Password Management. Research Antivirus Software. Kali Linux.

Date:  2021-04-13 17:41:43
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Project 7-3: Password Management

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The operating systems that supported password management programs include Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. LastPass, Dashlane, and ipassword were successfully installed on the stated platforms. The password management programs were also compatible with Firefox, internet explorer, safari, opera and chrome browsers. Dashlane could obtain passwords from LastPass and ipassword, but the former and the latter cannot get passwords from Dashlane. The password management program supports master password as a form of authentication. Dashlane and Lastpasss, obtain passwords a person uses while signing to accounts for the first time after installation and generate master passwords while signing up for online accounts. Dashlane paid version, has additional facilities such as unlimited logged on users while sharing accounts with other users and it is also functional on multiple devices. The free version is limited to only five users.

Dashlane uses features such as password synchronization, assisted automatic password changes, security alerts and password auditing of the user's passwords. Dashlanes is designed to manage passwords of the user locally in their gadgets. Dashlane uses password hybridization of online or the offline functionalities. While using the online program functionalities, the program synchronizes the passwords and collects them in their online to-do databases and similarly in offline to-do databases when the user is utilizing the program for remote services only.

LastPass, on the contrary, is designed for online functionality but functions while offline at times. The passwords are transferred to the users device securely and decrypted locally rather than in the cloud. The decryption of the password is done by the device's browser. In case the user goes dormant for a while their accounts are frozen giving the user an option for recovery and if the user does not recover their accounts within a three months period, their accounts are locked down permanently and deleted from the database after prolonged dormancy.

Project 8-1: Research Antivirus Software

The chosen antivirus systems for Mac and Windows operating systems are Avira and Microsoft essential respectively. Avira retails at US $35.99. However, Microsoft Essentials is free to Windows Operating system users since it integrated into the operating system at purchase. Microsoft Essentials does a decent job in basic security clean ups and also does not affect the throughput of the computer during runtime. However, it is extremely slow while conducting a full system scan or boot time scans.

Case Project 8-1: Kali Linux

Kali Linux was originally developed by Raphael Hertzog and Devon Kearnsar, Devon Kearns, and is a buildup on Kali Linux 1.0.0 initially released on 3rd March 2013. Kali Linux has several distributions which include Aircrak-ng, Kismet. Wireshaack, Metasploit framework, Nmap, Meltego, Ettercap, and John the Ripper each of which performs different tasks in data forensics.

Fiber optic cables are the preferable form of transportation because they use total internal reflection to transfer data. This form of communication is more efficient compared to using satellites, and microwave communication, this is because it provides better data transfer rates (2.5 gigabytes per second) than either of them. 802.11AC is a transformational technology used to advance the efficiency of the local area network wireless connectivity. 802.11AC is Phase II is a buildup on the previous functions to improve on 802.11AC Phase I. The second phase employs MU-MIMO technology to achieve the theoretical speeds of 6.93 Ginger bits per second. The new modifications also allow backward compatibility with previous versions of 802.11AC Phase II.

AS Chief Security Officer (CSO) of a Fortune 500 company, I would recommend the use of Cisco ASA due to its advanced firewall architecture. Cisco has been the longest in the industry thus is highly advanced by the inclusion of additional modules. The firm also has a 24/7 support service for their clients. Palo Alto has functionalities that enable the blocking of certain services that could be corrupted without shutting down accessibility of other services. The firewall architecture is not as comprehensive in terms of security as Ciscos is. Fortinet Firewalls is uniquely designed to ensure end-to-end security across the network. Fortinet Firewalls are suitable for intra-organization communications but is not large organizations with many external operations.

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