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Chapter One: Introduction

The hospitality industry has in the recent past matured to be one of the leading giant frontiers in any economy. As a Hospitality Management student, this builds enthusiasm noting the growing need for round-the-clock services underscoring the fact that it's built entirely on making clients happy. Again, as it is built on offering luxury services, a majority of the customers rely on their disposable income and will thus require up to standard services prompting the need for a qualified workforce and brilliant management.

In light of those above, it is mandatory that all hospitality students despite their background or institution of higher learning, whether university or college, undergo work placement, including Hospitality Management students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. This idea of work placement in industries was born out of the desire to help students conduct practical work while applying the theoretical knowledge they gathered during lectures. It is an excellent opportunity that provides students to appreciate and comprehend real experiences in the job market.

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This report thus describes in totality the activities I undertook during an 8-week, full-time placement at Vogeleiland Pavilion Cafe/Restaurant, Deventer NL. It includes all information about the firm and duties performed during the entire period from 1st May 2017 to 2nd July the same year. Firstly, the report offers a general overview of the Restaurant. Secondly, it describes in detail the tasks agreed upon with Restaurant management and later continues to describe in detail all the relevant projects assignments carried out and their analysis. Finally, my report concludes with learning outcomes from the work placement.

At the commencement of the internship I drew several goals that would offer guidance on what I anticipated to achieve:

  1. To utilize my gained knowledge and skills in a real professional environment
  2. To identify if this working environment is a prospect for my upcoming career
  3. To have a grasp of the challenges and realities of working in the hotel industry
  4. To have an experience working with other people of different races and ethnicities
  5. To heighten my managerial and communication skills
  6. To build a competent network of hospitality specialists

1.1 Objectives

To prepare learners for employment at the culmination of their training by providing them room to relate practical and academic aspects of their careers

To familiarize learners with first-hand skills of the notable aspects of their work as it is in the industries

To provide learners with an opportunity to create contact with a relevant professional with the hope that they may help to acquire employment after completing their studies

To provide potential employers with an opportunity to assess the performance of the budding employees

1.2 Position and Job Responsibilities during the Internship

During my eight weeks stay at the Paviljoen Vogeleiland Deventer, I worked as a brand manager and creative director. As a hospitality management student, my scope of work was but not limited to brand management. To ensure a smooth working strategy, I resolved to evaluate the organization's communication model as well as the current marketing platform (Costa, 2009). The decision was informed by the fact that I barely understood the company's etiquette policy, its portfolio and worked culture. It is important to note that initially I had only met the management and staff through mutual acquaintances and thus started working without the supposed orientation. It added to my resolve of critically thinking of the management gaps that overwhelmed my new workstation.

Despite my handful experience working in different marketing sectors I had not in any situation or aspect consulted in establishing a brand strategy. I was my task to do it and had to do it satisfactorily. Developing the brand involved coming up with ways in which the organization would capture our prospective customer's thoughts, experiences, emotions and any other aspect that would define our product as unique and help run competitively against other brands (ThriveHive, 2017). I had to reevaluate the restaurant's goals and draw a realistic vision as well as research more on other competitive brands so that I do not imitate or duplicate their ideas. Additionally, I thrived on checking the design of the logo because it speaks volume about the organization. With the correct tone, colors, personality and actions the brand become more appealing to potential clients and effortlessly identifiable by the target market (Gaggioli, 2016).

To make the brand effective, I tasked myself to check on the communication model too though it was also a new territory to my previous experiences. In my new duties, I find it tricky and have to be very careful as it was my first time to work in The Netherlands again noting that learning the kind of business in HORECA industry which is characterized by a broader continental or internal benchmark regarding management, service culture and operations.

As mentioned earlier on, administering the models, the brand and communication models would be daunting noting that I lacked commanding experience and professionalism. There is also the need to highlight that although every staff including myself and other interns had e defined job description at the workstation, i.e., Vogeleiland, we were tasked with additional duties that involved attending the floor and kitchen when required to do so. In my first week, though my principal work task is to understand the company work culture and structure, strategize my method to establishing marketing policies and later a brand for days to come; I worked in the kitchen several times. Interestingly, this furnished me with the viable business practices, e.g., water and waste management.

As the first week ended, I feel honored that I can work with the staff and the entire organization that offered me a chance to acquire lots of experience including critical thinking at the workplace, more definitive knowledge on management and hand on experience. Furthermore, I had training on:

  1. Exposure to a real working environment
  2. The need to instill teamwork spirit and good relations between staff
  3. Acquire qualities of responsibility, self-confidence, and integrity

1.3 Work Placement

1.3.1 Paviljoen

Vogeleiland Deventer profileThe Bird Island is one the best-selling recreational companies in The Netherland. Located in Deventer, the unique Island harbors the PaviljoenVogeleiland restaurant, a recreation park, listed under the SVCT BV (FH). It is located along the Stationsstraat 2, 7411 HA, Deventer, The Netherlands. Potential and prospecting clients who may not be physically near or at The Netherlands, are advised to contact the customer service desk through +31 570 220 329 or their social media platforms. It has been under the present management team for at least two years, and it is in the 3rd fiscal year of operation.

Vogeleiland is made of Diepenveenian oak, water pathways offering stunning views, encompassed by beautiful plants and trees, offers delicious meals, luxurious guest rooms, and conference halls. It has a host capacity of 100 revelers both in its lower terrace that can hold 40, while the upper terrace with patio heating and sunscreens accommodating at least 60 others. The free WIFI offered juices the revelers stay at the pavilion as they enjoyed the queenly handled delicacies and coupled with animal viewing. During summer holidays the Island offers its music dome for all kind of performances of different natures and dialect.

The Vogeleiland restaurant is sandwiched between the city center, and bus station opens at 10 am and closes at 6 PM. The partnership propriety has a workforce of 13employees. It has seen tremendous growth due to the aptness of its employees who have a prime focus, mentoring at-risk youth with employment and guidance in culinary studies within the restaurant in partnership with the PAUW Begeleiding BV (FH) organization which is also under the SVCT BV (FH) holding corporation. Also, the company aims to be leading hospitality hub in the region and across the continent upscale its hosts of experiences and incorporating new sustainable models of doing business.

1.3.2 PVE-Paviljoen Vogeleiland BV

The Restaurant has adopted both the horizontal and vertical governance structure that has helped build a strong team of the workforce. Listed below are the current staff and the positions they currently hold:

Upper Management

Middle Management

Shermal Verwoolde - Proprietor/ Director

Brandon Sluijs - Floor Manager/ Marketing Manager

Najib Ouali - Cook

Veronica Ciabatti - Director assistant

Patrick Bokkerink - Cook/ Kitchen Manager

Jasper van der Liende - Host/ Head of Social Media Marketing

Whoopi Hoeksma - Assistant cook

Yonca Yuksel - Host

Shila Najibi - Waitress

Ceylomini Smits -Waitress

Suze Visser - Dishwasher

Renee van Werven - Waitress

Petra Stooter - Animal Caretaker

Any additional staff and the kitchen staffers are rotated through the youth program. The temporary zero-hour contract basis freelance hires are additionally made for seasonal work.

It is important to note that during my placement period at the restaurant, I worked and answered directly to the Proprietor, Shermal Verwoolde. All departments in the company worked in relation to each other consul...

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