Paper Example on Recreational/Skill Building Groups

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Date:  2022-05-26


From the previous presentation, in learned a multiplicity of things regarding recreational or skill building groups. Foremost, I learned amazing facts about recreational groups, including the reality that they have been around for over a couple of decades, considering that they had started appearing in the 1800s. The second notable fact I learned was that the skill building groups were first associated with such movements as the boy scouts and girl guides, as well as the YMCA's. I found this fact particularly interesting because as a child, I had considered joining the scouts club. This paper is a critical reflection on the insights picked from the presentation.

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Most importantly, I learned that skill building groups enable the participants to acquire knowledge of new things enjoyably. Typically, learning is associated with practice and monotonous reading. The lull associated with traditional learning does not exist in the skill building groups. I also learned this fact from the video See What Happens inside Boys & Girls Clubs, published by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (2017) on their official YouTube channel. From the video, the children, boys and girls, appear to be enjoying the learning and creative activities while interacting with others. Such is reflected in the skill building groups, as well, particularly when and if such groups have an informal leadership structure or none at all.

I learned that the recreational groups provide the youth with a great option to avoid the vices associated with ordinary street life. It is a constructive way of spending time and may enable the youth to stay away from such vices like drug abuse, gang activity and violence. It is a meaningful way of spending free time because, as opposed to the ordinary hardcore streets, the skill building groups encourage the sharing of ideas and innovative thinking. These help the youths develop creative skills and learn alternative ways of handling phenomena.

I also learned that the recreational groups were an appropriate way to enhance communication and build higher cooperation capacity in the group. As seen in the video, the children play together, interacting with one another oblivious to such differences as race and color. It is enough evidence that such groups foster a sense of affiliation for all members, and encourages peaceful coexistence. I felt that this is a critical function of the groups, particularly because most communities across the United States and the world over are evolving into boiling pots of culture. In addition to fostering peaceful coexistence, skill building groups, which are typically leaderless or informally led, are a great breeding ground for young leaders. In an informal group, I realized that such skills as the ability to influence others easily develop, largely creating a pool of potential leaders.


In conclusion, it is evident from the preceding reflective summary that I picked a wide array of insights and lessons from the presentation. Chiefly, I learned the ability of such groups to foster great communication and social connections; in fact, it forms the basis of the social goals model, which seeks to embrace the prioritization of social ties and interdependence. Secondly, such groups form a foundation for great communication skills, leadership competencies and interpersonal development. Such groups are not monotonous as they do not work with the rigidity of the traditional school and learning systems. Also, they help youths avoid the vices associated with the streets by offering an alternative way to spend free time constructively.


Boys & Girls Clubs of America. (2017, March 20). See What Happens Inside Boys & Girls Clubs. Retrieved May 08, 2018, from

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