Paper Example on Minorities in the Streets: Who Do You See?

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Date:  2023-09-15

What evidences of a minority culture do you see? How does this affect the environment? (Are there advertising billboards, graffiti, etc., that reflect ethnic characteristics of community?)

As far as what I saw is concerned, there is nothing to pint out evidence of minority culture. Apart from the minority groups’ presence on the streets, there is nothing else to point out.

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Who do you see on the streets: elderly, young males, children, and women? (Indications of unemployment, constituencies, etc.)

The streets of the city are occupied majorly by young people, both male, and female. There is also a sizeable number of middle-aged men and women trooping the city streets.

What industries are represented in the community?

Different industries like tourism, financial services like banking, transport industry, and retail industry are well represented in the city. Others include technology and the hotel industry.

What would it be like to live in the community?

It looks like an ambient place to live, and the fact that it is in the suburb area of Miami confirms the ambiance.

Is public transportation available?

Yes, one can use the shuttle service within the town.

How far to supermarkets and shopping centers?

Supermarkets like Bravo, ALDI, and Wal-Mart are within walking distances for ease of access for the residents.

What type of housing?

Rental apartments are common in the Florida City, as well as standalone bungalows, mansions and townhouses when one moves further from the central business district.

Where are “For Sale” signs?

They are on billboards, LED advertising screens, and also on buildings.

Do you think people rent or own the housing?

It is across the board, some own housing while others rent.

What is the social-economic status of this community?

The city comes across as a middle-class society in the upper tier of the middle-income categories.

What recreational facilities are there in the area?

Movie theaters, football fields, and restaurants make some of the recreational facilities in Florida City

What kind of churches do you see in this area?

Covenant Missionary Church, Branches United Methodist, Florida City First Assembly of God are some of the churches visible within this city.

What potential environmental hazards did you identify?

Noise, plastics, and motor vehicle emissions are some of the outright hazards posing a risk to the environment.

What are the medical care facilities in this area? Doctors’ offices? Any evidence that physicians reflect the ethnic background of the population? How accessible are the medical facilities?

There is a host of medical facilities in Florida City. They include; Florida City Medical, Daycare, Community health parks, Florida City community center. In buildings across the city, there are many doctors’ offices and pharmacies like Walgreens Pharmacy. Home programs are also plenty and are spread across the city. On average, one would probably need a maximum of ten minutes to access the nearest medical facility.

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