Paper Example on Management Information System

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Date:  2022-06-04


Information is a very crucial resource for any organization and it determines its success, and survival throughout the growth process as well as its resilience in the changing business environment. In this paper, we shall discuss their ideologies on the topic and application of the concepts identified.

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Bendre, Murukate, Desai, Dhenge, and Kelkar (2017), in their article aimed to discuss the impact of the current Management Information System (MIS) models that are developed at the selected organizations to enhance tactical and strategic planning.The findings indicate a strong positive correlation between strategic planning and decision making effectiveness, as well as tactical planning and that strategic planning impacted organizational effectiveness. The authors concluded that MIS is of critical importance to decision making in the organization and that it should be accessible in supplying vital and effective data.

The other article written by Braglia and Frosolini (2014) presents integrated approaches to improve the Project Management Information System (PMIS) applicability within the extended enterprise. According to the authors, PMIS can help practitioners to detect latent issues before they occur, meet deadlines and makes collaboration within the organization easier. Its potential of gaining efficiency lead to significant cost savings and increases returns.

Al Shobaki and Naser (2016), studied performance development and its relationship to demographic variables among users of computerized management information systems. The findings show that there was a positive relationship between the users of computerized MIS on development performance. In addition, there was a significant relationship between respondent perceptions on resources for computerized MIS. The study recommended the need to strengthen company's management interest in the use of computerized MIS. Development of infrastructure for information technology was also recommended

Application of the Concepts

MIS Models give a logical representation of the current state of the organization and hence, provides managers with strategies that can be applied in planning and decision making and the model applied would determine the success of the organization.

An integrated approach to Management Information Systems is vital in the world where businesses are becoming complex and multifaceted, it is crucial to integrate the existing approaches of MIS hence ensuring resilience in the dynamic market.

Computerized management information systems present the modern approaches to information storage and retrieval, and they are important in businesses as it helps improve performance and helps the organization to apply it's on scientific discoveries and increase the scale of user integration.


Al Shobaki, M. J., & Naser, S. S. A. (2016). Performance Development and Its Relationship to Demographic Variables among Users of Computerized Management Information Systems In Gaza Electricity Distribution Company.

Braglia, M., & Frosolini, M. (2014). An Integrated Approach to implement Project Management Information Systems within the Extended Enterprise. International Journal of Project Management, 32(1), 18-29.

Bendre, M. P., Murukate, M. P., Desai, M. V., Dhenge, M. D., &Kelkar, M. B. (2017). Management Information System.

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