Paper Example on Transformational Leadership

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Date:  2022-05-16

How Successful Do You Think Ashley Will Be as a Transformational Leader in Ultra-Cover?

Transformational leaders are well fitted to working and leading the complex organizations and work groups, that further from searching for an inspirational leader to steer them through uncertain situations, the workers also feel empowered and challenged which helps them in becoming high performers (Gumusluoglu, 2009). Transformational leaders are seen to have positive expectations from the workers through believing that they can offer their best (Pieterse, 2010). This results in empowering, inspiring end encouraging workers to surpass the average level of performance.

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In this case, Ashley is expected to be very successful a transformational leader in the ultra covers since is highly motivated to take all the necessary measures to improve on the company's performance such as minimizing on the manufacturing cost. She is also inspirational and empowering to the workers through encouraging them to give their best at work and employ all the appropriate steps to improve the company sales whereby she starts by acting like the role model.

What Might Ashley Be Doing Right as a Transformational Leader?

Ashley is doing various things right as a transformational leader this includes. First, she has an idealized influence whereby she acts as the ideal role model to the workers by working to be in control, for example, she first asks the manufacturers to cut the production by 10% and asking the sales manager to do whatever it takes to enhance the cover sales. Secondly, Ashley has an individualized consideration whereby she shows a genuine concern for the feelings and needs of the workers offering attention helps to explain her efforts of trying to improve the company. For example, on taking up the job, she took a listening tour around the company listening and interacting with workers and managers at all levels to hear their views and how they perform their tasks. Thirdly Ashley seems to have intellectual stimulation whereby, she challenges the workers to be innovative and creative this helps in challenging workers to improve on the performance level. For example, she meets up with the older managers and supervisors to encourage them to take all the necessary measure to minimize on the production cost and even goes ahead to produce a video that is to be posted on the internet to improve on sales which on the other hand motivates the workers

What Suggestion Might You Offer Ashley to Be More Successful as a Transformational Leader?

I would suggest that Ashley should work more closely with the subordinate to identify the needed change to help create a more realistic goal. When making decisions, such as improvement of the sales she should first consult with the relevant staff to come with a realistic goal and plan.


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