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Date:  2021-06-17

How do you conduct a job analysis?

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To perform a job analysis the first step is identifying the job to be analyzed before making the second phase of mapping out the methods to be used during the collection of the job details to facilitate the analysis. After coming up with the methods to be used the next step is implementing them. After implementation uses the gathered data to make a review of the data collected in the specified job you have chosen. After considering the last step is to make a summary of the important points raised and formally document the data in a manner that can be interpreted.

How do you effectively recruit employees?

To effectively recruit employees one must involve employees in the process through listening to their recommendations, aid in looking at the resumes from candidates. Building a reputation as a credible employer is crucial in actual recruitment as qualified candidates will seek employment. Providing a better pay package than your competitors makes employees feel appreciated attracts skilled employees. Checking of referees is another necessary stuff to work on to get the right information about the candidate. Using social media also widens the scope through which potential recruits can apply for the jobs. Lastly it is important to fasten the hiring process to ensure candidates are quickly picked.

What is the difference between exempt and no exempt employees?

Exempt employees are excluded from regulations on overtime, minimum wage while no exempt employees are protected rules and regulations set by labor exempt employees are paid for working on a job on overtime while exempts employees pay remains same regardless of the amount of time they work overtime if they complete the job. No exempt employees receive many benefits and protected by more rights from the federal law as compared to the exempt employees. Nonexempt employees work for a set number of hours, exempt employees work times they can be able to complete the tasks they can only limit themselves.

What is the difference between competency-based and traditional pay plans?

The traditional system of the payment goes in accordance with the individual performance in an organization while competence remuneration system is used as a means of communicating the values that an employee must possess. Traditional payment system goes with the seniority of a person in the organization while competency pay is based on employees teamwork and organization performance. The performance of the business determines competency pay while in tradition [ay system is reflected on the salary one gets. Individual performance influences the competency pay system while traditional pay system is unaffected because the wage is evenly distributed.

Describe the concept of pay for performance?

Pay for performance concept is a compensation and benefits concept which focuses on rewarding the exemplary performance of employees in the organization. Employees who show remarkable performance are covered through programs within the organization through promotion and other packages that show appreciation for their commitments to the team. This concept involves many processes ranging from career management to talent management where individuals are provided an opportunity to highlight their skills aside from being given better salaries. As such pay for performance concept requires employers to identify talented people from the onset and those who catch up as time goes by and perform better.

What is competency job analysis?

Competency job analysis is the measure of the skills one has with respect to the job they are working on. It is the description that one gets from observing the measurable quality a person who performs a job possesses. They are the skills necessary for any individual adequately produce the desired results in each job. They give a picture of an employee who can deliver on the job.

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