have no boundaries when relating to each other. This means that men and women are required to engage sexually with each other sexually (Congdon 89). A woman can have many sexual partners as long as they have consensual sex. The division of people depending on their intellectual capacity allows the citizens of the community to live with each other in harmony.

Another way in which Mond's philosophy of science is demonstrated by the society in Brave New World is in the concept of starting a new world. Mond narrates to the visiting students that the science project of making a new society started after corruption and other social evils started taking place in the world. Science created an opportunity for starting afresh and avoiding mistakes that had previously led to the downfall of the first society. Mond justifies the use of science in the development of solutions in the world as well as in the creation of human beings that can be controlled and manipulated to become good or evil.

Mond's philosophy of science is demonstrated in our own society through the strong belief and admiration that people have in science. Science is one of the subjects taught in all learning institutions in the world. Students have a choice of pursuing a career in science after their high school education. This ensures that scientific knowledge is passed from one generation to another and that the discovery of new concepts is established within the scientific industry. For instance, many careers are based on scientific knowledge like the medical and engineering courses have their foundations on biological and civil science respectively. The many branches of science allow students to specialize in different subjects depending on their interest and intellectual abilities.

Another demonstration of Mond's philosophy in science in the modern day is in the high level of investments that governments, non-profit, and private individuals are willing and able to invest heavily in science. Through science, nations discover knowledge that gives them a competitive advantage over other nations. For instance, people can develop weapons through the scientific knowledge that can kill a large number of enemies using a single shot. The nuclear weapons allow nations protect themselves against both internal and external enemies. Science is also the solution to social problems facing the society like food shortage. Through scientific knowledge, scientists have an opportunity of coming up with genetically modified food elements. This helps prevent citizens in both developed and developing nations from suffering due to food shortages.

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