Paper Example on Grieving Parents: A Tragic Loss of a Child With Chronic Illness

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Date:  2023-04-24

1. Introduction

The death of a child that is diagnosed with a chronic illness is more tragic because children are believed to be the future leaders. Also, children tend to suffer more when they have such diseases because their bodies are not fully developed. A good example is when a child gets cancer. One cannot imagine the pain that the child will go through at a very tender age.

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2. What would you do and say to parents who had a child with a chronic illness who is dying?

First, I will feel horrible to here that a child has been diagnosed with a chronic disease. The best thing I will do is support the family by paying their medical bill and being there for the parents to console because they bear the pain of their loved one. I will also do my best to make the child comfortable as he or she goes through medical treatment.

3. What will be relevant to you when you are dying?

The most important thing to me when I realize I am dying is comfort. In other words, when I have a painless death and am comfortable, then I will feel good. Another thing that will be in my mind is my family, friends, and people who are close to me. I would love to see them for the last time, talk to them, and bless them.

4. How do you feel about the use of life-sustaining measures in the face of terminal illness? Permanent coma?

Irreversible chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease?I do not support life-sustaining measures because it will waste money and resources, which could be used to save another life. I believe that anybody dying should experience it without pain and so the body should not go through any torture, especially if the person will end up dying.

5. Do you have strong feelings about particular medical procedures?

Some procedures to think about include mechanical breathing (respirator), cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), artificial nutrition and hydration, hospital intensive care, pain relief medication, chemo or radiation therapy, and surgery.

Medical procedures are ways that can make a person survive any illness. Unless the individual is facing terminal diseases such as cancer, then using the mentioned procedures will be ideal. An excellent example is someone that has cancer. They have to go through radiation therapy and surgery to eradicate the cancer cells.

6. What limitations to your physical and mental health would affect the health care decisions you would make?

One thing that would limit my mental and physical health to the point that will affect the decisions made by healthcare is sickness. For instance, if my condition causes me a lot of pain and that I see it's not adding any value to my life, I would choose death instead. However, if I can heal and have a healthy life again, then all efforts should be made to make me survive.

7. Would you want to be placed in a nursing home if your condition warranted?

To be honest, I am not sure I would even want to be in that position of home nursing. Having visited several healthcare facilities and see how patients are treated in nursing homes, made me unsure about that. This is because some are treated well, while others are left without care. Therefore I would not prefer nursing home to avoid other people around me seeing how I suffer.

8. Would you want to have financial matters taken into account when treatment decisions you would make?

Everyone wants to understand how their money is spent. One thing I would like is people to respect my decisions, and being advised should be the last option, especially when it comes to my treatment. Even though it might be expensive, then I will accept alternatives methods to ensure that my money is spent well.

9. Would you prefer hospice care with the goal of keeping you comfortable in your home during the final period of your life, as an alternative to hospitalization?

Yes, I would go for hospice care because comfort would be the most important thing I would want before my death. Also, it's everyone's wish to have a painless death, especially in their home and near people they love. Therefore, before my last breath, I would like a team that will elaborate more on my condition to allow me to be mentally prepared.

10. In general, do you wish to participate or share in making decisions about your health care and treatment?

Yes, I want to be involved in making decisions concerning my treatment and healthcare to avoid being forced to do something I do not wish to. Usually, if patients have enough information, they prepare themselves to make the right decisions that would best solve their medical issues. Therefore, I will not find myself in a situation that might make me regret it.

11. Would you always want to know the truth about your condition, treatment options, and the chance of success of treatments?

I would love to be informed about my health condition to the choice of treatment. The smart way, in this case, has to be used. However, I would be hurt and devastated if I realize that my body is not doing well. Generally, if patients have all the information concerning their health, the treatment options, and the guarantee that they will be well, they get encouraged. As much as it is hard, it would be the best way of dealing with such situations.

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