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Date:  2022-04-12


The modern trend in mobile computing has resulted in a plethora of relatively less expensive high power computing gadgets that can fit in a shirt pocket. Consequently, these new devices can be connected to the internet thus making the modern technology to become highly useful. Therefore, there is an extensive amount of interest in the advancement of mobile business applications fostered by the recent developments in mobile standards and technology. Nevertheless, it is essential to integrate mobile technologies with the current IT infrastructure and mobile applications (Fjellheim, Milliner, & Dumas, 2005). Mobile computing is the application of mobile gadgets, internet for information access, wireless networks and business applications. Hence, the need to create a system that will add different features to mobiles which makes life easier. Therefore, this paper will focus on concept and design of creating a mobile application for the bail bond business.

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Notably, the abundance of modern mobile advancements and standards has caused a significant confusion between the business IT specialists and the managers. As a result, this work will seek to create a methodology that will enhance Bail bonds to design and develop mobile computing applications in the entire enterprise (Keith et al., 2015). Therefore, the methods projected in this work seeks to offer a wide-ranging planned structure for pointing out business prospects for mobile business and strategies as well as actions for designing and implementation of the mobile industry. Ultimately, Bail Bonds Company will discover the potential significance of mobile technology at ease as well as extending our knowledge on the advancement of mobile computing in the enterprise (PR, 2014). Confined to these prospects, mobile computing is a technology that enhances the application for transmission of information through a computer, and it does not require to be linked to a fixed physical connection.

It is also essential to identify the fundamental functions of the program I am envisioning in this work. Guided by the understanding that with efficient implementation mobile technology can manage the bail bond industry properly since the business has enhanced the use of the mobile application. This application intends to allow clients to access a bail bond without necessarily leaving the comfort of home (Ahmed & Rehmani, 2017). In that, E-commerce and mobile commerce will be the primary revenue collection channels for my bail bond app enterprise.

Evidently, mobile e-commerce will without a doubt continue to advance and become the trend since a majority of people have abandoned their desktops and adapted to the mobile devices and online buying due to the convenience of these gadgets (Vaghjiani & Teoh, n.d.). Bail bond organizations should make use of the boom in mobile devices and develop an app that will be efficient and secure. My bail bond application will alert the victim's friends, relatives and legal representation that the individual is being held in police custody with just a press o the button. The application only requires a person to program in the contacts of the individuals that they want to alert when they get arrested followed by a customized text message. Finally, all person needs to do is press a large button on the phone and the information will be passed to the specified phone numbers. Therefore, the development of this smartphone application depicts a shift on how quickly persons can deal with being arrested as well as securing a bail bond.

Building Mobile Application

It is essential to record that; Android applications are inscribed in Java through an API set up for mobile applications such as bail bonds app. Other smartphone channels such as Microsoft's window phone 7 or Apple's iOs tends to contrast significantly with their built-in application programming model (Puder & Antebi, 2013). Thus, I will re-install the application through the respective native SDK so that the application can be published in different platforms.

Graphical User Interface

Subsequently, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) of an application is developed through the use of Java which entails layers of containers. The top layer is the window which facilitates the movement of the application on the screen of your devices. In that, it gives graphical components and all other containers a platform to work in, and it is made up using the JFrame class.

The principle governing the process of mobile communication ranges from personal communication services (PCs). Notably, these PCs constitutes far-reaching wireless access and personal mobility services, which is offered through a small terminal such as cell phone (Beaulieu, 2001). The primary motive of the PCs is to streamline communications at any time, different forms and at any place. Therefore, this notion will be essential since it will be the prime principle that I will use to send data and receive alerts when a person is in custody. In that, the technology will also provide the ability to transfer and receive data throughout the cellular networks. It is also understood as the primary principle of mobile computing. Nonetheless, the bail bond application will seek to take advantage of the mobile data communication technology since it enhances the process of transmitting information from one location to another (Bowman & Pace, 2014). This without a doubt is the ultimate solution for the bail bond industry since the users can make use of this program without any portable connection. This suggests that it can be used anytime, anywhere and at any location without experiencing the problem of limited are or coverage.

Bail Bond Application Through Mobile Phones

Nonetheless, the bail bonds mobile application will be boosted by Client Management System (CMS). CMS is a tool that will seek to simplify contact management as well as providing excellent customer services. This implies that the program will be backed up by CMS which will be tasked with the responsibility of organizing all your contacts data that will enhance communication with your close friends, attorney, and your relatives in instances where you are arrested promptly. Subsequently, CMS system will be designed in such a way that it will integrate selected contacts and email to ensure that the people programmed in your application can be reached through various forms of communication (Hild, 2001). This depicts that the bail bond industry should be viewed as a customer service oriented business since it provides a high level of customer service which is also one of the most exceptional provisions for developing the app.


To sum up, businesses thrive on being nimble and ready to change. It entails staying connected through the mobile technology such as mobile applications that make it easy to reach out for help in case of an arrest or any other emergency. Mobile technology through applications such as bail bond apps keeps a person connected with people who will help him or her when in custody or at home through also the provision of tracking response. Therefore, the technology as depicted in this work has played an integral part in alerting people close to you of your arrest through the emergency contacts, and this will help an individual find a local bail agent who will represent him or her in the court.


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