Paper Example on Project Management: Tech Implementation for Cost Reduction & Growth

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Date:  2023-01-12

Executive Summary

Project management is the administration of a project till it is completed, this report paper is about a new project of technology implementation to enhance smooth operations in any company or organization, with the aim of, minimizing the cost of production and increasing the returns from the products through expanding the consumer base. I did extensive research through various ways some of them being through, interviewing different business operators and also reading articles from both online and offline, and I found out that, it's essential for any business to always adapt to new and recent changes in technology to gain a competitive advantage over other competitors.

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Project Title: Computer Technology Implementation Project

Technology changes with the continuous variations of both time and consumer demands and preferences over time. According to the American National Standards Institute (2017), it is of great importance to adapt to new and most recent technology, in order to cut on cost of operations of a business, time of delivery and processing and also increase consumer base by winning their trust and confidence in the business operations, and this is the primary focus of the technology implementation project. Binder (2017) observed that the management of the company should ensure that technology is embraced and supported to achieve competitive advantages over their competitors.

Project Context and Stakeholders

According to Kloppenborg (2015), technology implementation is the adaption of the new and most recent technological systems to carry out operations in a company or organization. This can be well understood if we relate to the work being done with computers in performing various tasks, for example; in marketing strategies, an in-depth research is needed to determine multiple potential customers, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, and prior identification of the fit product for users. All these require the aid of technology to reduce the cost of production and increase output and also improve services to customers. Hence managers need extensive knowledge of the implementation of various techniques necessary to the company (Kloppenborg 2015).

The technology implementation process involves various stakeholders for it to be successful these are:

  • Project sponsorship, which ensures that the information of the intended project is passed from the organization to customers (Wong 2016), with an expectation of gathering information from customers and delivering to the management panel.
  • The project manager ensures that the project is brought to completion within the intended time limit, to achieve the stipulated objectives of the project.
  • Customers, these are the people who determine the need for the implementation of the new and recent technology to meet their preferences and demands, they normally expect that the technology will enhance the service delivery to them and their demands met (Bwalya 2014).
  • Workers, after the project has been discussed and passed, it is now the responsibility of workers to it into practice and ensure the project is completed (Williams 2015).
  • Project ScopeProject PurposeThe fundamental purpose of this project is to, ensure that the company is always at per with other competitors by, ensuring that new and most recent technology is implemented to gain competitive advantage and increase its consumer base.

Project Description

For one to successfully implement technology, he/she must be well conversant with the requirements of the technology. Considering the type of the business one is handling, at times one will be required to improve the communication between employers and employees, create a conducive working environment for all workers, come up with different products for the new technology or improve on the existing products (Arch 2017). After determining what your business or company needs then, basic strategies should be enacted and adapted to achieve the stated objectives, including the number of financial resources required, and the kind of software and hardware to be adopted for the completion of the work.

Project Objectives

The main objectives of the technology implementation include:

  • To improve communication among workers in an organization.
  • To increase speed of performing tasks in the organization. This will achieve competitive advantage and reduction on cost, by reducing production time, cost, and improving the quality of products produced (Wang 2014).
  • To increase work output. Computers enhance the speed of productions compared to human beings.
  • To improve communication between workers, customers, and community members so that workers can receive and respond to customers and suppliers from various regions around the world very easily.
  • To increase quality of output. Computers will enable the production of high quality and quantity products. Technology increases the number of products being produced within a specific period and also improves the quality of the products.


The American National Standards Institute (2017) defines deliverables as both goods and services that must be provided by the company at the end of the project; they may be either tangible or intangible. For technology implementation the deliverables may include; purchase of many computers (Wang 2014), implantation of necessary and new software and hardware (Terrazas 2016) , training of personnel who will operate the computers, having a sample of the product intended to be produced, and also providing a clear timeline for the delivery (Kloppenborg 2015).

Success Criteria

According to Arch (2017), the process of achieving success in the implementation of new technology demands a lot of commitment and corporation of the stakeholders' involved. First, we will deploy intelligence to carry out research on the requirements of the consumers, the competitors working and technological strategies, new technological appliances in the market, after gathering all these information, we will sit and discuss the possible remedies to adopt in the implementation of the necessary technology systems, by determining the resources needed to meet all those requirements, for example, the amount of money needed to be used. According to Bwalya (2014), some technological implementation will require that special training is carried out to the employees before being implemented, we would ensure that these trainings are provided.

Key Assumptions

According to Haider (2015), some of the essential assumptions of the technological implementation include; First, workers should have the necessary skills to operate computers, technology changes with time (Ritzhaupt & Kumar 2014), implementation of new technology require extensive research, it is expensive to implement but after a period of time the returns become massive than the investment, installing new and most recent technology improves the production of quality products and also cuts on cost of production. Finally, technology enables the company or organization to have a competitive advantage over others (Binder 2017).

Limits of the Scope

The implementation of these process faces various challenges like, it leads to high unemployment levels, and it is expensive to install (Monger 2014). According to (Ritzhaupt & Kumar 2014), most of the employees lack required skills to operate the newly invented gadgets; it leads to wastage as old gadgets are disposed to give way for the new ones, new technology also reduces the creativity and innovation ability of individuals. According to Binder (2017), these technological appliances also require power to operate; this limits them to be used in only particular areas where there is power.

Project Priorities

The project's most essential priorities were first to determine the needs of the company, examine the resources available and buy the most modern computers and other technological appliances, after which training process will be carried out to various employees for necessary skills to operate the gadgets.

Final Assessment

Risks and Success of the ProjectThis project is faced with various risks which may include; lack of enough capital, breakdown of some appliances like computers, vandalism, fire break out, increase of cyber crime like, hackers may hack the company's confidential information through the internet. In addition to that, low computer proficiency by the workers might slow down the speed of operation (De Vries et al. 2017).

In terms of the success of the project, is that the project will lead to an increase in consumer base, hence increasing the profit level. It will also enhance high production of high quality goods and reduce cost of production (Williams 2015). It will increase access and marketing of products online, thus reaching out to a vast number of prospective customers worldwide.

Project Management Plan

In developing a management plan, I would first meet with all the stakeholders, for them to know about the intended project. Second, I will then set the objectives of the project to provide clear direction. Then will identify and deliver the deliverables, followed by setting the project's implantation schedule. I will then carry out research on the possible risk the project is likely to face, and finally, I will present the project back to the stakeholders for approval.

Project Description

The plan I proposed of technology implementation is all about, coming up with new forms of adapting the newly invented technological appliances in the business to enhance its operation and delivery of services to consumers as proposed by Bwalya (2014).

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