Paper Sample on Arabian Eagle: From Noodles to a $200B Conglomerate

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Date:  2023-09-17


It was established in 1938 by Ibrahim Ben Jidaan as a trading company selling noodles and dried seafood. Arabian Eagle has since diversified into various industries, including electronics, chemicals, shipbuilding, financial services, and construction. In 2015, the organizational revenue yield was recorded as $200 billion, which makes the firm a conglomerating due to various subsidiaries established by this parent organization as a way of business diversification strategy (Eagle Electronics, 2020).

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The organization is in pursuit of better economies of scale and market share that will enable it to have better sales volume and increase productivity due to the high demand and supply of electronic devices like the Television sets (Rothaermel, 2016). However, the firm faces stiff competition from other electronic dealer firms that has culminated in reducing the market share of Eagle Electronics Company. The organizational philosophy of a business has a broader effect on the overall effectiveness of the strategic marketing management approach in an organization. Nevertheless, it is imperative than an organization puts in place a concise strategy that is synchronous with the best philosophy an organization considers to be effective and successful in its business approaches. Importantly, the business's micro and macro environmental levels are critical factors that determine the overall success or failure of an organization's strategic marketing strategy.

Still, marketers in Eagle Electronics Company consider the thoroughness of strategic marketing management depends on the analysis of the different stakeholders to the strategy, the type and presence of effective leadership, and, above all, the effectiveness of the management team to guide the successful implementation of an organization's effective strategy. Eagle Electronics is approaching the macro and micro levels while focusing seven pivotal aspects of the business opportunities, which are essential for the identification of the mission of the business, assessment of the business's propensity for the various risk the that the business might be exposed in the pursuit of a given strategic marketing management alternative.

The pursuit of market share and economies of scale, which are the key strategies, enable Eagle Electronics Company to assess the attractiveness of its market (Rothaermel, 2016). However, the attractiveness of the market's attractiveness for the business alone is not sufficient because the management has to consider the broader industrial dynamic's attractiveness, which the organization perceives to be most important in making strategic marketing decisions. Therefore, market research is an important step in the decision-making process concerning the type of marketing strategy which the organization considers suitable for both the micro and macro characteristics of the markets and the industry at large (Eagle Electronics, 2020). Additionally, it calls for the organization to align its strategic marketing philosophy and the mission statement narrative, which is dependent on the characteristics of the target market or the segmentation profile to the perceived client, and the effect of the strategic marketing plan.

Business Strategy

Eagle Electronics Company remains one of the leading innovators in the electronics industry that has been making, remaking, and breaking the established rules in the electrical and electronics industry (Rothaermel, 2016). The electronic devices are the product of an industry that company focused its revolutionary technology to change general focus competitors in the industry, and the possibility of making the analog devices extinct is not far. Therefore, competitors have struggled to keep up with the manufacturing pace Eagle Electronics Company has set. Focusing on electronic devices would change the quality outlook behavior of the customers regarding the choice of an electronic company.

Eagle Electronics’ Loss of Competitive Advantage

Eagle Electronics Company has remained a game-changer in the industry because of its ability to create product roadmaps for its electrical appliance model products by creating the customer expectations of the expected model's features. For instance, the features of the electrical devices highlighted paragraph one above have been pivotal to the customer’s placement of early orders before even the launch of the products on the market. By using the press releases, Eagle Electronics Company has been able to communicate its vision for the customer in light of its electronic products, which incorporate cutting-edge technology to give the customers a lasting experience. The aspect of using product roadmaps for its products has been the reason Eagle Electronics Company’s building of credibility among its customers.

Difficulties in Selling TV

However, Arabian Eagle's image was overshadowed by Aiwa and Akai, the undisputed world leaders in consumer electronics and mobile phones during this time (Eagle Electronics, 2020). This scenario makes Eagle Electronics Company have strong, convincing power in the market due to the existence of other dominant firms offering the same commodity in the market. However, there are some of the strategies that may salvage the situation and enable the firm to regain its strong market command. Some of these approaches include beta programs developed by Eagle Electronics Company. They manifest another critical success factor for its products in the industry because they have been serving as mode giving the customers a better experience. The organization has achieved this by providing electronic models on digital platforms such as Yu Tube (Rothaermel, 2016). The customer reviews the products on such platforms for some time, and the beta customer does product reviews, which Eagle Electronics Company utilizes to make product shipment decisions. Notably, Eagle Electronics Company dedicates both time and resources to its electronic products, to ensure productive communication with the customers as a value creation process.

Eagle Electronics Company has perfected the art of product launch through its planning process, making it a game-changer in the industry. As a marketing and relations management, the organization adopts a product launch plan, develops a budget, determines the type of market positioning and the pricing strategy for the target segment, and chooses supporting activities which indicate all the necessary deliverables for the product to be launched (Eagle Electronics, 2020). The activities involve a value creation process that involves the formation of marketing and partner programs. Consequently, it is normal for Eagle Electronics Company to time press releases regarding the product in question to run concurrently with the model's availability through a press tour. The press tour approach has been a rule-breaker from the once traditional approach of "hurrying to get the products ready for shipment" in the electrical and electronics industry. This strategy ensures adequate press coverage of the appliance model under launch by Eagle Electronics Company.

SWOT Analysis: Eagle Electronics Company


  1. Investment in research and development
  2. New technologies for competitive advantage
  3. Diversified product portfolio
  4. Weaknesses

Poor performance in emerging markets

  1. Persistent product failures
  2. Opportunities
  3. Expansion in the market in Asia
  4. The emerging market for advanced Television sets


  1. Environmental regulations concerning emissions
  2. Emerging competition domestically and globally

Recommendations for Arabian Eagle Electronics to Revive TV Division

Product review programs are as critical to the success of the product in a modern-day environment as the conception stage of the product itself. This implies running a customer perception test regarding the product features, an organization such as Eagle Electronics Company launches to the market. Changing certain customer behavior by advertising the new product features in a given market segment, under some competitive situation, determines the failure or success of the new product. However, Eagle Electronics Company has been successful in the planning and creation of a review program for its electronic device programs to allow potential customers to make critical purchase decisions (EAGLE, 2020). Eagle Electronics Company uses product reviews to create more value for its customers through a review of the unbiased customer reviews. The mission is to manufacture electronic device products that are likely to earn the product a positive review from a potential customer, thus avoiding losing its market to competitors in the market segment.

Overall, the Eagle Electronics Company embraces a continuous process of creative management and marketing strategies, focusing on the critical success factors for its products. The cutting edge electronic device technology continues to change the quality aspect of the customers' behavior while retaining its market leadership position, relegating competitors to a follower position.


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