Paper Example on Phyllis Henry Boosts NPD Profitability, Implemented by Board and Admins

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Date:  2023-09-21


Phyllis Henry is the vice president of the company under study, and the company is New Product Development (NPD). With her position in place, she gets tasked with taking care of the department of new product development. All the administrators and the board of directors has the role of implementing all the latest projects to Phyllis. It is from there that she is tasked with ensuring that the profitability of the company is increased. Seemingly, after the processes of all screenings of the projects, project Janus and Gemini have the potential of being the greatest of them all. Phyllis, who is the vice president of the company, is now meant to give a proper recommendation for one of the projects. During the process of evaluation, which is based on the scoring model, project Janus scores 22 while project Gemini scores 28. When it comes to the net present value, project Janus had 60, 995 dollars while Gemini had 25, 695 dollars (Pinto Case Study 3.2., n. d). The scoring model indicates that project Gemini is the best while project Janus seems to be the best as per the net present value.

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Reasons for the Divergence of one Opinion of the Two Techniques

The divergence of the opinions comes in when the project Gemini seems to be the best according to the scoring model. On the other hand, the difference also comes in when project Janus is the best according to the net present value. The evaluators of the second team provide different reasons to Phyllis for the difference in the divergence. The first reason is that each screening model has disadvantages. The second thought is that the scoring model never puts into consideration of time value of every money. This idea now shows that project Gemini seems to be ideal. On the other hand, the net present value considers the time value of money. All the nature of the model brings the difference in results.

Advantage of the Scoring Model

The model is quite easy to use during the analysis. This advantage can make the managers evaluate the projects very quickly while basing on the weights and scores. In the second part, the model can make use of various criteria to choose the best project.

Disadvantages of the Scoring Model

In the whole process of using the model, it shows that it lacks accuracy when it comes to the application of weights and scores to the criteria. The model shows that there is a possibility of overlapping when the requirements are being selected. One or more rules in the scoring model can always explain a similar factor of strategy. In the end, it causes cases of double counting.

Advantages of Present Net Value

The model values the idea of the time value of money. This element is a good advantage. It puts into consideration the inflammation that can affect the income shortly. As compared to the other models which do not value time value money, it seems to be advantageous.

Disadvantages of Present Net Value

The net present value will never hold well given that a productive life of all the alternatives is quite different. Secondly, the use of the model needs the process of cash flow estimation of the coming times. Indeed, the model brings some difficulties in calculating the anticipated cash flows. Lastly, the model chooses results based on the cash flows provided while ignoring the vital criteria used in the model of scoring.

The Project that the Nova Western should use.

The project Gemini is the one that should be chosen for the Nova Western. The decision is based on the two analyses that were done using the two models. Even though the other project known as Janus is of a higher net present value, the main idea to be noted is that the projects have a useful net present worth. Despite having the benefits of the NPV, the results from the scoring model are the ones to determine the importance of having project Gemini. The project will be beneficial to the company.

Suggestions about the Methods and how to Resolve the Contradictions

Indeed, from the case study, it brings a good suggestion that all organizations should use proper selection methods of the projects. The case suggests that before any selection is made, various factors must be considered to see how active the project can be to the organization. Indeed, the contradictions can be resolved through the use of the proposed and projected results of the study. Various factors must be put into consideration, including the objectives of the projects. It will help the organization in choosing the most beneficial method without any problem.

Summary of Case Study 4. 4

John James practices his career in the aviation firm. A good number of people got hired into the division at the time when John was being recruited. In the group, James was the only one that had not graduated. He was then employed as a drafter, and later on, everyone got promotions except him. The promotions were to 24th and 26th salary grades while he remained in rank 18 (Pinto case Study 4.4, n. d). He was later helped by the team leader and his friends to be promoted and became highly unproductive at work.

As the team leader, you have weighed the pros and cons of the five options and prepared a presentation to management on how to address this problem. What do you suggest?

The best suggestion that comes from the five options indicates that it is good to relocate John to a different project team. When he is allowed to work in another group with new members, there might be some new changes. It is from there that he can work with people with the same qualifications as the ones that he has academically. The salaries provided by the company will be entirely equal, and he will not be able to have any concerns. With this, his performance will be improved.

Consider each of the Options, and develop an argument to defend your position for each option.

When looking at the case of James, the first option is doing nothing. John is seen to have done away with the efforts of the whole team and serves as breeding to a negative environment. His work input is not as much as that of the rest of the group. As a team leader, the best thing is to let him do something that would suit his thinking. The second option is to bypass the policy of the company and promote John. All this would seem quite abnormal but will be one of the efforts that can be used to support him. Despite him having fewer academic qualifications, the option of assisting him as a team would still be in place. The third option would be to take John back to college for a study. Certainly, the idea would always be efficient as the process would boost his qualifications. In the end, his salary will be increased, and the morale at work will be encouraged. The fourth option would still be on advising him to find a different project team. It is from here that he will work with people of the same abilities as him. All the necessary working skills will be developed from this point. The last option will be terminating his employment. The option will still be advantageous to him as it will give him a chance to improve her qualifications. John can also grow while being outside the company.

What are the specific leadership behaviors mentioned in this chapter most relevant to addressing and resolving the problem with John?

The specific leadership behaviors that can be addressed to solve the problem include the act of being considerate and influential. Indeed, the manager should be able to consider all the needs that the team members need for excellent performance. The leadership qualities can be part of the job of the manager, but the managerial roles cannot be in the qualities of a leader. All leaders should be able to influence their people towards having a particular definite direction. Indeed, all these would assist in making the team achieve their goals.


Pinto Case Study 3.2. (n. d). Project Selection at Nova Western Selection.

Pinto case Study 4.4 (n. d). Problems with John.

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