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Date:  2023-04-20


After going through (Prospect Company) website, I noticed that your company deals with frozen foods and also cold storage. My company, Yohokomo Pte Limited, began its operations since the year 1979, and we continue to build trust with all the companies that we have worked within the past. Our main aim is to help optimize your services. We offer servicing and installation services to companies that deal with the same products, and we have so far worked with different large firms over the past years.

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We install freezers, air conditioning, and cool-room in new companies or those that seek to expand their businesses. We do the installation with great professionalism and using the shortest time possible so that we do not interfere with the company's operations. Since your company deals in cold storage and frozen food, we offer to install some of these facilities in your company to help optimize and enhance your operations.

If you are interested in installing any of the mentioned systems in your company, kindly reach us by replying to this email. Thereafter, we can discuss more of how the installation process will be done, how long it will take, and also the installation cost. Depending on the company's schedule and the number of systems, the installation process takes a few days to complete, ranging from three to seven days. This allows the company to resume its normal operations without much interference.

Moreover, we also service the already installed freezers, air conditioning, and cool-room to ensure they are efficient. This helps ensure the company does not incur losses due to system malfunctioning or system failures, which can result in many of the company's products being destroyed. During the servicing, we check for any weaknesses or faults in the systems and rectifies them before any catastrophic events are cased.

For the servicing, we can do it within a short time ranging from six hours to a maximum of two days. Our experts run the diagnostics of your systems to check if they have an optimal operation. We usually notify the company of any fault we find in their systems before we commence on fixing it. This allows transparency between the companies we work with to ensure that they are always satisfied with all the services that we offer.

Yohokomo Pte Limited has many professional and certified engineers that help with the servicing and system installation in different companies. The engineers are very skilled, and they offer quality services, which are helpful for companies dealing with cold storage and frozen foods like your company. If you need any of our mentioned services, you can reach us, and we will be glad to help you. Our certified and professional team ensures that we offer the best services to all our clients.

We also offer a free consultation to all our customers. Most of our company's details are found on the company's website bust you can also reach us at the main office or any of our branches, which are countrywide in case you need any clarifications. We will be happy to clarify any concerns you will be having. The free consultation helps in making all our customers aware of the services we offer, and we also provide detailed information about how our company operates and all the services to expect. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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