Personal Opinion on Sexual Orientation

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Date:  2021-06-24


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The community of the urban era has grown to different scales. As I have come to terms with my research and studies, such levels fall in the category of GLBT. I will discuss what I have read.

The Nabozny Story

I watched the YouTube video about the bullied Jamie Nabozny Story. In my terms, oppression is the deniability of peace and space to an individual that makes him secluded from the others in that they receive mistreatment unlike other members of the society. I felt pity for Jamie as he was always bullied from the time he was in junior school. From my findings, Jamie was a gay student with affection and attraction to other male counterparts. He felt that he had no chance in life since bulllyng the bullying had begun from the time he was in junior school. I could feel Jamie's pain from the oppression he received from being different in comparison to the others. Other students kept on calling him names. From what I watched in the video, some students took up a higher notch and beat him up. Deep through the life story on Nabozny, it reveals that some students even went on to touch him during lessons. My pain escalated when Nabozny took the matter to the principal. All the principal told Jamie was that, and I quote,"boys will be boys."

Something that I particular found interesting was how 13-year-old Nabozny made up his mind to take matters into his hands. I could feel that Jamie had depression and deep wounds from all the bullying from his fellow students. He locked himself in the bathroom and gobbled down dozens of pills in an attempt to end his life. The incident was very disturbing and shocked me deeply. Luckily for the 13-year-old, his mother rushed him to the medical center. After undergoing treatment, the young boy was put through psychotic therapy. However, as I further watched the video, his torment went on when he went to high school.

Through my studies and research, I have made discoveries of a group, GLBT that stands for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. They live to serve in the support and rights of people that fall under the GLBT category. Some individuals in the GLBT category end up in the group of names such as queer and sexual. I took my readings a step further and realized that the group increased the acronyms in their group to LGBTQQIP2SAA. The two letter Q's stand for queer and questioning, while letter I' stands for intersex. Letter P' refers to pansexual, the two letters S' term are terms for two-spirit, while on syllable A' is for asexual and the other for allies. I also came across the global fringe and opinion on GLBT. While some countries and states may allow people on the GLBT to live and work without it visioned as wrong consent, in other countries that are a crime punishable by imprisonment or death. According to Cis-Gender Privilege, the oppression of people in GLBT group has eased up. As I read, I saw that there are implementations such as no verbal abuse in public bathrooms and human validity does not depend on the success of the transgender surgery. When questioned by Tillett Wright, some hundreds of people in the LGBTQ spectrum were unsure of how straight or gay they were. The findings presented it as the terrible act creates confusion on discrimination.

The learning has not had any effects on my conceptions. I still stand firm on my opinions on GLBT. However, from what I read, it has shown me about the world I live in today. As I went through the studies, I have seen that the world follows earthly righteous and does not regard Biblical teachings. On the positive note, I will no longer be in a position to want to mock GLBT people due to the oppression and depression they face.


Our society has long forgotten the roots from our ancestors. People punish others for being different as with the individuals in the GLBT.

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