Paper Example on Ready Player One: Parzival's Isolation Journey

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Personality defines one's belief, attitude, culture, and values. Individuals develop into a particular character depending on different aspects such as upbringing, environmental surroundings, or religion. Either an extrovert or an introvert characterizes personality. Wad Owen A.K.A Parzival's character from the book, 'Ready Player One' by Ernest Cline', falls in the latter aspect. He develops the isolation behavior after the death of his parents. To overcome loneliness and desperation, he escapes reality challenges by playing an MMO video game (Cline, 2011). Owen being probably an orphan lacked both motherly and fatherly figures to educate and guide him in everything that he did. As a result, based on his characteristics, he may have taken advantage of advancing technology to access websites to obtain knowledge on dealing with immediate challenges.

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Top Ten Websites Frequented by Wad Owen A.K.A Parzival's

How to deal with the loss of loved ones (

Owen lost his parents at a tender age. The narrator's father was shot dead after he was founding looting a store. On the other side, Owen's mother died of a drug overdose (Cline, 2011). Therefore, it is probable that Owen searched for websites on how to deal with loved ones to overcome depressing situations.

How to become a Pro in MMO game (

Owen started to play the MMO game to forget reality. Being a loner meant that he had no one to teach him how to play the game. As a result, he likely searched on websites on 'how to become a Pro in MMO game' to get skills to play it.

Exercises that help burn excessive fat (

Owen would spend most of his time playing the MMO game. He became obese due to a lack of physical activity. Due to obesity, it became challenging for him to manage the distance to his computer. In that regard, he may have googled on 'how to burn excessive fat' to enjoy the game.

The life and times of James Halliday (

Owen idolized James Halliday, the creator of James Halliday. He probably searched on the website about the 'life and times of James Halliday' to get in-depth knowledge of the persona behind his loved game.

Best Music of the 1980s (

The narrator was a fan of music produced in the 1980s. He likely searched on the website that will direct him on Music that was created during that period to overcome loneliness and depression.

Best Video games of the 1980s (

Owen enjoyed the MMO game that was innovated in the 1980s. Therefore, there is a probability he googled on websites that will suggest similar video games to the MMO game.

Best Movies of the 1980s (

Apart from playing video games, and listening to Music of the 1980s period, he loved movies of the same time frame. Henceforth, there is a likelihood that he searched on websites that suggest videos to watch according to his specific searches.

How to become an avatar (

Owen both idolized the real and fictional characters associated with the MMO game. He wanted to become immortal and lead a glorious afterlife (Cline, 2011). Therefore, it is likely that he searched on 'how to become an avatar' to obtain similar powers as the fictional character.

How to win an online scavenger hunt(

Owen desired to earn an online scavenger hunt. The reason being, he will be able to win a Copper Key and his competitor and love interest, Art3mis

Affordable rental homes in Columbus, Ohio (,OH/Single-Family_Home_type/)

The narrator managed to win the coveted prize- a copper key. Owen's success came with its challenges. Nolan Sorrento, the chief executive of IOI, threatened to blow up his family if he declines to reveal the location of the copper key (Cline, 2011). Owen decided to rent an apartment in Columbus, Ohio, to hide from the people that want to possess his coveted prize.

Lettered Activity

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Storyboard


Cline, E. (2011). Ready player one (3rd ed.). [Westminster, Md.]: Books on Tape.

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