Paper Example on Industrial Safety

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Date:  2022-08-15


Safety measures are desirable for the welfare of employees working in an industry and for the inclusive production of an organization. Industrial safety is, therefore, a primary management action aimed at reducing, controlling and eliminating hazards from industries. In order to safeguard employees from various hazards in their workplace likely to cause injuries and death, organizations should adhere to safety policies and standards outlined by relevant authorities. For instance, the department of labor and industries have been issuing procedures an organization should put in place to safeguard its employees from various industrial hazards.

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Legality and Importance of Internal Investigations

On April 2, 2010, Tesoro Corporation, a refinery company in Washington had an explosion that claimed seven lives and injured a number of their workers (Pipken, 2010). From a legal standpoint, the company might have conducted an internal investigation to reveal those who were liable for the incident or accident before the litigation process commences. Likewise, an internal investment is significant as it determines the immediate cause of the accident. Consequently, the company can take proactive measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. By stating publicly, that Tesoro Corporation conducted an internal investigation the company could also be responding to stakeholders concerns on the possible cost of the incident.

Accidents Likely to Occur because of Postponing Maintenance and Operating Old Equipment

Accidents are mainly due to unsafe acts and conditions. Operating faulty and obsolete machinery is one of the primary causes of incidents or accidents on workstations. Some of the accidents that might arise due to postponing maintenance and operating old equipment include, fire outbreaks due to leakage of gas pipes, crush injury because of inadequate or missing guard on a factory machine, and injuries caused by broken parts on a work equipment. Likewise, similar negligence has been the cause of falls from heights due to defective ladders or scaffolds.

Addressing Contest between Government Agencies and Companies after Safety Violation Citation

Companies also have a tendency of contesting with government agencies when cited for safety violations. Eventually, instead of paying the fines or fixing the problem they delay the process of making the improvement to the equipment by appealing the matter. However, due to the urgency of the matter and the safety of the employees, the process should be made promptly. Therefore, to resolve the menace once a company has been cited it should seize its operations immediately until the appeal is settled or it adheres to the provision of the citation. The act would prevent companies from compromising workers safety, which can lead to fatalities.


Pipken, W. (2010). Brief: Tesoro: Hydrogen reaction caused a fireball. Retrieved from

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