Paper on Shadow Health Clinic: 24/7 Digital Clinical Experience for Patients

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Date:  2023-10-31


Shadow Health Clinic allows students in various expertise levels to practice required skills to care for their patients in a standardized environment, 24/7, and with qualified and experienced doctors.

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Digital clinical experience enables patients to be appropriately attended by nursing services. Even if the doctor is far, they will guide the nurse on duty will diagnose through visual simulation and guides (Price et al., 2016). However, this will manage time properly and also to improve medical services in local clinics.

Another digital experience score is that the health facility maintains international standards to cater for improved medical services to patients while reducing the cost from hiring several doctors from different fields.

Student Performance Index

The student performance index includes the experience from a real practical area in different fields, and how will be comfortable to handle a patient using digital visual equipment (Boulware et al., 2016). The student is supposed to be equipped with all requirements and protective measures while working.

Another student performance index is how easy it is to undertake any single task and how long it can take to attend a patient. Students should not take too long to attend to clients unless the patient is in critical condition.

The student performance index also involves communication approaches. In the communication approach, the student should know the patient in detail and all associated data to quickly attend to the client and understand what the client is suffering from. It also includes how the student is more or less attentive to visual facilities in the room.

Subjective Data Collection Scores

The results from the subjective data collection scores of shadow health are ninety-nine percent correct as they give the correct diagnosis to the patient and the prescription to take. When applied to the clinical practice, the subjective data gives satisfaction to the client as there is a correct procedural way of undertaking clinical health. The scores are useful as they give the client an accurate prescription when put in practice, and when practiced, they give a positive outcome.

Objective Data Collection Scores

The results from the objective data collection scores in shadow health are that they have met the purpose they were required to do because they have helped the client or patient when putting into practice.

Most of the scores are given from the data collected by seeing and touching. It gives an accurate output when applied in clinical practice because you got first-hand information, which is accurate, unlike subjective data (Price et al., 2019). Objective data collected when applied in the practical medical field, the patient or client undergoes the right medication because they have been diagnosed well.

Care Plan

Shadow health care plan includes cost, available rooms, experienced doctors and nurses, internet and telecommunication devices and time management is also an essential factor. Besides, a nurse should be involved to know whether patients will be comfortable with the situations.

Another shadow health care plan to be considered is proper protective equipment for the nursing students. There will also be an available trainer to the student any time needed to support where necessary.

Time, Interaction with Patient and Post-exam activities

In shadow health, the time spent is little because you give the patient or client their prescription when you’re not near them hence reducing the expenses of the patient travelling physically to where the medic is(Brot-Goldberg et al., 2017). Besides, the interaction with the patient at shadow health requires both objective and subjective data from them to conduct their tests. In shadow health, when carrying the post-exam activities, the outcome is accurate because you have the accurate data you collected from them.


In shadow health, I can perform a self-reflection and conclude that the system is suitable for it gives the right information about the patient hence leading to the right medication. The experience I got from shadow health has really helped a lot because it has reduced the physical movement to the clinic to consult medication.


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