Paper Example on Maximizing HRD's Positioning in an Evolving Landscape

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In the past couple of decades, plus, it seems that a great deal of coherence has about nature as well as the forms of the Human Resource Development (HRD). However, there has been a paradox about the issue since this coalescence has taken its roots, a new challenge is coming out as related to the human resource development's positioning in evolving landscape disciplines as well as positions. Besides the increased progress revolving the strategically positioning HRD, struggles continue to evolve in the field for the needed influence as well as power within the governments, organizations as well as professions.

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In human resource development, leadership is not merely ensuring that the rules, as well as procedures, are carried out efficiently. In real sense, it incorporates the main objectives, but it is also more than that. Therefore, this leadership view results in the tremendous possibilities for the workers as well as the leaders in experiencing personal growth and also to be a positive influence in assisting group members together with those in the society as a whole living better lives. Through their actions, programs they manage and also leaders act to create an individual trust culture, growth and also progress in their behavior.

Professionalization and HRD

The professional wrangling, as well as the past definition, has helped in the establishment of the HRD and a this case; there is a need to understand what constitutes a profession. As a result of this, a distinct move been has been observed from the traditional, functionalist standards relating to the professionalism that had been provided by the early sociological theorists and which characterized profession as possessing specific attributes (Ruona, 2016). The attained characteristics include a higher level of expertise or knowledge in comparison to other occupations. Hence in a competitive and dynamic world of macro political power and interests, this situates the professionalism square. In his study, Freidson has highlighted the five main elements that constitute professionalism, which can be used in the analysis as well as the assessment of the occupations from the perspective of leadership. These have also been used to assess the HRD state as related to professionalization critically. The elements have been discussed below in detail.

Exclusive Jurisdiction

The first fundamental element of professionalism is whether the members in the various occupations have an exclusive jurisdiction which is under control and also created by the occupational negotiation. In this case, the professionals in the HRD have no claim for the practice, which is highly specialized. There is a highly related professional and occupational array that has a contribution similarly to the HRD. These include the learning design and technology, industrial-organizational and psychology, Human resource and Organizational Behavior. The hosts of specializations within the highlighted domains have not even been accounted for. Some which fade after its emergence while the others rise in power since the deep specialty areas are in high demand. Therefore, the professionals from many varied career paths and schooling may get into the influence attain success in the work claimed by the HRD.

Specialized Work

Freidson's (2001) first criterion involves a depiction whether the occupational work is well grounded in the theoretical based body, discretionary knowledge as well as the skills that are given special status in the economy and the labor force. A competency models review guiding the practitioners in the profession like those which were developed by the association of talent development as well as the international society for performance improvement in U.S and the chartered institute of personnel in UK give a highlight of nearly the same areas of competency as well as a high consistency degree relating to the prerequisite skills and knowledge. By the indicators above, the expert practitioners in HRD need to have has been specified, i.e. the skills, knowledge and the capabilities which are regarded important have been outlined and hence is a strong consensus degree those perpetuating information from the multiple sources.

Formal Training by Occupation

The third element required for professionalism is the formal training which is controlled by the occupation in conjunction with the higher education to provide the credentials which can enhance your qualification. Even though this could add up into a bright spot in terms of professionalism, the firm vulnerability areas is worth noting that the term human resource development has not yet stabilized to the full wellspring of the formal training. Many of the academic programs are not called by this term.

Sheltered Position

This outlines that a profession should retain a sheltered position in the labor market based on the qualifying credentials Freidson's (2001). From the prior discussion, therefore, it follows that human resource development is quite unsheltered. This sheltered position will only be available if the profession regulated roles entry through, specific calculation, similar credentialing. While many job vacancies always incorporate calls for the qualifications, they have no permit to determine or negate the employability. The consumer is the sole person who chooses the entry into the profession, and there is no typical path of career for the practitioners and is not directly on how the certification levels correlate with the career patching (Katsikeas, 2017).

The ideology of Doing Good and Quality

Any profession must have an ideology that puts the art of doing good work ahead of the economic gain and quality of the work just before efficiency in the economy. This is hence the main principle of the HRD as we a deep abiding commitment to people as well as the organizations. Besides, many of the specialists in the professional sector have outlined explicitly the primary standards which are related to doing work contributing sustainably as well as morally.

The Leadership Trends in the Human Resource

The art of keeping pulse with the compliance, management as well as all the best practices inclined with the most critical assets, the human resource is vital in the survival in bid to become an exceptional, especially at the workplace. Encompassed in the human resource are important topics with all from the recruitment all through to the retirement which has to do with the mere employees (Katie, 2018). In the leadership set up, therefore, there are a variety of important topics which are in the current trend which include employee leave, discrimination and harassment, workplace discrimination, and also maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Recruiting is a basis of one's first interaction with as well as your initial impression of your future workers. As a leader, it is high time to bring in the culture of the organization and strictly emphasize the benefits of working with the organization. One needs to remain compliant and strong, although the process to avoid unnecessary fines.

In the process of recruiting, one should create the process with proper documentation. This is done by ensuring that all the staff of the human resource and also the manager in charge of the hiring are appropriately educated on the process of recruitment. Therefore there is a need to collect and keep all the necessary documents inclusive of the completed application and also the interview form by each interviewer. Also, the documentation should be stored for at least two years. This is because some of the states could be having a stricter adherence to the laws of record keeping. The art of keeping the documentation will be likely to be helpful in case of litigation relating to the discriminatory hiring practice claims is encountered (Bareeva, Vasin, Sugrobova, & Korchagina, 2017).

Also, as a leader during recruitment, one should try as much as possible to the history salary question. All the workers doing the same task should have an equal manner of compensation. The art of asking for the salary history during the interview can be much tempting to offer a candidate less if he or she has a lower compensation history. In doing this, the candidate would hence have been subjected to the lower compensation pattern, and this will thus result in the wage gap issues.

For harassment and discrimination, there has been an increase in the high profile sexual harassment cases. According to the commission in charge of employment, there is a claim of about 85% of the women who claim to be passing through sexual harassment at work (Bareeva et al., 2017). This vice has compelled the business owners as well as the lawmakers to check on the best businesses which can be done to evade the issue of the workplace sexual harassment. To work on this aspect, one should work on the following in the workplace; first is to develop a zero tolerance policy which is against the discrimination and the harassment. Besides a reporting process should be identified where the workers will follow when reporting for the cases on discrimination and harassment.

Besides, one should understand the local laws and also determine how the business shall comply against the discrimination act. In this case, there is a need to take a look at all the laws regarding the family leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, the domestic violence leave and also the responder's leave with the school activities leave. The recruitment of the staffs in the multiple locations, one will need to decide as to whether you will create one policy adhering to the different policies or most stringent of laws. Also, all the managers should be well trained to understand and know the full rights of the employees (Bareeva et al., 2017). Training on how to handle the documents, track, manage and appropriately schedule each of the leave requests provided.

There has also been the workplace violence where the workers report having been the victims of the violence according to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The common forms of the violence existing in the workplace include threats, harassment, verbal abuse, as well as intimidation. This, therefore, needs to be addressed within the policy as well as the training strategies. This can be done by developing a clear zero-tolerance harassment and the workplace violence policy, enforce the policy regularly and constantly, offer a regular anti-harassment and violence training sessions and finally include a checklist of the signs of the drug and alcohol abuse in the policy. Also, the management should institute a reasonable suspicion drug testing.

The Social Partnership in Human Resource Management

Over time there have been several mechanisms which have emerged to resolve the social conflicts through cooperation. The element of the social partnership fully defines this. The social partnership relates to the new means of the interaction of the employers, waged workers, as well as the state. The mechanism is meant to improve the social and labor relations.

The factors and decisions playing a big role in the formation of the social partnership include political, social, economic, ideological, psychological, spiritual and moral as well as the institutional factors. In each of the factors mentioned above, each group is composed of a complex structure and a varying influence on the formation and the nature of the cooperation and the social dialogue atmosphere. "The key to the emergence and development of social partnership is a group of economic factors associated with the development of capitalism, with its market nature of the economy and especially the scientific and technological revolution. During this period, the system of existing property relations is radically restructured "(Bareeva, 2017)...

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